Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Going to the Chapel...

This is where I'll be married! Isn't it perfect!
Ok, this is my last post. I want to enjoy every minute of the next few days and that means time away from the computer so...wish me luck! Thank you for all of your support the past few months blog world! Please say a prayer for my fiance and I for blue skies, good health and lifetime of happiness together! Talk to you when we get back from our honeymoon!

Monday, June 25, 2007

My Reception Site

Here are a few pictures from my reception site...Southern Elegance at it's finest. We'll just forget about the other two weddings they scheduled the same day as mine. I'm sure they'll do a great job. I really do love this hotel. My parents live on the golf course and I have grown up knowing that someday (June 30, 2007) I will get married there. I have so many memories here and I can't wait to make our wedding here the best memory yet. I am so excited about our wedding. I feel like I've worked really hard and I'm just going to enjoy every minute of this next week with my family and friends. I have butterflies, but they are more the I'm so excited tomorrow is Christmas type butterflies. Please pray for no hurricanes and no major storms. Although, since the wedding is inside I will be okay with some rain. =) We are pretty much done with all the little tasks except a couple. I need to take some pictures to show y'all everything. It has all turned out great so far. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.
Wedding Countdown...5 more days!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manhattan Essentials

Reader poll...ok, ladies one thing you can do while I'm on my honeymoon is to email me a few things that you would consider Manhattan Essentials. If you are from NYC, then I know this will be easy for you. But, even if you have just visited the city or have a good friend that lives there, I know you have at least a few items that you always pack for your trip. Let me know that one thing that you could not live without during your trips there. It could be a certain kind of shoe, bag, umbrella, jacket, purse, rain jacket, map, sunglasses, sweater, boots, a book, something for my apartment etc. I'll compile a list when I get back from the honeymoon for everyone to see!

I also would LOVE some advice on furniture for an apartment as well. I sold most of my furniture to the girl who bought my house and my fiance's furniture is from his college days so I would prefer it not make the trip. Since we are just in a one bedroom apartment we really want our things to be nice and new. Any tips on where to get a fabulous couch? Should we get it in NYC or order it and have it delivered? I am so not the decorator and I've been told I need to make some decisions now about all this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Coutdown....6 more days!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wedding Traditions

I received my cake charms in the mail this week for my bridesmaid luncheon cake. I can't wait to use them! My cake for the luncheon is a strawberry shortcake cake. Yummy! They are frosting it with pale pink whipped cream icing and putting my monogram on it. If you aren't familiar with the charms, each bridesmaid is asked to pull a ribbon from the cake and they will have a silver charm similar to the ones above. Each charm means something different, such as a ring means you'll be the next to get engaged, a baby carriage means you'll be the next to have a baby, a plane means you'll have a lifetime of adventure, a shamrock means you'll have lots of luck in life and so on... So much fun!

My Bridesmaid Dresses and Flowers

Here is a sneak peak of my bridesmaid dresses with the flowers. (My little sister, who is 21, is modeling them.) This is the bouquet I used for my bridal portraits, but it is actually the bouquet that my bridesmaids will carry. Enjoy! Not too much longer now. I'm not sure how much time I'll have next week, but I promise I will take lots of pictures along the way and I will share them with you as soon as I can. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Recap of Past Wedding Details Post

If you have just started reading my blog here are all of my wedding details past posts. If you have been a reader from the beginning, I hope you enjoy a stroll down memory lane. It will be great to see how close the actual product turns out! I'm so excited. Today my fiance and I went to get our marriage license and we met for the final time with our Priest! Big day! My nerves are pretty good, I'm getting really excited. Sometimes during the day I have butterflies, but mostly I'm just excited. My fiance checked the 10 day forecast and our wedding date was on it...little things like that make it so real! Enjoy the recap, I promise there will be more later.

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Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: The Perfect Cake Quest Part 2

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: My Bridesmaid Dresses...what shoes should they wear?

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Flower Girl Dresses

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Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Introducing...drum roll wedding logo!

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Centerpieces

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Candy Bar Inspiration

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Specialty Drinks

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Huggies

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: Wedding Sparkler Research

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Wedding Hair-Part 1 of Wedding Recap

Hey y'all. I wanted to share my final wedding details with you in the upcoming days. Y'all have been such an unexpected support group for me during this whole process and I just want to say thank you! So, here is part 1 of the wedding recap series!

Here are pictures of my wedding hair. I have naturally really curly hair and I wear it half up everyday so it seemed the natural way to wear it! As it is going to be nice and warm next weekend we decided to straighten my hair and then curl it back to help prevent the humidity afro effect. I will be adding some fresh flowers to the top of the veil. My veil is very simple and is cathedral length. I love it! Just 10 more days!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Wedding Presents!!!

Thought y'all would enjoy a peak at the presents that have been rolling in daily. I just opened another 4 crystal glasses, a stone basket from Williams Sonoma and a picnic basket! We are still waiting on hear back on the apartment. They are processing background, credit and following up on every person listed on our application! We should know something by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Armetale Egg Tray from Macy's Waterford Silver Pitcher from Macy's

Monogrammed Hemstitched Placemats from Pottery Barn

Mother of Pearl Wine Cooler from Pottery Barn

Pyrex Set from Macy's
Ridel Bordeaux Glasses from William's Sonoma Waterford Silver Candlesticks from Macy's

Water Goblets from Pottery Barn

Coffee on Demand from Macy's

Waterford Crosshaven Wine Glasses and Goblets

Waterford Lismore Water Pitcher from Macy's

Engraved Miles Tray from Pottery Barn

Arthur Court Chip and Dip Tray from Macy's

Barona Condiment Caddy from Pottery Barn

Barona Condiment Tray from Pottery Barn

Beaded Clock from Pottery Barn

Tray from Pottery Barn

Turq Online Sale

Turq Jewlery (one of my favorites) is having an online sale. Check it out!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Looking Up

Hey y'all my fiance and I survived our crisis weekend with just three stitches. Yep, his bachelor party was on Saturday and they took a limo out in Atlanta. My fiance passed out on the ride home. His brother was messing with him and, with his eyes closed while laying down, my fiance attempted to smack him back. Instead, he smacked a champagne glass and cut his palm (right hand, don't first question too.) My fiance is not a very violent guy and so I know this was truly an accident. Of course, it has taken me 24 hours to become this understanding about it. =) I'm sure we will be laughing about this in years to come. So a lost apartment and three stitches later we have survived one of our first hurdles together as an almost married couple.

There were tears and there were some heated discussions about the apartment crisis, but we survived that too and we put an application on another apartment last night. I said a lot of prayers and I truly think they were answered. On Sunday morning, our original first choice apartment called my fiance and told them a one bedroom had just come available and we were the first name on the waiting list. We loved this apartment too and I really hope it works out. It has been an emotional couple of days, but I think things are looking up now. I'll keep you posted on our progress with this apartment. It is still on the Upper East, a little higher than we would like...but still near a park and the best part about this one is that it has a washer and dryer (pretty big deal in NYC.)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bad Day

We lost our apartment. The leasing agent lied to us about the weight requirement for dogs in the apartment. He told us 50 lbs and then the management company came back and said they would only take 15 lbs. The leasing agent basically just said, sucks for you. We are back to square one and I might have to go back up to NYC. I'm getting married two weeks from today, so this is not very good timing at all. I'm at little stressed out right now. I can't believe this happened.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Open Question Friday!

I'm sorry I have not written much this week. I made it back to my parent's house late on Wednesday night. They are still processing our application on our apartment, but things are looking great! I'm really excited about the apartment. We will be in a one bedroom apartment (big change from my 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in the South I just sold), the building is a doorman building (a must for this Southern girl's first experience in the Big Apple) and we are close to a park that also has a dog park for Daisy. We have FOUR closets which I know is a big deal in NYC, I actually have a lot more space then I thought I would have. We will be on the 10th floor and have a "city view" as they leasing agents call it. I'm still getting over this sinus infection and spent the day yesterday putting together our "wedding brochure." I'll take some pics and show them to you soon.

Ok, enough of that. I know a lot of you have held "open question" days and I think it is time for me to answer the questions you have been dying to ask. The only rules are that I won't tell you my name (privacy and security), I won't tell you my new address (privacy and security), and I can't show you any pictures of me or my fiance (his request for privacy and security). Anything else is fair game and I can't wait to hear what you want to know! So...start asking...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Upper East

Well y'all your Southern friend has made the first step in her transition to Manhattan...I leased an apartment on the Upper East today! Yeah! I'm also down for the count with a sinus infection and did all of my apartment searching between two boxes of Puff's plus (with lotion.) I'm going to attempt to head home tomorrow and I promise many more details, but just wanted to let everyone in on my exciting news!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Happy Friday!

Hello everyone from wedding command central. Today's task include figuring out how to print our wedding brochure (the itinerary and direction booklet I've created), returning a 8 foot glass vase I received for a wedding gift, heading to Michaels to get ribbon for our paddle fans (which still need to be put together...we've done 50 of 250) and picking up some other gifts at a local store. We met with our wedding coordinator yesterday and there is still so much to do. We went over the schedule for the day of the wedding and how everything is "supposed" to flow. There are so many things going on it makes me exhausted just thinking about it. I'm so ready for our honeymoon, I can't even explain.

Tomorrow morning we are flying to Memphis for a party that my fiance's family is throwing for us. On Sunday, my fiance and I are taking an early morning flight to NYC to find our apartment! We have 5 appointments on Monday, 4 on Tuesday and then an appointment with a broker friend on Wednesday. I'm really excited and nervous about going up there. I guess I will be out of pocket for a few days so have a wonderful weekend and keep your fingers crossed that I find the most amazing apartment in all of Manhattan! I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and tell you all about our experience when I return.

Ok, enough talking...I've got to get working! Have a great one!

Ebay Dress

I bought this Kay Unger dress on ebay for $68.00! What a steal! Don't you love ebay?

S&B's Wedding Part Two

Thursday, June 7, 2007

My Preppy Description for English Tea's contest

Chloe over at English Tea just held a great contest where you had to describe how you were preppy, while I did not win....I thought you might enjoy my description. I would love to hear yours too if you are up for the task and didn't write already.

I was born in the heart of the preppy South. I wore a plaid jumper to grade school with saddle oxfords, a navy blue sweater with a crest and a grosgrain ribbon tied in my curls. I graduated to a very short plaid skirt in high school, complete with dirty bucs tied in the special knots. In college, I wore soffe shorts monogrammed with my sorority letters and the latest fraternity formal shirt complete with reefs to class. When the sun went down, I donned black pants and some variation of a preppy shirt at night and I never forgot my Kate Spade purse. I wore Laundry dresses to formals and Lilly dresses and my great aunt's pearls to rush parties. I sleep on monogrammed sheets and dry off each morning with my monogrammed towels. I love ribbon, shoes with bows, Jimmy Buffett, Costa sunglasses and madras. I own four embossed beach dresses from J. Crew and I just got the latest seersucker bathing suit in the mail from them yesterday. I have a dog name Daisy AND she wears a Vera Bradley collar. I have the entire Vera Bradley luggage collection monogrammed in pink. I'm currently planning a pink and green wedding (my favorite colors) complete with hydrangeas and roses and my new monogram. I will be a preppy girl until the day I die (I just hope they bury me in a preppy outfit and my pearls.)

J. Crew Mail

No vases or candlesticks this time when the UPS man rang the bell (well actually the bell kinda makes this awful high pitched thud sound since it is broken)...but besides the point. Check out my J.Crew goods! I took advantage of the last sale (if you can call it that.)

Item Number 1

Description: Polka dot bikini in navy and white.

Fit: Top fit great, the bottoms...not so great. Even with Weight Watchers I still am not a candidate for the wide band. It just doesn't work for me.

Status: Sending back

Item Number 2

Description: Seersucker bikini in blue and white
Fit: HELLO French Rivera! Here I come!

Status: Already in the bag for the honeymoon

Item Number 3

Description: Navy and white striped shirt

Fit: Ready for the boat

Status: Hanging next to my Lacoste shirts looking good!

Item Number 4

: Pale Pink Embossed Beach Dress

Fit: Should have gotten a 4 (I was wearing an 8 this time last year and I thought the 6 would be just fine.)
Status: In the box waiting for a shipping label, but I will get another one. I already have the hot pink, kelly green and white and they were my uniform last summer. I need a new, smaller collection!

Item Number 5

Description: Black and White Shirt Dress

Fit: I could keep Paris company in jail.

Status: Keeping my record clean and sending back the jail stripes.

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