Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring's the Stores!

The Spring Collection has arrived at Turq . Here are a few of my favorites! Click here to see more.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Your Wish Came True

One of my favorite "fun" websites, WishingFish is having a 50% off moving sale. I just snagged a couple fun little goodies to add to my present stash. Not all of their items are available, but there are a few fun things in there. Use code MOVING50 for the next two days. Happy Shopping!

Rain, Rain Go Away

Well, we don't have rain in the city today...but we had a lot yesterday afternoon. Thought everyone might enjoy this post about cute monogrammed umbrellas I found. I ended up going with the A Tierney on sample sale (see below). It is just wonderful and I can't wait to test it out soon.

$25.00 from The Pink Giraffe

Monday, February 25, 2008

We had an overall good weekend and the sun today makes me feel so much better. We haven't seen the sun in NYC in a long time!

Friday evening after work I took Daisy to the park and she had a great time rolling around in the snow! I took a few pictures I still need to upload. On Friday night we had a great dinner with a new couple and we all got along great. A few bottles of wine and we closed the restaurant down. It's funny when you go out with "couples" it is so hard to find a couple where you and your husband both get along with the others really well. I've found this even more true in NYC, but we were really lucky to find some more potential friends!

On Saturday (after a late start due to the above mentioned bottles of wine) I went shopping with one of my best friends. We met at the Time Warner Center for lunch here.
It was great! After filling up on their fabulous bread (I had the tomato soup and a grilled cheese--perfect for a snowy day), we were off on a quest to find some spring dresses. Here is:
My winning dress. It doesn't look like much online, but let me tell you it is one of those dresses that hits you in all the right spots. It is so flattering and very versatile. I love it and can't wait to start wearing it. While we were at BCBG, I also fell in LOVE with this. Just looking for the perfect party to wear it to so I can buy it. I also found a BCBG green and white wrap dress at Lord and Taylor on clearance for...$40.00! Thanks Beth for the heads up on the sale. Saturday night we went to watch the UT/U of Memphis basketball game with my husband's aunt, uncle, two cousins and their girlfriends. Their family is from Memphis and are big UT fans so the game was AWESOME! (UT won in a very exciting close game and is now #1 in case you don't follow basketball)

In the midst of all of the fun this weekend, I also had something really sad happen. On Saturday afternoon my little sister, A , called me hysterical. Her neighbor had just knocked on her door to let her know that her cat Maggie (short for Magnolia--named by me) had passed away. She was asleep on the neighbor's lawn. We don't know what happen to her (either got hit by a car or got into something poisonous probably). My sister has had a lot of really hard times in the past five years and she got Maggie from the Tuscaloosa Humane Society a little over a year and a half ago. She and Maggie had a special bond--this was A's first pet that was hers alone and she had done a great job with her. Maggie was her baby and my heart breaks for A. Even as I type this I keep tearing up. I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday on the phone with my sweet sister just wishing I could be there with her to give her a big hug. She called me yesterday afternoon and she had taken a tap and woke up looking for Maggie---forgetting. Any of you that have gone through a loss of a pet understand the pain involved of losing one. I wish there was something I could do to help ease her pain, but unfortunately time is the only cure. =( Enough on that, I'm going to tear up again.

Anyways, I'll leave it at that. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and I hope you have a great Monday.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow in the City

Click here and here so you see the snow in the city today!

I really just want to go out in Central Park and run around with Daisy. Yes, I lived in Breckenridge for a year after college, but I still get excited when I see snow. One of our drug reps just had on a pair of red hunter boots and I was surprised to see that they had great traction. Think I need this pair or this pair ASAP. Uggs have ZERO traction, so I'm sporting my Merrill's today. They aren't pretty, but they do the job in the snow and you don't slip! We plan to watch a basketball game here with my husband's aunt and uncle. Dinner here with a new couple (guy works with my husband). Going to throw in some shopping (got to finish up getting my husband his birthday gifts) and some relaxing!

Happy Friday everyone! Stay warm this weekend! I promise some good city snow pictures soon!


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dreaming of Spring Day Dresses in the Snow

I have three baby showers coming up and while I'm waiting on the snow to start falling I can't help but long for some cute spring dresses. My showers are March 2nd (in NYC) and March 8th (Birmingham) and April (in NYC). I want one (or two) that I could wear to these parties, out to dinner in the city, maybe even work. I would love something I could wear now by adding tights and a sweater for the 1st shower and then it would still work for the later spring events I have. This is what I found them? hate them?

Lilly on sale...

This one would be perfect right now with some tights...

If I wasn't on a budget this is my FAVORITE...*1*24*-1*-1*Y*2

I think I would need to try this one on, but it is so cute!*1*24*-1*-1*Y*37

Another one I would probably need to try on. It would look oh so cute with my new TB Gold Revas!*1*24*-1*-1*Y*58

Maybe not in the budget, but still so cute!*1*24*-1*-1*Y*241

I'm a Diane fan, and I liked this one the 1st time I saw it--now not so sure.*1*24*-1*-1*Y*105

Love this and the price is right, but would it look like a sack on me?

I've obviously got a black and white thing going on here. Didn't even realize it. This could be cute?

Someone needs to go to BR and actually try all these on. Does anyone own this one?

LOVE this for work and running around the city, but not really want I'm going for SPECIAL occasion. For the $ should I get it anyways? Again, Gold TB would be oh so cute =)

This one just makes me smile, must be the green.

Not really "me," but I love it anyways...I think...

Still longing for this one, but not sure if I want to wear a sweater to every event. Might need some sleeves? But, LOVE this dress!

Cheap...check. Lilly...check. Spring...check. Cute...kinda?


Love my Lilly

Seen any others that would work for me? Any ideas? Can't wait to hear what you think! It's like having a couple hundred friends on hand to give me opinions all the time. Y'all are the best! SPELL CHECK is back! Thanks Blogger!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It's Still COLD Here!

It's still chilly in the city and it is hard to think about spring clothes when I'm still wearing my puffy coat! Good thing these cute monogrammed scarves in cute spring colors are on sale for only $15 from So Pretty! Aren't they cute?

Monday, February 18, 2008

We Have a Winner!

Congrats Seige! Ms. Deana picked your friend to win the mousepad! Sometimes Mommies don't get enough credit. Here is what Preppy Monogrammed Gifts said about the reason for picking your friend to win the monogrammed mouse pad:

"Okay It's so hard to pick but, honestly I pick Seige.
WHY? Because I know how horrible it is to get up everyday and go to work leaving my babies also. That is why I started Preppy Monogrammed Gifts so that hopefully one day it will take off and I can stay home with my sweet babies."

I'm so glad you can share a Valentine's treat with a new Mommy of TWIN BOYS! She deserves it. I hope every time she sees her mouse pad at work she'll remember your thoughtful gift. Email me your address (0r her address) so we can get monogramming!

Thanks to everyone that participated. Our next giveway will be soon so be on the lookout!

Happy President's Day

Hi friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. My husband and I celebrated here. It was one of my favorite meals yet in NYC! We had an AMAZING dinner and enjoyed the newlywed bliss of our 1st married Valentine's Day!

Speaking of bliss, today is my parent's 30th Anniversary! Congrats Mom and Dad on this major accomplishment! I love you both. A new friend also got engaged! He wrote I love you in sharpie next to where they write your name and then will you marry me was hidden under the sleeve part on a Starbucks cup (where the order goes). How cute is that? By the time she figured it out he was on his knee with the ring! Too cute! Also, one of my husband's groomsmen and his wife had their 2nd baby today (another boy)! Congrats A&C! I can't wait to meet little Sam.

We had a restful weekend, but we did rent a car on Saturday for a little visit here. I convinced my husband that I needed these (well they are a little lighter, but close enough). Aren't they beautiful! Since we still had the car we decided to go here for dinner. It was really great! I also made another MAJOR purchase. I finally ordered my chair! We went with the Remy Chair and Ottoman from Ballard Designs with the Grand Ticking Green fabric. I got a swatch of the fabric and was ecstatic to find that the small stripe is brown and not black...which makes it blend PERFECTLY with my sofa! In addition, I got the President's Day 15%. The only downside is we have to wait for 8-10 weeks. Yuck.

My husband and I are starting to plan a trip for this summer for our 1st anniversary. We are thinking Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Bermuda, or the Caribbean. Anyone have any good resorts we should check out? Please comment or leave a link to your favorite beach resort. I love to scuba dive and my husband loves deep sea fishing. We both want something relaxing and not too expensive. I would love to hear your suggestions. I sent an email out to some of my friends and they came back with these resorts that they went to on their honeymoons and I just have to share. I think most of them are over our budget (we did just go a two week honeymoon to Europe), but maybe someday!

If that doesn't get you wishing for a tropical drink and a sure brightens my day to look at these places! I can't wait to hear your suggestions and check out the places you've been.

Housekeeping note: I'll post the winner of the giveaway soon. Be on the lookout! Thanks again Preppy Monogrammed Gifts for sponsoring. All of the stories were so sweet and I can't wait to hear Deana picks. If you still have not accepted your blog invite, please do so. All you have to do is sign up for a blogger account with your current email. You DO NOT need to get a gmail account unless you want to.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Giveaway!

To show my love for you today...I want to hear about how you want to show your love for someone else! See this picture of the cute monogrammed mouse pad from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts...well we are giving one away...for you to give away. Valentine's Day for me is about TELLING everyone that you love how special they are. So, all you have to do it write a comment and tell me which monogrammed mouse pad you would pick (there are tons of cute fabrics here) and tell me who you would give it to and why. We will pick a winner on Saturday! Thanks Deana for letting me have so much fun with this and thanks readers for reading, commenting and being a part of my life! Happy Valentine's Day to each of you. I hope you have a wonderful day today and you give and receive lots of love.

PS. If you were wondering my Preppy Monogrammed Gifts show has been extended if you still want to order this mouse pad for yourself! Just enter MMM as your hostess. They just added these precious monogrammed Easter baskets for your little ones. Not to jump right into the next holiday or anything but Easter is only about six weeks away so get your order in soon. Your little ones will love these baskets. Am I too old to have my own pink one? Hmm..

This is what I made my sweet coworkers for their little treat today! Another coworker just made me a diploma for the best valentine's cook! It's so cute! She's from Romania and it acutally said best valetine's day cooker! =)

I'll give you an update tomorrow on my Valentine's day with my husband! He sent me flowers last week when I was having a tough time, so I told him no more today. He showed up last night with a huge bouquet. So sweet. We're going to a fabulous dinner tonight and I can't wait! More tomorrow!

Housekeeping note: If you received an invite to view my blog and you are already signed up, please let me know ( I think some invitations went into people's spam boxes and I want to try to follow up with people. There are still quite a few invitations that have not been accepted. Oh and sorry if you got an error message...good ole blogger doesn't always behave! Thanks for everyone that have emailed me other people. I promise we won't stay private forever! =)

A YEAR AGO TODAY here's what I was up to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mr. Magnolia?

Happy Tuesday friends!

Dinner last night with Mrs. Preppy Wedding was so much fun. Her friend E also joined us and we almost closed Rosa down with all of our carrying on. It really was like meeting a long lost friend. I had a great time and it was nice to finally meet a fellow blogger friend face to face. When I orginally walked into the restaurant I was the first to arrive and as I stared down every brunette girl that walked in wondering if that was her, I suddenly felt like I was on blind date of sorts. There was one girl that walked in with an argyle sweater on and I was certain that was my friend (luckily I didn't run up to her as it was not her). It really was kinda funny. It was so strange for me to meet someone that I felt like I knew so well, but had actually never met. But, I'm so glad we met and in case you were wondering the Mrs. is just as fabulous as she seems on her blog! Thanks for a great dinner E and Mrs Preppy Wedding! Let's do it again soon.

So my friend Sarah sent me this link as a laugh. I can't imagine the look on my husband's face if I sent this to him. Don't worry hunny...I didn't do it. Speaking of my husband..."My husband" needs a creative name on my blog. After a year of calling him, "my fiance" and now "my husband" it is time to upgrade him. Mr. Magnolia is just not quite right. Any ideas?

Since it looks like this here, I keep wishing I was here. I'm going to reward myself with stopping by A. Tierney's sample sale this afternoon. Don't worry, you can join in the fun.

Hope everyone has a great day! Thanks for all your tips from yesterday.

Blogger Notes: Sorry if you have received multiple invitations from me to join the blog. I've had some major problems with blogger AND they still have not fixed spell check so thanks for dealing with my bad spelling. It's amazing how addicted one can become to spell check.

Something new I want to the end of each post I'm going to include a link to my post "from a year ago today" It's a great way for those of you who are new readers to catch up on where I've been and what I'm about. So....A YEAR AGO TODAY here is what I was talking about.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Random Reader Questions

Good morning! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. My husband and I rested all weekend. Friday night we went to dinner here. It was one of the best meals I've had in NYC! I had the horseradish encrusted sole and we shared the chocolate molten cake for dessert. No wonder my pants are tight today! My husband also signed us up for this, which I hope will bring us more freedom in the future. I'll let you know how it goes.

On Saturday, we headed down to Pottery Barn determined to make a decision on buying a chair. We brought a swatch of fabric from our sofa and tried it against the large fabric swatches they have in the store. This (in brownstone tickting) ended up being our favorite and this (same chair but in the harbor blue ticking) was our second favorite. I also ordered a swatch of the green stripe fabric from Ballard Designs for the Remy Chair I talked about awhile ago. I went ahead and ordered this so that the shipping on my swatch was free. Like my thinking? I hope we can figure out which one to get...they are all so expensive!! With an ottoman, taxes, shipping both end up being around $1500. I guess that is normal? Seems so expensive to me! I know it will be an investment and we will have it forever though so that is good.

My invitations for A's baby shower also came on Saturday. They turned out so cute! I spent some time in the afternoon addressing them all and I got them all mailed out today! Thanks Mollie and Marie! I also ordered these for myself and they are fabulous. I even booked my ticket to Birmingham where we will be having the shower. I can't wait to see all my friends! Having a trip planned back to the South helps me not get so homesick.

Last night we went over to our friends M&K's apartment for dinner. They are very lucky to own a two bedroom apt just down the street from us. K is due with their first baby the end of March. I had a great time checking out her beautiful nursery. K is having a girl so the walls are pale green with this and this. The bedding is all pink and white and she found a fabulous bright colored rug for the room. She already has so much stuff, I had a great time looking at everything! I'm attending a shower for her in about three weeks and I ordered some cute monogrammed burp clothes and a bib and this cute sippy cup (all from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts.)

When we got home after a great dinner, my husband was watching tv in our bedroom and our bed broke!! When we moved the bed from the South it was one of the pieces that did not do well during the move. We have a sleigh bed that my husband's Mom found on major sale and we were very lucky she donated to us. Unfortunately , we have figured out the reason it was on major sale is that it is CHEAP! So my husband spent a few hours trying to nail things back in place so we wouldn't fall down last night. Our neighbors starting banging on our walls because of all the hammering. We felt bad, but not bad enough to sleep on the floor last night. We think he temporaily fixed it but it might be time to look for a new bed! Tonight I'm heading out to dinner with Mrs. Preppy Wedding. I'm looking forward to finally meet her!

I need some new makeup! What are your favorites? I love Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick and Chanel lipgloss, but I need some new staples. Anyone have a favorite for dark circles (this city is bringing mine out)?

I have a friend that is planning a trip to Boston this spring. She would like to go to a Yankees vs. Sox game. Any tips for her on how to secure some tickets (she already missed the lottery)?

What's your favorite pair of cold weather pants? It is FREEZING here today and I need some thicker pants to wear to work. Everything in the stores in turning to spring items and it is very much still winter here.

What's everyone doing for Valentine's day? Do you buy your sweetie something?

I also need some ideas of what to get my husband for his birthday. It is in three weeks! Any good suggestions?

Can't wait to hear from everyone! I hope this private forum will encourage you to comment regularly if you feel the need.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome Friends!

If you are reading this you have accepted my invitation to be a part of the exlusive club of Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan blog readers. I have one nice. I like to surround myself with positive people and that is why each of you have been invited. I'm excited about this next year of blogging. I don't want to exclude nice people so if you have a friend you think would enjoy reading then send me an email ( and I'll add them to the list. I think I added everyone that asked for an invitation, but if you see someone on another blog or in a comments section asking where I went, please do me a favor and email me so I can add them. Thanks so much for signing up to be a reader. I promise we'll have a good time together!

Okay, gotta go. Our bed broke and my husband is trying to fix it...more on that later.

Friday, February 8, 2008

LAST Call for MMM's Preppy Monogrammed Gifts Show!

My Preppy Monogrammed Gifts online show is almost over. Click here for more details! Don't forget to enter MMM as your hostess and one lucky shopper will win a free little something. Here are a few more things you might need to order. My husband is going to kill me.

For $9.00, this will make a new Mom smile!

For $5.00 get a cute magnet with your initial!

For $38.00 it is Madras and it is monogrammed. What else could you ask for?

For $11.00 and your choice of cute fabrics you can stare at your monogram or your lipstick in this cute mirror.
Wouldn't this be cute if it just said "Happy Birthday" and you used it for all your birthday treats!

Yeah, for $10.00 we can all afford to put this on our desk!

I just ordered this mouse pad for a good friend for her birthday! It's a steal for $14.00 ($20.00 with shipping makes it the perfect little something)! They have a bunch of other cute fabrics too!

If I had this on my desk I would just take notes all day long! For $26.00 it would make a great Valentine's gift for a co-worker, friend or your Mom!

I've never had so much change as I have now that I live in NYC...a CASH city! I could really use one of these change purses to keep my dimes organized. For $9.00 I could probably just collect the current change at the bottom of my purse and afford to get it!

A Sweet Greeting!

How cute is this welcome mat from The Pink Giraffe? It would look so cute in my apartment! I wish it was a little more in my budget so I could buy it, but I think it is the cutest thing I've seen in awhile!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I'm One!

Today is my 1st Blogiversary! Isn't this cake to die for? I really wish I could have a slice today! Check out the other fabulous cakes by Butterfly Sweets here. If I lived closer, I would definitely order one of these!

Dear Blogworld Friends,

It has been quite a year for me and I thank y'all for coming along for the ride. I started this blog as an outlet during my wedding planning one year ago today. I remember the day I told my husband I wanted to start a blog. He thought I was CRAZY! I had been reading Preppy Cafe and The Preppy Wedding for a long time and I wanted to join in on the fun. After convincing my husband that some crazies wouldn't show up at our door, he helped me establish some ground rules. First he made me promise him I would not use clear pictures of ourselves, use my real name (or his) and the hardest part...not tell anyone. We agreed I would only tell my friend S, my brother and my sister about my blog so I would not have to worry about editing my thoughts. I liked the idea of having an online journal of sorts with all of these nice people writing me back. Well, our little rules lasted a good while until my sweet brother drank a bit too much and told one of my best friends (and her family) at my rehearsal dinner about my fabulous blog. Somehow or another all of my bridesmaids proceeded to find out. =) But I'm glad they are in the know now as I really don't mind. However, I still haven't told all of my friends because I like the idea of keeping this somewhat private. As one bridesmaid who recently confessed to being a daily reader said, "I like reading the unedited versions of your life," and you know what...I like writing the unedited version and I plan to continue that! I don't have anything to hide, but if EVERYONE you know is reading then inevitably you have to edit your thoughts.

So back to the recap of my year in blogging. There have been a few rough patches in my life during past year that I've decided to share. Your comments when my husband was held up at gunpoint the day I sent out my wedding invitations truly helped me get through that day. I'll also never forget this past summer when we lost our apartment and the first thing I did was come to the computer and write a post. Immediately the comments came in and they made me feel better. Recently, after a really bad week of being homesick (and witnessing a shooting during my first few weeks in the city) I confided in y'all and as I read your comments I sat on my sofa with tears running down my cheeks. Your comments and encouragement were so heartfelt and genuine. I felt so alone in this big city after my move, yet you were there with me through the whole trip helping me keep my chin up and suggesting ways to make the best of the situation.

Even though I haven't met you, each of you have been a wonderful friend to me and I thank you for that. I've asked you about which dress to wear, which shoes my bridesmaids should wear, what chair to get, and even which wedding cake to pick. You email me links to things you think I'll like, you share your cute stores with me and I especially love it when you email me how much you liked my wedding! Ha, Ha! We have had a good time together this past year. I think many of you have enjoyed my wedding tips and others have enjoyed some of my preppy finds and newfound NYC knowledge. I especially love your nice comments about my child (aka Daisy). Every Momma LOVES to hear how beautiful her baby is! =)

Blogworld has brought so many good things and people into my life. I'll never forget those first comments and the first time someone tagged me! All the $$ I've spent buying stationary and preppy gifts also gave me some good Karma! I made my dream birthday list this past August and I wake up the next morning on my birthday and there is this email from Mollie at The Paper Cafe telling me that my birthday wish for a Three Designing Women Address stamper is going to come true! Mollie, you have been so supportive of me this year and I have loved working with you on our various projects. I can't speak highly enough of The Paper Cafe! In fact, I just ordered these (they are designed by Marie at The Paper Menu -another new blogging friend) for one of my best friend's baby showers. Other examples...Imagine my surprise when I talked about my love for Whitney English stationary in a few posts and Whitney herself emails me to say thanks and sends me a little treat. And then there is Kristin from I Do Originals. She actually designed my wedding logo thanks to a tip from a reader! This is one talented girl and as my brother said it was the most well branded wedding he has ever seen. =) Mrs P from Chic actually picked out my engagement party outfit! I miss your posts Mrs. P! As you know, I LOVE stationary and the fact that the owner of Cross My Heart also sent me an email to say thanks is just unbelieveable! Oh, and I can't forget most recently the cute mousepad I featured from The Palm Gifts. Well, it actually showed at my doorstep the other day with my new initials! On Monday, I'm meeting a fellow blogger for the first time-Mrs. Preppy Wedding herself and I are going for Mexican! As you can see, my life has been enhanced because of my blogging experiences this past year.

That said, there have also been hurtful comments (I usually just delete them, but sometimes they really do upset me) and this week I received insensitive emails from someone/something that found my blog and demanded my identity and censorship on something I discussed. I like to think my blog is a happy place and as much as I want to share it with the world, it is time to take our little community private so I can say whatever I damn well please. =) Thank you ALL for the emails I have received the past few days and all the comments. I'm humbled and overwhelmed that there are so many of you that want me to continue blogging. Late last night my husband and I sat together and read through all the comments and emails and we were both just amazed. Why in the world do you want to read about little ole me? Seriously? But, I'm really glad you do! I see on the tracker that there are all of these people that read my posts each day, but now I know your names! Our relationship is moving right along...maybe by next year we'll be ready to meet!

Thank you blogworld friends for reading my posts this past year. It is because of your comments and emails that I enjoy sharing my stories with you. Cheers to another year together! Please remember to email me at if you want to be added to the list. You should recevie an invitation sometime this weekend for our new start together.



Oh and ROLL TIDE. What a HAPPY DAY for us!

PS. Sorry for any spelling mistakes...the spelling function on blogger isn't working today!

PPS. If you are a new reader here are a few of my favorite posts from the past year:

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Jumping on the Bandwagon

Due to a number of reasons I have decided to take my blog private. I may do this temporarily and I may do it longterm. I have not decided yet. If you would like to be added to the list of readers, please leave your email address in the comment section or email me at I will give you until the weekend to sign up. Thank you to everyone that reads and I'm sorry to have to do this!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

You're Invited!

A few things I found that make me smile...

Looks like a lot of good stuff you want (I mean you need) doesn't it...well now is your lucky chance...
Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan Blog is hosting a party for Preppy Monogrammed Gifts and you’re invited!

DATE: February 3rd through February 10th
(that means start checking it out today and buying tomorrow)

Shopping Time: 24 hours a day

Phone: 800.659.4314

Look at this great website filled with awesome preppy finds. A week of fantabulous shopping at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts.We hope you can join in for the fun. Check out what Preppy Monogrammed Gifts can offer you. Stay out of the cold and enjoy shopping for
preppy finds 24 hours a day in your PJ's.

Hostess Name: MMMPARTY

At checkout make sure you enter your hostess name so that she will benefit from all sales for her show. She might be spending some of her well earned preppy cash on a gift for you!

MORE: Learn about opportunities to host a e-show for your friends and family. Contact me at or Preppy Monogrammed Gifts

You can have a lot of fun earning preppy cash too!It’s as easy as 1 , 2, 3 and you don’t even have to clean your house. Happy Shopping!

There is a special surprise being donated to one of the lucky shoppers and also a great prize being donated on my blog in a few weeks. Good Luck!

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