Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wedding Details...Part Two...The Wedding Reception

My husband's pie bar including apple, blueberry, cherry, strawberry, pecan and peach...there wasn't a piece left!

The guest book table. Our guest book was a book of pictures from our home state. Each guest signed around the edges of their favorite picture. Don't you love my beautiful wreath! There is a monogrammed "U" there that you can't see very well!

One of our beautiful centerpieces made of hydrangeas and pink lilies and roses.

All the larger arrangements were in tall silver vases like this one. The tables were covered with light green hemstitched runners and pink rose petals.

My ice sculpture seafood wedding cake! Complete with our monogram logo on top!

The ballroom! The pictures don't do it justice! We had large white balls of hydrangeas hung from the ceiling surrounding the dance floor. Our guests grooved to the motown band until the wee hours of the night. The chairs were tied with sage colored double satin ribbon and a pink rose accented them

Another view of the ballroom before our guests arrived.

My beautiful pink cake! It turned out great don't you think?

Everyone's favorite...my candy bar complete with mostly pink and green candy!

Our pink and green huggies with our logo (which is on EVERYTHING)!

The outdoor tables on the patio.

The party in full swing...what a fabulous night!

I hope y'all enjoyed these pictures from our wedding reception. Believe it or not, there are many more to come and we haven't even gotten to my honeymoon stories yet.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

We've Arrived!

Hello friends. I am officially living in Manhattan. The drive here was good and we now unpacked all of the boxes. Tonight we hung a few pictures and things are slowly coming together. We've been in the city for a week and so much has happened, I don't know where to begin. I love to make lists so I'll catch you up that way.

Here are the top twenty things I've learned during my first week as a married Southern belle in the big city:

1. I'm not in Kansas anymore y'all! I'm quickly learning my way around this concrete jungle. Avenues are longer than streets and life is a little quicker here. =)

2. Waking up every morning to my best friend is better than I could have ever imagined.

3. I can pick any type of ethnic food in the world and there is a restaurant somewhere in this city that specializes in it. Since we have been here we have eaten Mexican (still haven't found a place here that serves cheese dip though,) Peruvian, Irish, Cantonese and Italian (good ole NYC pizza included.) I love that I can order from any of these places at almost anytime and a fabulous meal appears at my apartment!

4. The "curb your dog" signs mean you have to actually take your dog to the curb and let it relieve itself there. Good luck doing this with a dog that was taught to tee tee on grass. I am currently walking a block to the nearest patch of grass so that my little Daisy can do her business the only way she thinks is right. Note to self: fix this problem before first snow storm.

5. Only get on buses that have a "M". Any other letter means you will be taking a ride off your little island (a friend told me this tip, luckily did not experience it.) Note to self: buses only take a metro card or exact change, no dollar bills!

6. The basics of my new geography: The Bronx is up, Brooklyn is down and Manhattan is in the middle. Someone taught me this little saying, it is not quite exact...but it helps!

7. ABF Freight System and EMove are fabulous companies and I highly recommend both of them for doing a move the cheap way!

8. Everyday task like going to Target or the mall are a little tougher when you don't have a car or know your city very well. Just imagine carrying a mop though the streets of Manhattan! And, my grocery bills are going to be smaller because I can only get as much as I can carry. This is a good thing though because...

9. Prices in this town are inflated about 20%-30% almost everywhere! I already knew this, but experiencing it first hand is a little different. My job search starts Monday! Does anyone have any contacts in event planning, destination management or corporate group travel and meeting planning?

10. If you are coming to NYC anytime soon, check out Spring Awakening. This 2007 Tony award winner for best musical, is one of the most unique plays I have seen. It hits a lot of issues including sex, morality, homosexuality, a pregnant unwed young girl, suicide and child abuse. It does all of this through rock and roll musical. The music is fabulous and the story is unmatched on Broadway!

11. They can give dogs Ivs through their skin...yes, I learned this today while Daisy received an Iv after throwing up 5 times. She has since thrown up another 5 or so and is finally quietly resting as I type this. The vet said she either had a stomach bug or just is having extreme anxiety because of the move. My poor little puppy! She did so well the first few days and then the past 48 hours she has been a mess. Hopefully she will feel better soon. I think I had my first taste of what it feels like to be a Mom after cleaning up the stomach bug all day with all my new pink and green William Sonoma dish rags. =)

12. I'm loving using all of my new wedding presents. Especially my Vietri everyday dishes and my new Calpalon pots and pans

13. Manicures and pedicures are cheaper here than at home...only $20.00 on Mon-Wed at most places! The only thing cheaper in the entire city!

14. Having a washer and dryer in the city is such a blessing! We have one in our new apartment and I'm so lucky!

15. The Internet connection speed here is great as is the news! Yeah for big city perks!

16. I miss my friends. Even though my husband is here with me, I hope I can meet some girl friends soon. Someone has got to give me some advice on how to arrange my sofa next to my dining room table!

17. I need some new shoes. Ok, don't tell my husband I said this because I do have quite a few pairs. But, I need some walking shoes ladies! Please help! Send me tips on your favorite flats, tennis shoes, flip flops, etc.

18. My sofa will not be here for 8 weeks. I ordered it from my parent's decorator and it is coming from market in Atlanta. It is a down filled fabulous sofa and I can't wait...but living without a sofa is tough!

19. I need some rugs. Any tips on cheap options?

20. When I get a job and a paycheck, I would love any tips from the locals on your favorite boutiques!

Well, that's it for my first week in the big apple. More lessons to share with you soon! Hope y'all are doing well. Can't wait to hear from you.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hello from Troutville, VA

Hi friends! I'm in Troutville, VA tonight (North of Roanoke.) Daisy and my husband are sound asleep and I just wanted to drop in and let you know that we left this morning for day one of our move to Manhattan. Our moving truck left yesterday and we are driving my Mom's car to the city so we didn't have to pack all of our valuables in the moving truck (not to mention it made it easier with Daisy.) Last night we had an impromptu going away dinner with a lot of our friends and my younger sister. The day before I left my parents...needless to say there have been a few tears in the past couple days. OK, more than a few. =) But, I'll be fine. I'm nervous and excited about this next phase in my life. I can't believe that tomorrow I will actually be in my apartment (OK, so we'll be sleeping on our brand new purple pillowtop air mattress until our moving van arrives Monday, but we WILL be in our first home.) The next few weeks are going to be exciting and scary and I promise to keep you posted on my progress as a Southern girl learning her way in the big city. I will also keep you posted on Daisy's progress with learning to tee tee on concrete. Oh Lord, this dog has no idea what tomorrow holds for her. What is she going to do when she gets out of the car? What am I going to do? Well, ready or not Manhattan...here we come!

PS. I also have not forgotten that you are dying for more wedding pictures and I promise I'll do lots of wedding posts as soon as this move is over.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Wedding Details Part One of...Many!

My floral hairpiece My veil
Back of my dress
The cake cutting with glimpse of flower girls and bridesmaids.

My perfect bouquet

I'm Married!

Hello blog friends! We just got back from our wonderful European honeymoon. The wedding was perfect. It was everything I hoped for and so much more. Every detail I spent so much time working on really paid off and I know my family and friends had a wonderful time. I truly had one of the best days of my life. I have never been so happy. I was so nervous up until I got to the church and the minute I saw everyone I had the most amazing sense of calm I've ever experienced. From that moment on, I couldn't quit smiling...in fact...I'm still smiling!!

I'm busy packing for Manhattan now. My husband left this morning to go back to his hometown to finish up his stuff and I am meeting him there on Monday or Tuesday. Kinda sad, I already have to spend time without him! But, we decided with as much as we have left to do we needed to divide to conquer. I'll try to get some detail pics up for y'all soon. Hope everyone is doing great!
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