Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cute Dresses

I really like both of these dresses. Too bad, I don't have any more outfits to buy...they are too cute!

Paddle Fans

Hey y'all, I have a question for you. I am trying to figure out the best way to attach our HEAVY printed card stock to the wooden sticks provided by the printer. Has anyone made these before? I'm debating between hot glue, rubber cement, or something else. I would love your opinions blogworld! Thanks! Hope everyone had a great day. I got my nails done for the bachelorette party, went to the seamstress to have my rehearsal dinner dress fitted, and worked on my out of town bags. I am so excited about this weekend, but it looks like it might rain. =( Keep your fingers crossed for me. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures and stories on Monday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

One Month to Go!

Hey y'all! Today was a very successful day. We finalized my bridesmaid luncheon. We got back the new part of the invitation (after having to print it a third time because of another mistake I signed off on)! I am going to put them together tonight and I'll be sure to take a picture of how our little mishap turned into a great creation.

My fiance picked up our rings! I can't wait to see mine. I have to wait for awhile because he is at his parent's house and I won't get to see him again for a week. =( This will be the last time we have to do the "distance" thing EVER so that is pretty exciting. I just want to be married!

We are still debating over linens. I hate linens and I'm so sick of looking at them. The hotel where we are getting married has odd shaped tables and so we have had a lot of trouble with finding the right size. I'm just leaving it to my wedding coordinator and my Mom.

Today is the deadline for our RSVP cards and we still have about 100 out! I find it hard to believe that it is so difficult to put a pre-stamped card in the mail. Hopefully we'll get a bunch tomorrow??

My bachlorette party is this weekend! Yeah! I am very excited. My little sister (who is 21) planned the party. Watch out! I have 9 friends making the trip to the beach. I'm going to miss a few of my bmaids and friends, but it is so hard to coordinate with spring/summer schedules. Anways, we have a great group and I can't wait. I just need to figure out what to wear...

I am so excited about our honeymoon. I would leave today if I could! I'm not sure if I ever shared our final itinerary with y'all. We decided to start in Germany at my fiance's bed and breakfast/vineyard that he worked in one summer in college. We will take the train from there to Lake Lucerne for 2 nights where we booked an amazing hotel! We will fly out of Zurich and into Nice for 5 nights in Ville Franche-Sur-Mer while we explore the French Riviera. Anyone have any suggestions if you have been to any of these locations? I need to start checking out the weather, I think I'm going to be in a lot of climates. What to pack, what to pack...

My fiance and I are also going to NYC in a few weeks to finalize our living situation. We have the help of a broker who is helping us for free, but I would love insight from any of you that know Manhattan. We like the Upper West and East the most, but we prefer the West because my fiance's job is on the West side. I can't believe I'm about to move! With all of this wedding planning, I keep forgetting!

Reader Question

This question is from reader Courtney. She asks:

I too am a southern bride to be. I am getting married very very soon and have one sentimental gift for my husband to be, but wanted to get him something else since the sentimental gift is not costing any money.

The first gift I have for him is a pair of cuff links that belonged to my grandfather. He passed away when I was 16 and just a few years ago, I was looking through some of his old things at my grandmother's house. I found the cuff links. They are engraved with a J because his name was Julian. My fiancé's name is Jeff so I took the cuff links and put them in my jewelry box just in case Jeff and I ever got married. Well now we are so I am going to give him the links.

I still want to get him something else.

Have you thought about what you are going to get your husband to be?



Courtney, thanks for reading! My fiance and I decided not to exchange gifts since we have a lot of furniture to purchase for our apartment. When I sold my house I also sold my couch, chair, bed, and dresser. I was ready for an upgrade and so I guess that will be our gift to each other. We also agreed to each come up with a surprise of something unique to do on our honeymoon. Like a hot air balloon ride or a special wine tasting. I am sure some of my readers have great ideas for you though...let's hear them y'all!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wedding Gifts!!

Michael Aram BowlCalphalon Contemporary Lasagna Pan (we already received a 10 piece set at my shower)Waterford Silver Pitcher
Waterford Lismore Salt and Pepper Shakers

I thought y'all would like to see what types of gifts have been showing up at my door each day. All of the above gifts we received off of our Macy's registry. My fiance and I both grew up in one state and went to high school and college in another, so we are registered all over the place!

My fiance's Mom works at a gift shop so many of our gifts are coming from there. We have received a few pieces of our everyday china (Vietri Incanto), a luggage rack, a butler's tray with a stand, an umbrella stand, 4 lamps (yes, 4!!), 2 wooden plates, Reed and Barton steak knives, a silver spoon with an "M" on it (my first inital), a silver casserole serving dish, a monogrammed silver wine bucket with a "U" (my new last name initial) on it, mugs from our Christmas China, 2 place setting of our Ricci stainless steel flatware and a few other odds and ends.

Monogrammed Pilsner glasses with fiance's initials engraved from Williams Sonoma registry.

I mentioned before I had to change my china. My old pattern wasWedgewood Crown Platinum and it was discontinued a few months ago. I thought it was going to be fine, but multiple stores were having problems with it so I decided it would be better just to go ahead and switch it. I actually love my new china more! I first saw it on Preppy Wedding's site when she listed her reader's china patterns. Then I saw it at a store and had been thinking about how elegant and different it was ever since. So...introducing my new china! Raynaud's Allee Royal. It looks beautiful with my Waterford Crosshaven Crystal and my Nana's silver (Westmoreland Lady Hilton.) I love it!

Monday, May 28, 2007

LA Caviar

Here's what we've been eating at the beach this weekend! Yummy! Thought I would share. It taste great served with saltine crackers.

I used approximately 1/4 of everything...
I mixed my oil, vinegar, sugar (or splenda, or half of each), salt and pepper in a separate bowl and blended it real well before I put it into the veges.

2 #10 cans (114 oz.) drained blackeyed peas

2 lbs diced green bell pepper

4 diced red onions

5 pints of quartered cherry tomatoes

2 cups olive oil

2 cups balsamic vinegar

1 ½ cups granulated sugar

3 tablespoons salt

3 tablespoons black pepper

Place the blackeyed peas in a colander, rinse and drain

Dice green peppers and red onions into ¼ inch squares. Dice Cherry tomatoes into quarters.

Place all ingredients into large lexan (or your bowl)

Wearing gloves, hand mix all ingredients

Cover, label and place in cooler. That's it!

Wedding Ups and Downs

(there are corresponding Downs below)
1. I bought a sample dress. I saved about $5,000 on my dream dress! It was the first dress I tried on and I still love it every time I look at it.
2. I had the test trials for my hair and makeup, both made me feel like a million dollars for my bridal portraits.
3. I found the most beautiful invitations to my bridesmaid luncheon and they came in early.
4. We had fans made for the wedding (remember I'm getting married in the South in an unairconditioned church). They turned out perfect!
5. I am doing the Martha Stewart cake in light pink with white hydrangeas and light pink ribbon. 6. My future mother-in-law said we could use all of her flowers from the rehearsal dinner and they would be in green and white!
7. My florist is amazing! She is reasonable and she is going to a great job. We are doing large balls of white hydrangeas that will hang from the ballroom ceiling.
8. My wedding matches and huggies arrived!
9. My fiance's family in Memphis is throwing us a dinner party in two weeks. It is going to be wonderful!
10. My bachlorette party is this upcoming weekend at my parent's beach house! My 21 year old sister is planning it. Watch out!
11. We sent out about 270 invitations. I LOVE getting the response cards in everyday. The notes people write on the back of them are so sweet. I am so honored that so many of our friends are going to make the trip to be with us on our special day.
12. I've lost about 12 lbs since January on Weight Watchers. I feel great!
13. We had my band made. It matches my engagement ring and has diamonds all around. I can't wait to see it.
14. I am homeless and unemployed and it is highly underrated!
15. I'm getting married in 5 weeks to the man of my dreams and I'm moving to Manhattan to start an amazing adventure!!!!!
16. I'm a very lucky girl and I just want to make sure there is one more up than down! =)

1. My sample dress had a small rip when I bought it. I had my seamstress try to repair the rip. We had to have the dry cleaned and the rip re-ripped. Now I have to figure out what to do. The small rip is at the base of the zipper and the material of my dress is silk organza. We are having a couple of seamstresses look at it to figure it out. My Mom suggested adding a my butt!
2. A bird shit on the same panel where the rip is during my bridal portraits ( did!!!)
3. My name was spelled wrong. Oops. AND, my Mom signed off on the proof. The lady that named me, spelled my name wrong. Oops! =) Love you Mom!
4. There are about 250 of them and we need to put them together (just somehow glue the stick to them...not sure what type of glue to use)
5. My baker said I need to find a special kind of ribbon that will not get "greased" by the butter cream frosting. Not sure where I find this said ribbon. Any ideas?
6. The green she has chosen is going to be a very bright lime green...does not go with other flowers so we can't use them.
7. Her shop is about an hour from my house and I spent about 3 1/2 hours there twice!
8. They sent them to my old house which is 4 hours north of my parent's house. The girl that bought my house gave them to a mutual friend of ours and she was supposed to bring them to me last week. Huggies are still M.I.A.
9. They spelled my name wrong too. (My name is really not that complicated!) Oh, well...they got it right on the envelope.
10. I have 12 bridesmaids and 4 of them can't make it because they live too far away. I'm going to miss them a lot. I wish they could be there with me.
11. To my Mom and Dad's dismay a lot more people are coming than we thought would come. But, there is still time for "Nos," the cards aren't supposed to be back to us until the 30th of this month. Isn't that sad that we get excited about Nos? I know anyone who has been a bride understands this daily ritual.
12. Most of my clothes don't fit because I dropped 2 dress sizes in some clothes! Guess I have to go shopping...too bad I don't have a job!
13. It was supposed to be ready a month ago and the guy STILL doesn't have it done. I should have it this week, I hope.
14. I miss having a schedule. I don't get as much done now that I don't have a job. I REALLY miss my house. It is complicated floating from my parent's house to wherever else we have to be. I can't wait to be settled.
15. I'm getting married in 5 weeks! Ahhh! Someone help me put the out of town bags together and the wedding weekend programs and the fans and the bridesmaid luncheon invites and the... Oh my God, I'm moving to NYC. I'm scared out of my mind! Saying goodbye to friends and family is really tough. Everything is so bitter sweet right now. =)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Rehearsal Dinner Dress

I can't copy the picture from the website because it is protected, but here is my rehearsal dinner dress! Yeah! Isn't it perfect. I saw it in a window at a store and I turned to my Mom and said, "that's my rehearsal dinner dress." I walked into the store they only had one dress in a size 4 (my new size thanks to weight watchers.) I put the dress on and it fit perfectly and will only need the straps adjusted. I love it! It is elegant, it has pink in it, it is different and no one else will have seen it before. I just feel like the rehearsal dinner bride when I put it on. I'm so excited! Any suggestions on how to accessorize?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

S and B's Wedding

Here are pics of S's wedding. It was absolutely perfect. It was an outdoor wedding at the beach and she lucked out with perfect weather. The bride was beautiful and the attention to detail was amazing. She carried her monogram throughout the entire wedding from her save the date to her monogrammed runner to a monogrammed flag blowing in the wind. Enjoy and have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

BBQ Contest Pics

S's Bridesmaid Luncheon

Isn't this beautiful! My friend shared these pics she took at another friend of ours bmaid luncheon. Thought you would enjoy!

Well Hello There

Hi everyone. I have not been a very good blogger, but things have been crazy! We only have five weeks left until the wedding. Can you believe it? I can't.

Memphis was a lot of fun. We did lost our "chef" so we did not do as well this year, but we managed to consume about 30 kegs and a rap star (Three Six Mafia) showed up in our tent. It was wonderful being outside and enjoying the sunshine on the Mississippi. My fiance's family was really fun to be with and I enjoyed meeting old friends who will be attending our wedding. We also had a chance to visit twice with my fiance's grandmother who is unable to attend the wedding because she has dementia and can not leave her nursing home for the long trip.

In wedding world it has been crazy. I have so many stories! I don't even know where to start. We met with the florist again on Tuesday and our wedding coordinator. I had my test hair and makeup done for my portraits yesterday (great stories later). The response cards and presents are trickling in everyday. Today I got my rehearsal dinner dress (YEAH!!!) I also got a dress for my bridesmaid luncheon, changed my china pattern, picked up our fan programs (which still have to be assembled) AND managed to fit in a facial (much needed)! I promise lots of pictures and stories soon. I missed y'all! Hope everyone is doing well.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Gone back soon!

My fiance and I are leaving today to go to the Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest. His family has had a team for about 27 years now and all of their friends and family come out to enjoy the festivities. Their team does this just for fun, so our tent is more a big party for 4 nights. Since the cousins have taken over the team, they placed in last (out of about 250 teams), the next year they got a little help and we climbed the ladder to 13th place. Last year with a little more help we claimed a top ten finish. We are looking forward to seeing where we will fall this year. I'm really excited about spending some time eating "Q" and drinking from kegs. Last year I felt like I was in college again! I will try to check in and I promise to have some great pics for y'all next week. Let me know if anyone from the area knows of some good stores in Memphis I should check for dresses. =)

I'll leave you with the description from their website as my words just can not explain:

May 17-19, 2007. It's the Super Bowl of Swine. The College of Pig Knowledge. The Granddaddy of Grills. The Largest Pork Barbecue Cooking Contest on the Planet.

The sweetest smelling cloud hovers over Memphis Hickory, pork, tomato, mustard, vinegar, more pork ... Three stuffed days of smoked heaven where contestants eat, sleep, and live pig. All oink wildly, trying to win more than $61,050 in prizes.

Grillmasters and goodtimers will descend on Tom Lee Park in downtown Memphis for serious competition that's seriously fun. Even the grills dress up for this party like fire trucks, airplanes, piggy banks, pot bellied stoves; you name it, it's probably here.

More than 90,000 pork lovers from around the globe Australia, Russia, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Estonia, Canada, France, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and the United Kingdom gather together to testify about their special sauces, rubs, ribs, and whatnot in Pig-dom.

And, there's the Sharp Stage, the site of world-class musical entertainment and the Ms. Piggie competition (grown men in snouts and tutus). You'll see funny faces, famous faces, and might end up having your face on one of these special reports on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Southern Living Network, PBS, A&E, TBS, Gourmet Magazine, Food & Wine, Martha Stewart Living TV, or one of many other media reports.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Rehearsal Dinner Dress Quest

Y'all, I am 6 weeks out and I was able to name the designer of every dress I saw at graduation today, but I STILL have not found "the" perfect rehearsal dinner dress for myself. By now you know that my wedding colors are pale pink and celedon green. I would love to find a dress in these colors or in white or ivory. I wore Lilly to my main wedding shower so I want something a little bit different for my rehearsal dinner. The dinner is at a very nice local restaurant and I want to wear a cocktail dress. If you have seen my perfect dress, will you please let me know! If you want to send me a pic and a link, I'll post them all here so that everyone can see some of the great options out there right now. Thanks Blogworld. I know you'll come through for me.

Mom Poem

In Honor of Mother's Day yesterday, I wanted to share this poem I found on another website. I would love to get a calligrapher to write it for me to give to my Mom on my wedding day.

At My Daughter's Side
by Linda Jo

Tomorrow was a lifetime away, now suddenly it's here.
How did it happen so quickly? This wedding drawing near.
How can I act so happy? How can I act so gay?
When in such a very short time, I'll give my daughter away.
I wish I could grasp a moment, and make the clock stand still
So I could let my heart catch up, but I know it never will.
All the worries of being a parent, all the battles won,
No one ever warned me about the day the job is done.
Yet, there is another side, where my heart is not as sad.

When I look in my daughter's eyes, I can't help but be joyful and glad.
This day she has dreamt about, for just about all her life.
She's going to be such a beautiful bride and a loving, caring wife.
I'll stand with the congregation as my daughter walks down the aisle
And even though there are tears in my eyes, my face will bear a smile.
For I know that I was very blessed when God lent this child to me.
To love and care for and nurture, so she would grow up to be
This lovely, bright young woman, who tomorrow will be a bride
And as always I'll be there, with love at my daughter's side.

Sentiments Behind "Something Blue"

I found this article and thought I would share....

Sentiments Behind Something Blue

A pristine white lace handkerchief, etched in innocent cornflower blue, hand embroidered with a scalloped edge.

An elegant periwinkle keepsake pin, steeped in decadent chiffon and satin, and shot through with pearls, to be pinned ever so delicately inside the hem of a wedding gown. For a glimmering secret-a sky blue thong with the word 'Bride' stitched in luminous rhinestones- how about panties that are pretty and sparkly for an intimate surprise? Or what about irreverent embellishments that lend a sense of the refreshingly outrageous to this traditionally solemn occasion? Blue hearts and halos bloom like flowers on the skin with these inked-out temporary 'something blue' tattoos. Baring cheeky messages like "Vixen' and 'Angel', channel your inner Vivien Westwood by daring to twist tradition, but only temporarily.

Above are just a few ways a bride can choose to fulfill the age-old charge of wearing something blue. This particular tradition, while charming, seems more cryptic than the obvious rationale behind 'something old' and 'something new'. And yet, for centuries, beaming brides persist in gliding down the aisles with shades of sapphire, indigo, and aqua subtly resonating from their wedding attire.

But why? The answer is more complex than you might think. The 'something blue' tradition ranges from religious to ethnic to moral motives, all of which can be held in equally high regard, according to the bride.

Some believe that blue represents the moon, that luminary power, and consequently Diana, goddess of the moon, who was believed to be a protector of women. If you are the type to find yourself suddenly transfixed by the sight of stars in the sky, or are oddly comforted by the idea of an ancient goddess watching over you, perhaps this is the inkling that will propel your inner sense of 'something blue.'

But if you swear not by the moon, be advised that in ancient times both Israeli and Roman brides wore blue ribbons sewn into the hem of their wedding clothes to seal in love, modesty, and fidelity. If a sense of ethnicity and history inspire you, imagine following in the footsteps of the brides of long ago, as you ferry your festive blue accent down the aisle.

For the devout bride, display your faith by commemorating the steadfast love and purity of the Virgin Mary, who was traditionally depicted in resplendent shades of royal blue.
And if none of these notions appeal to you, remember that wearing something blue in a wedding is simply a symbol of fidelity, pure love, and faithfulness. Isn't that impetus enough?

Found this article here:

What was your "something blue?"

Sunday, May 13, 2007


My fiance is graduating tomorrow from business school. He will receive his MBA tomorrow and I am so proud of him. We are attending graduation activities all weekend and then the actual ceremony is tomorrow morning. Congrats fiance! I love you.

My Work Shower

Here are pics from the shower that the sweet ladies at work threw for me before I retired. =)

Bridesmaid Luncheon---Pretty in Pink

I ended up picking a different one. But, if you are looking for some cute girly invitations. Here is a list of the ones I was debating between. Enjoy! #

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wedding Gifts

If you are already married, what was your favorite wedding gift that you received? If you are not married, what is your favorite wedding gift to give? Do you always buy something off of the bride and groom's registry?

I used to give glass pitchers with the bride's new monogram on it (my roommate was able to get me a deal at the jewelry store she worked at). Now, as a bride, I truly appreciate receiving gifts from my registry. But, I also love the little surprises! Just figured this would be a good topic for today. =)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Table Runners

I'm on a quest to find the perfect celedon green or white with green runners. I need 8, 90 inch runners and 6, 54 inch runners. Does anyone know somewhere that sells long runners or someone that makes them?


I haven't seen rose petals in a hurricane before. I like it. We are trying to find a few simple ideas for a couple of tables that are outside or our reception area. I love this look, with pink rose petals, of course.

Hostess Gift

This monogrammed wine stopper from Williams Sonoma is what I ordered for hostess gifts for the people throwing our wedding day brunch. For $15.00 my Mom and I thought it was a great gift and we could even throw in a bottle of wine!

Mother's Day

Lavender Heated Slippers from Give Simple

Utensil Set from Give Simple

PJs from Give Simple.

Happy Mom shirt from Give Simple.

Turq is offering 15% off for Mother's Day with the code mom 07.

What did you get your Mom?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Monogrammed Bouqet Ribbons

I am having a ribbon monogrammed for my bouquet. I ordered a very nice double sided satin ribbon as large as we can find and a lady at home is monogramming it for me. She is also monogramming some ribbon that we are going to put in the middle of a wreath we are having made. I found these pictures from the Knot of other brides that have done the same thing and wanted to share. I love this idea!

Monday, May 7, 2007

Unemployed and Homeless

Jimmy Buffet in ATLThe Mullet Toss!
My invitations are out!
Daisy loving boatrides and the beach!

Hey everyone. Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been enjoying being unemployed and homeless! After I closed on my house I went to my fiances for a week break. We enjoyed a great Jimmy Buffett concert and finished planning our honeymoon. I then drove to my parent's beach house and went with my brother and sister and a bunch of their friends to Widespread Panic here and the world famous Mullet Toss here. We had a great time!

Last week I was in wedding boot camp with my Mom. We finalized my cake (more details later). We stamped and sealed all the invitations and inserted all 275 response cards. We mailed them out on Thursday and it felt great! I worked on the program text and picked readings and music. My sister and I sent out my bachlorette party invitations. I met with my wedding coordinator and discussed the table decor and set up for the reception. We ordered all the ribbon I needed for everything and we ordered all the other paper products. I got my dress back from the dry cleaners and I set up my bridal portraits. My engagement annoucement was in the paper in my parent's hometown and my fiance's hometown. A few wedding presents have started trickling in and I'm trying to keep up with thank you notes. Everything is coming together! This week I need to work on the out of town weekend programs. Anyone have any good ideas for these?

Thursday night/Friday morning I also experienced one of the scariest moments of my life. My fiance finished his last final for MBA school this past Thursday night. He and his friends went out to the bars in Virginia Highlands in Atlanta. His apartment is within walking distance the bars and we often just walk home. He and his friend were walking home around 1:30am and a car pulled out of an alleyway. A guy jumped out of the car in front of my fiance with a shotgun and told him to give him all of his stuff. My fiance handed over his wallet (with just $40.00 in it). The man patted him down and also made him give over his keys (car and apartment) and cell phone (that he had just purchased that day). The good news is that he is safe and they caught one of the guys (he was just 21 years old), found the car and recovered the shotgun. The bad news, well, I guess that is pretty obvious. Excuse my language, but it scared the SHIT out of me and I know it scared him as well. It was a reminder that even in the safest of areas bad things can happen. Things like this happen everyday and night all over the world, but when the gun is held to someone you love it brings a new reality to the bad in the world. This experience was a reminder that I am so in love with this man that it made me sick to my stomach when I received the call at 3:30am telling me what happened. The thoughts of what could have happened to him are so overwhelming that I have tried to erase it from memory. Remember to hug someone you love today and tell them how much you love them.

I'll be back later with some lighter subjects and more updates on the wedding....less than two months until our big day! I hope you have a wonderful Monday.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Your Baby Gift Ideas

Travel in Style with Too Cute Baby Gift's Personalized Bath Set.

Baby Gift bag from The Land of Nod.

Diaper Bag set from The Palm Gift.

This child's apron from Girly Twirly is a great gift that will be well appreciated later on.
This monogrammed chalkboard placemat from Girly Twirly looks like too much fun!

I love these monogrammed sippy cups from Girly Twirly.

Reader Melissa said, "Here are a few more ideas once you know what the baby's full name is. I would recommend waiting until the baby's full name is confirmed...I know a few mom's that changed their minds once the baby was born...also, sometimes a Dr will think it's a girl & when it arrives... surprise, it's a boy! That's the 1st lesson of more's like the opposite of planning a wedding. :) Anyway, I just bought my kids Polo monogrammed hats. They are super cute. a monogrammed tote (J Crew, LL Bean...) is nice idea too. I used mine a lot when my 2 were babies. Now, when we go away, they each have their own bag (ideal for overnights & car trips)."

Reader Melissa sent the 4 cute pictures above. She said, "I usually stick with practical & traditional baby attire...I'm not a fan of dresses on girls before they can's annoying to stuff a dress into a babyseat & when they crawl, sometimes they catch the dress & end up face planting. Fat lips are no fun! I usually buy 6-9 mo or 9-12 size. People usually have tons for a newborn & not a lot for the 2nd & 3rd waves of baby clothes. Another gift I like to buy but couldn't find a picture of is a wool pea coat from Baby Gap size 2T. My daughter looked so cute in hers & my son wore it when she outgrew it. It worked for Northeast weather (Spring & Fall)."

Reader Amanda said, "I love to give monogrammed panties. I think they're so cute. I usually give a dress pair, white with white, and a fun pair, white with hot pink. They're so cute and they last a long time because they have to be large to fit over a diaper, so the girls can wear them again over their panties when they get a little bigger. I also like to give a moses basket (below) filled with stuff, if you don't know the sex of the baby, you could go with this neutral black toille. This is a great gift to give with others especially if you fill it with stuff.

Reader Amanda also let us know that Babies R Us sells pacifiers that you can personalize with the baby's name. She said, "the clips are nice could just do a last initial on this and a neutral ribbon."

Reader Amanda thinks that for little boys, monogrammed burp clothes or bibs are also cute.

Reader Donna said,

I am a huge fan of giving things that are personalized. I especially love sweaters with initials on them:

Another cute thing I saw were hand painted baby shoes.

Other Tips from readers about Baby Gifts:
*I also love smocked clothing. You can find really nice stuff at children's boutiques when it's off season for great prices.
*Instead of a card, I like to give a book with a message inside.
Your Favorite Baby Gift Websites: (most of these are compliments of Reader KLynn)

Strasbourg Children
The Land of Nod

Baby Questions:

Reader KLynn asked, "Does anyone know where to find a good baby boy christening gift idea?

Thanks everyone for all of the great suggestions. I hope this post will help out some of you looking for that perfect baby gift! Happy Shopping!

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