Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary To My A!

As honor of our one year anniversary on June 30th here are some more of our wedding pictures taken by Courtland Williams. Please do not copy the pictures without permission. You can email me at For more pictures of our wedding that I have previously posted, go to the "wedding" label or "wedding outfts", or "wedding accessories."


Friday, June 27, 2008

Vacation Notice and Happy Anniversary

We're leaving on our vacation tomorrow!! 9 DAYS and 8 NIGHTS at the beach!! I am so freaking excited. This is our first vacation since Christmas and we deserve it! As you know we were originally going to the DR, but we recently had to cancel due to a variety of circumstances (husband's job, we're looking to move, needed to save the $$, etc, etc, etc). But, we now are staying the entire time at my parent's beach house...for FREE! =) We also will have more of a chance to see family and friends. I get to see my friend A and meet baby Scarlett, see my friend S and her new man, see our good couple friend S and L (we just found out S is expecting Jan 31st!), see our honorary ring bearer and his wife, see my old roommate L, and so many more! I am getting excited just writing about it. My parents will join us on Wed and A's parents are joining us on Thursday. A 4th of July with both sets! We're very lucky to get to spend this special time with them. We booked skymiles tickets down there and lucked out with first class on the way there. Just put me on that plane asap! This white Southern Yankee needs a little color!

Monday is a very special day for us--it is our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! It is so hard to believe it has already been a year---but at the same time so much has happened and we've had tons of ups and downs so it kinda seems longer than a year. It's almost our one year anniversary of living in the city. Our cake is at my parent's house so we'll get to eat it for our anniversary! I can't wait to see how it tastes. We are giving each other a present--a trip to Atlanta to see the Alabama vs. Clemson (tickets=paper) game for Labor Day weekend and we are moving into a bigger apartment! We've been looking for over a month and we've seen about 25 apartments. Most were out of our budget (did you know 2 bedroom apartments on the Upper East side average about $3400-$4500---1 bedrooms average about $2500-$3300--yeah that is to RENT--and it sucks!). Anyways--we most likely (fingers crossed) are going to move into our friend M&A's Junior 4 apartment (A is the one that just had the baby). They are moving back South and we are moving into their darling apartment should everything go accordingly. Please say a prayer for us that it does.

So that's the update. I'm off to bask in the Southern sun and fill myself up with good seafood, southern dishes, and lots of love from family and friends!

I probably won't be posting next week, but do check back on Monday for some special--never seen before wedding pictures that I'll post. Have a great 4th of July everyone!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kitchen and Linen Shower Invitations

My friend L is getting married in November and we are throwing her a Kitchen and Linen shower in August. I'm in charge of invites! Yeah! Here are a few that I've found that I like. I don't have the guest list yet, but I'm guessing it will be between around 30-40 invitations. The brides colors are a moss green and gold. She's not really the pink and green preppy type so I've stayed away (kinda) from those type of invitations. Well, except the first one--I'm in love. Have you seen any invites that would work well? I would love to see them!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MMM Mailbag

From Reader C:
I am getting married in one month (july 19th) and I am desperately searching the Internet for reasonably prices silver/pewter goblets/glasses for Brendan and I to drink out of during our reception. I'd like something thats about 8 inches tall. Could you post on your blog to see if anyone has any suggestions? Or do you have any ideas? I don't just want to drink out of the wine glasses that night as they aren't pretty.

Answer from MMM:
Hi C! I used Salisbary Pewter monogrammed water goblets (they were bigger) for my husband and I at our wedding. They were given to us as a wedding gift. I've checked out the internet and you can also find them here and here and here. Readers feel free to comment with other suggestions.

From Reader S:
Will you ask your blog world for ideas for a co-ed shower at a wine bar, not stock the bar, besides his and hers, around the house, the usual. Or if you know of any ideas, let me know! The bride is also having an around the house co-ed, and a kitchen & linen girls' shower I think His and Hers sounds a little funny for that venue, and misc. is so plain... any more ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Answer from MMM:
What about an "Entertaining shower." Readers--do you have any other ideas?

Questions and Answers from Reader A:
Hi there! This may seem odd...I don't even know your name and I'm emailing you like I've known you forever. I randomly found your blog when searching for wedding flowers --- and I've determined that we must be sisters separated at birth. Okay, so the chances of that are VERY unlikely...but I swear that we're just alike. I'm obsessed with everything preppy and girly: grosgrain ribbon, madras plaid, Lilly dresses, Vineyard Vines flip flops and belts, pearls and lace, I could go on forever... and from what I've gathered - you are too! I'm also currently planning a pink and green wedding for July 19th. I can hardly believe it's only 4 weeks away now, but I've found your blog to be MORE than helpful! I'm emailing you because I'd like to see even more pictures of your big day and to ask your advice/suggestions/help with some things. Forgive me for bombarding you with questions...

1. What did you put in your out-of-town gift bags? Here's the post all about them.

2. Could you send me your brochure that you made? I'd love to have a starting point for mine...

I will try to dig it up again--but not sure where it is!! It's been a year now!! =)

3. Did you end up ordering sparklers? If so, from where? (Do you recommend them?)

I got the cheapest I could find---Phantom fireworks and they worked just fine.

4. I saw that you ordered stickers with your monogram on them, but I cannot find it again in your blog. It's hard to go back and figure out where you read something! But...could you send me the link for that, too?

My monogram was created by I Do Originals and a local company printed my stickers. If you go to the label "weddings" it has every post I ever did about weddings.

5. What gifts did you give? (to groomsmen, parents, flower girl and ring bearer)

My mother in law did monogrammed silver ice scoops for the groomsmen (not my idea! but I had to pick my battles). I gave my MIL a LL Bean bag like my bmaids and a handkerchief. I gave my mom a handkerchief and later gave my parents and A's parents a Kodak Wedding Album that I put together (the legacy album complete with captions), I did monogrammed LL Bean Bags for flower girls and bell ringer filled with dollar store goodies, pearl necklace/bracelet sets for the girls.

6. Did you make your own programs or have them printed? I had them printed at a local store.

Thank you so much for your help!


Question from Reader K:
Hi, MMM! I am an avid blog reader...I am engaged to be married in September and love all of your details! I also have a fun dog who is my child, and I live in the South!

Am writing for some help--what did you get your bridesmaids? I have been in a number of weddings and while each gift I received was fun, I am looking for something unique and not so "done". Thoughts, suggestions? I have just loved all of your wedding details/posts thus far and I thought I might write for help.

I have 6 girls in the wedding...we are all meeting in Charleston in July for my bachelorette party and I have gotten them monogrammed beach towels for that. I would like to buy them their shoes for the wedding, some gold flip flops for the reception, and possibly their earrings. But I am struggling how to tie it all together. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! I want to get them something they'll remember, but not necessarily another LLBean tote (as I've received 3!)

Answer from MMM:
Well, K--I gave my bridesmaids handmade earrings (pearl drops with little green crystals that matched their dresses), Pink Flip Flops from Old Navy and pink monogrammed LL Bean totes! =) Ha, Ha.

See them here:

and here:

and here:

Readers--got any new ideas for bridesmaid gifts or a gift that you really enjoyed.

Question from Reader S:
I love your blog. I have my monogram and I was just reading about what you did with the labels. Did you just take the monogram to a print store and have they had labels in stock? Sorry - I am a little confused about how to do this. Thanks!!

Answer from MMM:
Hi S,
I sent the jpeg to a print shop and they did them there (they had them in stock). But, you could buy the labels and do them yourself if you had a good color printer. Good luck!!

Do you have any other questions for me? Leave them in the comments section or send me an email to and I would be glad to help you out if I can! A special congrats to all the summer brides that are readers!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Spotlight Store--The Merry Martini

One of my new favorite preppy stores is The Merry Martini. They have been kind enough to offer MMM readers a 15% discount through July 31st with the code MAGNOLIA.

Click here to read their cute blog.

Here are some of my favorite finds from their store:

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Bronx Zoo

Also during the Memorial Day weekend we took a trip to the Bronx Zoo. We had a great time even though it was VERY crowded. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

Momma came to say hello to me! I would put my hand up on the glass and she would put hers palm to palm with mine against the glass. It was the sweetest thing.

A baby!
The new monorail.
Roll Tide!

The Butterfly Garden

Sea lions!

This gorilla was picking his nose---then he would eat it. The crowd could not quit laughing.

Summer days for the bear. He looks like he's relaxing in a hot tub!
Scratching his back on the limb

Pacing the cage
A little warm for this polar bear!

Tiger coming straight towards me!

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