Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Heart Day!

Just wanted to share my V-day flowers from my fiance with everyone. I got them on Friday, but finally remembered to take pics last night. He's so sweet. He's coming in town this evening to take me to one of my favorite restaurants! What are your V-day plans?

Oh wanted to update and show you the panties my roommate got funny and sweet! She said they reminded her of me. =)


Preppy Wedding said...

Beautiful flowers!

I have the same hot pink Rutherford Circle Plates - is your fiance going to let you keep them after the wedding?

Erin said...

How sweet of your fiance!

I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for linking me. :)

Britt said...

Don't you just love pink flowers?
Not any crazy plans tonight but a Fondue restaurant and perhaps the Drew Barrymore/Hugh Grant movie tommorrow night.

MMM said...

Yes, love, love pink flowers and pink everything.

The hot pink plates are actually my roommates. She got them at a mega pottery barn sale for $3.99 each!

Erin, thanks for visiting!

Britt, Fondue sounds fun! Let me know how the movie is.

Mrs. P said...

So pretty! Those panties are too funny. Happy V-day.

Melissa said...

I am such a sucker for all the Victoria's Secret Pink they have out now with dog stuff on it. I had to have the shirts that said "My dog is cuter than your dog" and "If you thing I'm cute wait til you see my dog!" Too funny.

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