Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Perfect Cake Quest

Ok, y'all I'm heading home in a little bit to get ready for one of my very best friend's weddings. She is getting married in my hometown on Saturday and it is going to be a wonderful weekend. I am driving home this afternoon so that I can do some of my own wedding planning tomorrow. I'm meeting with my florist tomorrow. I've decided my flowers for decor will include pink and green and white hydrangeas, pink and white roses, stargazer lilies, and a few others that I can't spell. =) I'm pretty sure my bouquet is going to be pink peonies and lilies of the valley. You know you stare at pictures and you stare at pictures and then you have to decide! I've been looking at magazines for so long it is hard to tell the florists...okay this is exactly what I want. I like all of it! I need your help on the cake. Here are a small (ha, ha) assortment of my pictures. Can you see what I'm going for? I want hydrangeas, monogram, ribbon, and maybe a very pale pink cake. I can't have all of that...or can I? They told me I'll need at least 4 layers based on the number of people. I want buttercream icing and not fondant. Please blog world, help me narrow it down. Based on these pics can you describe my perfect cake to me?

Pretty hydrangeas, would want them pink or green or white. Hmmm. Don't like the square shape.
A pink cake with white dots. Not a fan of the flowers on this one. Love, love, love the light pink color. I really think I want a pink cake.
Here is a pink cake with pink dots. Hmmm. Not a fan of the roses on top. If feels like it is missing something.
This was a friend of mines cake. Love it!
This one is my main inspiration, but I would want it with pink. Could I do a script monogram?
Love the color of the roses, but want that color hydrangeas.
I don't like the top, but I like the ribbon (I want mine lighter) and the design on the cake.
I love this color ribbon and the swiss dots. Hate the top.
LOVE the pink color. Not a fan of the topper. I really like this cake though. Where would I put the flowers.
Love the single monogram and the pink ribbon. I would rather the cake not be so smooth.

I like the hydrangeas in this one, but it kind of looks heavy.
Love the pink ribbon on this one, not a fan of the ribbon on top. The shape is kinda cool, but I think I want to stick with round.
Like the flower/ribbon look, but not the green ribbon on this one Love the monogram plate on this one and the swiss dots. Not a fan of the icing bow.
Love the green hydrangeas on this one, but top looks funny. The cake is really thin too.


Melissa said...

Oh I'm all about this post!! The wedding cake was so important to me at my wedding - I mean I spent soooo much time on perfecting how I wanted it designed. I must have drawn out 100 different cake designs. Mine was pink and with a monogram too! You can definitely have all those things you want - take it from someone who put a lot of effort into getting everything I wanted on the cake without it looking tacky! And it really did turn out great - we got tons of compliments. But I think you are on the right track with that one you said is your main inspiration - you could definitely do a script monogram on that one and change the color to pink and it sounds like that would pretty much give you what you want! I had a table runner for the cake table monogrammed and took it to my baker to have them try to copy the exact monogram style to match the runner.

Erin said...

I see no reason why you can't have all those things in one cake. Your main inspiration is adorable! And if you wanted something simpler, you could always do something like #9, but have hydrangeas on the top instead of the topper. We didn't use a topper, just had flowers instead, and I was so happy with the way it turned out.

Preppy Wedding said...

I like all your ideas. If I have time to blog today, I'll post our inspiration (swiss dots, buttercream, monogram)!

Britt said...

Whew, I love your inspiration cakes. We are using hydrangeas too, so of course I love that choice. Oy, I just realized I haven't really thought about our cake at all! I think that #11 (the one you said is too heavy) would be a good example of how you could have alternating flowers and ribbon - take out a few of those bunches, throw on your pink ribbin with monogram and I think that would be balanced but have everything you want. Good Luck!

Susan D said...

I think the 5th down (one that was your main inspiration) is your cake. It would be perfect in the colors/flowers that you want & I think the script monogram would be so pretty.

So many good choices! Buttercream is the way to go, in my opinion. We had 4 layers & did different flavors per layer so guests could choose their fave/deal with allergies,etc. Best of luck!

Kimberly said...

I love the 5th one down, I saved it for ideas for my own cake! So classic and doesn't look so "done over"!

STL Sarah said...

I love them all, but the second-to-last one is my favorite. I just love monogramming on cakes. So fun!

Harlene303 said...

Love those cakes. I want them all!

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