Friday, October 19, 2007

Rainy Friday

Well, it is yucky outside here today and I have a mood to match. I keep trying this week to get myself out of this funk. I have had lots of good things happen...

My sofa arrived (after 3.5 months). It is beautiful, I LOVE the color and trim.

However, it was supposed to be feather down and it is definitely very soft, but not down. My parent's decorator got if for us in Atlanta. She told us it would take 8-12 weeks to get. I must say I'm NOT a fan of this lady anymore for a variety of reasons. I called my Mom to tell her and we got in an argument over all of it. She actually told me I might be wrong. I finally was like, " raised me and I KNOW the difference between feather down and polly-fill." I hate arguing with my Mom, I don't think there is anything worse. More on this craziness later.

One of my best friends has an engagement party this weekend. I'm so happy for her and the invitation was so precious!

I'm really feeling the distance from my friends and it makes me so sad that I can't be with her/them to celebrate.

There are some great perks with my job: the salary is so much better than I was making in the South (it needs to be, of course, to live here), I have good vacation time, and I only have to walk two blocks and then I take a shuttle straight to my door (in NYC this is an AMAZING commute). Ahhh.

I don't like my job this week. I know it has only been a little over a month, but my boss is crazy. He is so smart and he does wonderful things, but his communication skills are horrible! He has a temper as well. The newness of the job is wearing off and all the uglies came out this week. Today I met some outside people I will be working with on my doc's main meeting. The one lady has worked with him for 10 years and she just had this attitude about her. It was obvious she was not liking that I've been hired to help with this conference. The meeting with her and the others just did not go well and for the first time I just feel like I really might be in the wrong place. However, the thought of having to go through the whole job process again is unnerving. I just know that my doc is not going to get any better.

My hubby and I were trying to take a trip this weekend to get out of the city.

Everything we found was either booked or too expensive.

In our search last night we found this. Hubby actually called while I was laughing in hysterics and tried to book it last night. I've never seen anything so crazy in my life! It was already taken. Can you imagine the stories I would have. I told him this could be our second honeymoon! Ha, Ha! He decided today that we would rent a car and go SOMEWHERE for a drive and maybe go to these fabulous outlets.

I told him I needed OUT of the city. I feel like there is too much concrete surrounding me. Some days I just want to move back to my old house with my big yard so Daisy and run around and I can have a big pumpkin on my porch. But, I look at my mini pumpkin in my 1 bedroom apt and remember that this is not forever and the grass is greener mentality is not healthy. I guess I'm kind of home sick for the South. OK, really home sick.

I love my husband and I know that this is what he needs for his career. I also know that NYC is a great place with so much to offer me and I just need to enjoy it while I'm here.

Easier said then done.


Duchess said...

I got married two whole weeks ago and I just made a similar list. Trying to get this house organized is like trying to clean up after a hurricane with a can of Pledge and a broom. Keep cheery and I will think of you while I sort MORE socks and try to organize our kitchen which seemed bigger before the wedding gifts:-D

Buford Betty said...

I'm sorry your having a downer of a day... and rain surely doesn't help the mood! Hang in there... it's all still SO new and it really just takes time. Enjoy the city while you're there - and you're right, it's not forever!

linda said...

Hi- Just found your blog- it's so sweet! Yes, the weather is terrible today (I live on the North Shore of Long Island) we used to live on the Upper East Side when we where first married. Try Mowhonk Mountain House (upstate NY) or for an inexpensive trip- Riverhead LI to Tanger Outlets, hotels are very reasonable there, yet you are close to North Fork wineries and the Hamptons.

sle said...

Aww, reading your post brought tears to my eyes. I live in the South and I can so appreciate your thoughts and feelings on all the concrete and just missing home. I have a Lab and have thought about Daisy many times wondering how she is adjusting to life in the city. Hang in there. Focus on the good things and remember living in NYC is a once in a lifetime opportunity. And being the good southern girl with manners its only fitting to say We Miss You Too!

Belle in Bloom said...

Honey, I'm so sorry about your day. Try to enjoy where you are now. You're right, there's so much to do there! The South will be waiting for you with open arms when its time for you and your Hunny to return. Hugs to you.

kmpal said...

the outlets will cheer you up! the city is hard to get you used and while it doesnt seem like it will miss it when you leave.
hang in there!

Maria said...

Woodbury Commons is the mecca of all outlets. I have also gone to Riverhead, but Woodbury is the one with the only Kate Spade and Tory Burch outlet in the country. You can spend all day at Woobury - they have 236 stores!

I understand to some extent about needing to get out, as I have had this urge to get out of Japan (not just Kyoto itself but just out of the country, preferably back home!). Being homesick is understandable - feel better!

Kimba Rimba said...

Hope you guys had a good weekend! Keep that glass half full!

You two NEED to go to that "hotel"!

A Southern Yankee in Manhattan said...

You sound like I feel. I'm sorry you are having a bit of a struggle with work. I would still love to meet up at somepoint - it's always nice to know someone in the neighborhood.

Meg said...

Hang in there.

Funny story - one of my husband's cousins got married recently and went to that very hotel for their honeymoon. They were all excited about the champagne-glass-shaped hot tub. Two years later, we continue to mock them in private. I'm sorry you had to miss out on that. I hear it's very romantic. ;)

Southern Fried Girl said...

Wow you have a ton going on, huh? Lordy. I guess that is all you can do - try to find the positive. It's hard though sometimes though, yes?

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

I have a secret. Even though we have a big house and big yard and love our life in St. Louis, I am secretly jealous of your NYC adventure. I would love to live in NYC, but know it will never happen. I actually spent about a month there after college, and I got really homesick too, so I can undertand what you are going through (sort of). But it really is an adventure, and if you think of it that way it might make it better. My best friend and her husband had to move away right after they got married, and even thought they didn't like their new town, they did say that it was a great thing for their marriage because they really had to learn to depend on each other. They have the best marriage of anyone I know. Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to try and cheer you up, sweet friend.

Farrell & Lauren said...

Hey- it is funny b/c I moved to the city about a week after you (to be with my boyfriend) and am also really struggling with my event planning job (well, internship). Anyway, it is nice to know another southern girl is going through the same thing and maybe it isn't just me. The boyfriend belongs to a private club in the suburbs and I live for weekends when we can get out of the city. Anyway, I think Southern Yankee in Manhattan is on to something- we should all meet up some time! You can email me at my blog!

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