Friday, December 17, 2010

Prayers Please!

Went back to the doctor today, J now has pneumonia. Please keep him in your prayers. He had a breathing treatment at the doctor's office and got a big shot of antibiotics. He's on new medication and we'll be using an inhaler at home for the really bad coughing fits. You should see us try to get him to use that thing. The pharmacist tried to tell me it would be easy...he obviously does not have a stubborn and sick 2 year old boy.

I'm also coming down with something so add in an extra prayer that I can stay well for J. I'm so thankful that I'm at home right now and have my Mom and Dad's help.

Watching my sweet little boy this sick makes me think of all the millions of Moms out there who have terminally ill children. Keep them in your prayers this holiday season!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quick Catch Up

1. I'm at my parent's home now for 2.5 weeks! Yay! We got here this past Friday, just in time for my friend K's rehearsal dinner. The wedding was on Saturday and it was incredible. Here are a few sneak peak photos:

2. For those of you that are my friends on twitter, you already know after 2 months of talking about it, the Kate Spade charm shoes are now mine. They were a WONDERFUL early Christmas gift from my sweet husband. I wore them to the wedding with a black cocktail dress on Saturday. They are princess shoes and I can't wait to wear them again. Do you have a party you can invite me to so I can wear them again soon? You should all add them to your list!

3. A and I went on a 24 hour trip on Sunday to New Orleans (he had a business meeting and we stayed at the Ritz and ate at Stella, which is AMAZING!) It was a much needed escape and my parents watched J for the night. There is nothing like 24 hours off and a little breakfast in bed to refresh a Mama. And it was a good thing I got some sleep...

4. J is a sick little guy. He has croup. We had to go to the doctor down here on Tuesday morning after a very rough night. He's on antibiotics, steroids and a cough med. He's been running a fever on a off and sounds just awful at night. Neither of us have had any sleep. =( Thank goodness for my Mom, she has helped me out in the mornings so I can go back to sleep for a couple hours. I'm praying J does better tonight. We've already had to do a steam shower and go sit outside in the cold to help with one of his coughing fits. I've got him propped up and a humidifier going full blast. Let me know if you have any other suggestions! 

Ok, off to bed. I have a feeling it is going to be another long night! Hope everyone is doing great!
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