Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Few of Your Favorites!

Bloggers, if you are interested then post these answers on your blog...
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I'll post mine too! I can't wait to hear your answers (be sure to include a link so we can get it)...

1) What kind of purse are you carrying right now?

2) What kind of wallet is in your purse?

3) What kind of sunglasses are shading your eyes these days?

4) What is your favorite lip gloss or lipstick?

5) What is your favorite fall/winter shoe?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

With a Tin Cup for a Chalice...

I'm heading south to my parent's beach house tonight or tomorrow (I'm flying stand by so I won't know until later) for the weekend. I'm going to hit the Jcrew Outlet here and drive my old car in circles, eat some fresh Gulf seafood, go here for a bushwacker, watch the football games on Saturday, go for a few boat rides and live the lyrics of my favorite Jimmy Buffet song! I can't wait! I'm excited just thinking about it. I just hope my husband will be able to fly down after work on Fri night, but it is looking like he'll have to work this weekend. That would make it all perfect if he was there!

Here's Daisy and me (sporting a nice burn) on the top of our wharf this summer watching the sunset together. I wish I could bring her so she could go for a swim and see her sister (my parent's dog).

The view of the sunset from our wharf!

Bday Gifts for his Mom

One of my good friends asked me suggestions on what to get her boyfriend's Mom for her birthday. She likes to travel and she loves to garden. My friend has to get her something tonight as she is going this weekend for her birthday party! Please send us your fabulous quick last minute ideas!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

City Livin' Update from the Mrs.

I've been posting lots of pictures lately and some good shopping finds, but I thought you might be interested in what I've been up to in NYC! I wrote this note to some of my friends and edited it a little so I could share it with my blogworld friends! So...grab a chair and your drink of choice...

I've mostly recovered from my shooting experience. I'm still very jittery and I hit the pavement every time I hear a loud noise...but guess it will just take time. It was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, but I get better each day. There is a real police presence in our neighborhood and that makes me feel good. Thanks for your sweet words of encourage and nice notes. It is comforting to know I have some good blogger friends out there!

Married life is great! I love having my husband at home each night (even though it is quite late). He is such a sweetheart and has really been patient with me when I'm homesick or scared. He keeps bringing me home flowers! They are a little cheaper here b/c you can buy them on the street, but it is the thought that counts! Right now he is working until between 8:30pm-11:30pm. His mentor told him it will get much worse from Jan-June...we can't wait! He really seems to like it though, and he scored in the top percent on his training test which meant he got his first 3 requests for his rotations. I'm so proud of him! He did get the entire weekend off last weekend, so that was really nice. When he does get home early (8:00pm) then we get to go to dinner and that has been fun to explore all the restaurants in our area.. We keep trying more Mexican restaurants hoping to find just one that will give us a fix, but they just are not as good up here. (As I mentioned before, cheese dip does not exist in the city and I'm having trouble working through that.)

How many of you go to football games? We watch the games at the Bama bar here. It is pretty cool, there were at least 200 people were there last week. The waitresses wear Bama cheerleader outfits, the walls are Crimson and the have the game on like 10 flat screens and projector screens! They also hand out shakers at the door. We go and drink lots and lots, stay there for about 6 hours and then I like to hail cabs with my Bama shaker! It's the next best thing to being at Bryant Denny, but I really want to come home for a game.

The new job is going pretty well. My official title is "Special Events Coordinator" for a hospital. It is such a different work environment though than the travel agency I did meeting planning and events for at home. I walk out and I'm in the middle of a hospital. So strange, but fun too! It will take some getting used to. My boss is a big wig doc. He's a super man...he only needs 4 hours of sleep to function. In his field, he's done more surgeries than any doc in the entire state and, in addition, he has the highest success level! The best part is for the first time the job I'm doing really makes a difference. I get to help assist someone that saves lives everyday and it really is rewarding! I'm learning lots and lots about the medical industry. When I talk with the doc, I go to the operating room and talk to him from the doorway while he is working on someone. Kinda crazy, but VERY interesting! In addition to their major meeting which I'm in charge of, I assist with obtaining the funding from the pharmaceutical companies. I already have quite a collection of pens and pads!! I'm also doing CME dinners. We had our first one last week, it was VERY nice! I'm working on booking our December meeting and I've been trying to learn all the places in NYC with private rooms. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Anyways, that is it so far. I'm still learning my way around the hospital...I get lost a lot. There are thousands of employees, a little bit bigger than what I'm used to. We get great discounts on plays, sporting events, so I need to take advantage of that soon!

I got accepted into the Junior League up here and I started my provisional training last week! I'm really excited to get to meet some nice cute girls. I need some girl friends up here and the volunteer projects we get to do are really neat! The townhouse is AMAZING!! It's like a country club where you can just sign your ticket for food and drinks and they bill you each month. Sounds like trouble! Oh, the funniest part. My group leader is my husband's good friend's (he was even a groomsmen in our wedding) ex-girlfriend from high school/college. Don't wasn't a bad break up and they are still friends. Anyways, she had been emailing me recently and reaching out b/c she knew we just moved here. By COMPLETE coincidence I ended up in her Jr. League group. There are 8 groups of about 20 girls! Isn't that funny? She seems like a really nice girl and I'll get to know her very well now! It is such a small world!

Daisy is doing great. She is really enjoying her dog walker. They write us notes everyday to tell us if she went #1 or #2 during her walk and what they did at the park. It is so funny! She is nice and tired when I get home and seems really happy. She's really doing great and my husband is SO in love with her. It is hilarious. I think she likes him more than me now. Ha, Ha. Who would have thought. She's turned into such a good girl! She walks on a leash really well, sits in the elevator and before she crosses the street. She is in love with Chole in 4C (another golden) and Tiger in 14B...they walk together!

I haven't spotted the Sex in the City cast, but I'm on the look out. My husband walked through the set this week (the girls weren't out there) and one of my friends walked through the week before (still no girls.) I missed my bus the other day and walked home...only to walk through the set of Gossip Girls! I had just watched the season premiere and ALL of the kids were out there filming. I recognized them all and called my little sis to tell her (she's obsessed with the show.) It was really cool to see! They film most of it on the Upper East so I'm hoping I'll run into them again. Today the President came through the Upper East (the UN is in town right now.) I didn't get to see him, but they had barricades all over the place!

Ok, back to cleaning the apartment...hope you enjoyed the long post and hearing about what's going on in my life. I'm heading home to my parent's beach house tomorrow night or Friday morning (I'm flying standby) for a little rest and relaxation and to see my parents. Hubby is going to try to make it too, but he will probably have to work. Oh well...I'm hitting the outlets!

Our First Christmas

Calling all recent brides and brides-to-be...don't you think you need this cute one . It is $49.00 from The Stationary Studio. I'll take one please for my tree. am I going to get a tree in NYC? Oh goodness!

Pottery Barn Halloween Decorations

Here are some cute Halloween decorations from Pottery Barn that I missed in my previous post! (wreath) (garland) (spider)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Preppy Halloween

I love decorating for the holidays. Unfortunately, I'm very limited in space in NYC. I really do want to get a few little things to make my apartment feel move festive. My old roommate was an expert at holiday decorating and I really miss her and the "little extras" that she put all over our house to make it look so cute. Check out these "Preppy" Halloween items that I found on my search for the perfect Halloween decor! Do you have a favorite Halloween decoration? Let me know!

This Glitterville chip and dip is available for $67.99 on ebay.

This Glitterville Halloween Pumpkin Bowl is a little pricey, but oh so cute! You can get him for $97.50 at Imaginary Kingdom.

I am ordering these Department 56 Glitterville taper candles! They are $11.50 each at Imaginary Kingdom. How cute will they look in your best candle holders!

A friend showed me this cute pumpkin punch bowl from department 56's website. I found this website that carries it for for $145.00, or you can get if from the seller on ebay here is the listing.

These personalized hand towels are too cute! You can find them at Personalization Mall for $18.65.

This pumpkin patch trick or treat bowl from Personalization Mall is $33.10.

This trick or treat bowl from The Stationary Studio is $44.95.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Wall Art

For $47.00 you can order this wall art complete with your choice of a picture. What a great way to showcase your best wedding picture, your new baby, or even Fluffy! This cute design is from The Paper Menu and you can order it from The Paper Cafe! Wouldn't this make a cute Christmas present, wedding present, or baby present! Being a recent pink and green bride, I think I might need the pink and green one!

20% Whitney English Products at Brick House Paperie

You all know my love for Whitney English. I love them even more now that I know that Whitney herself is a reader as well as some of her employees! Hi Whitney and Whitney English employees! For the rest of the month, you can get 20% off at Brick House Paperie on Whitney English Papers. This would be a great time for you to go ahead and get your Christmas cards! Has anyone done that yet? I just started looking at them and am thinking of going ahead and ordering. I'll show you my favorites before I do!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preppy Football Stationary from The Stationary Studio

Despite our heart breaking loss last night I still want to share a great website today with a fabulous selection of football stationary. The Stationary Studio carries tons of teams, so go check and see if they have your favorite. Here are a few examples...

Alabama Notecards

Alabama notecards
Auburn notecards

Everyone loves their stamper, now you can get it with your favorite team from The Stationary Studio! They have a lot of options!

UT monogrammed notecards

LSU notepad

Auburn monogrammed notecards

Vandy notepad

Crimson Tide notepad

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Preppy Desk Supplies

Hi readers! I am on the lookout for some preppy desk supplies to brighten up my new desk. My office is nothing to write home about (but, the job is still going well) and it needs a few things in it to make it more mine. Among other things, I'm looking for a really cute pencil holder and a bright colored picture frame. Let me know if you have any ideas! I'm VERY limited on space, so space saving ideas would be especially appreciated.

A Nice Surprise

I am done with all of my thank you notes, but every couple weeks we still have a gift show up. It makes it so much fun to receive a surprise in the mail! One of my pledge sisters from college just sent me these pewter napkin rings engraved with "U" from William Sonoma. Aren't they elegant!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tailgating Essentials

I haven't lost my appreciation for football and tailgating! All of you Southerners understand what I'm talking about...Roll Tide!! I started off to do a quick tailgating essentials post for y'all and it turned into quite a collection! I just kept going with this post! I love searching for football things and I found so many cute "must haves." Let me know if you've seen anything I've forgotten. I did feature mostly examples of Bama items, but please check the links because most of the items come in your favorite team too.

Isn't this invitation from Whitney English cute? You can find it at The Paper Cafe for $79.00 for 25.

Do you have your Tervis Tumblers with your name and your school's logo? We have some with the Alabama logo and then some others with just our initials (a great wedding gift from a neighbor.)

I love Magnolia Lane's collegiate collection. Click here to see if they have your team! I really need some of these pieces!

Every Southern girl needs this Mariposa football platter from Tabulatua

Get these football cookie cutters from The Baker's Catalogue.

Target carries these beverage tubs for every team. They run $49.99.

Keep the crowd entertained for hours with a game of washers. Target carries it in all teams!

Check out this tailgate sauce kit from Target, also available with your team's logo!

Get this talking bottle opener from Target with your favorite team's logo for $8.99.
These cute football lights from The Front Door are $10.72 and are sure to light up your party!

Grab this football pack for $19.95 from Oriental Trading!

Everyone needs a football cake mold! Try this one from Oriental Trading it is only $10.95.

Don't forget your Vineyard Vines collegiate collection. Click here for the closest store to you!

Preppy football invitations from The Stationary Studio.

Work on your game plans...on your cups! How much fun are these cute etch-it cups from Swoozies! They are $8.95 for a set of 32.

This metal drink bucket from Swoozies is rivalry friendly and it's only $19.95!

Every football fan needs this platter from Swoozies for $29.95.

This spreader from Swoozies is perfect for your best tailgate recipe and it's only $3.95!

Isn't this condiment server from Swoozies fun? It's yours for $24.95.
I've had me eye on this stadium bundt pan from Williams Sonoma for awhile now. It was on my registry, but I guess no one realized my love for it. Perhaps I'll buy it for myself if Bama keeps winning games! =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Travelin' In Style!

In honor of my honeymoon posts here are a few travel items from Give Simple for you to check out!

Save 10% on any order that includes Tepper Jackson when you enter the code MAGNOLIA at checkout!

You are sure to find your luggage with the Tepper Jackson luggage tags for $13.00. I love this one!

This Tepper Jackson passport wallet is $26.00. As if leaving the country wasn't exciting much fun would it be to use this on your vacation!

Our Honeymoon Part Three---Ville Franche Sur Mer, French Riveria

The last part of our honeymoon might have been my favorite part. Although each of our locations were so unique we were able to experience country, vineyards, mountains, lake and beach in one trip! Our final stop was Ville Franche Sur Mer on the French Riviera. We flew into Nice and took a cab (about 45 minutes) to our quaint little hotel that was located right on the water. We LOVED our little village and there were about 30 fabulous French restaurants within walking distance to our hotel. The first day we went across the harbour to a private beach a friend had told me about. All the waiters dressed in white and they brought you French wines to your chair! The next day we went to Monaco and checked out the pink palace and all of the VERY fancy yachts (now that is the way I'm going next visit!) We went to another private beach right next to our hotel on the 3rd and 4th days. We ate breakfast on our patio overlooking where the village fisherman come in and sell their fish. Oh...I want to go back! If you haven't been to the Riviera, add it to your list. The water is the most beautiful blue color I've ever seen in my entire life, the food is excellent, and the wine is superb!

Coming into town...that's our hotel on the left (the orange colored building)

A view of the harbour.

A view from the 2nd private beach of the harbour.

The Mediterranean (a view from a cliff in Monaco.) Look how beautiful the water is!!

The windy alleyways of Ville Franche
The view from our balcony. They sold fish each morning where that blue cart is.

One of the cafes we ate at.

More views of the beautiful town of Ville France. I loved all the colors!

The first private beach

The prince of Monaco's castle

More views of Ville Franche Sur Mer

The waterfront

Private beach number one

Another angle from our balcony

The second beach

The second beach
The second beach

The Mediterranean in Monaco.

A view of Monaco

Hope you enjoyed our scenic honeymoon pictures!! There are so many more, if you want I'll do another series in a few months.
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