Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day Giveaway!

To show my love for you today...I want to hear about how you want to show your love for someone else! See this picture of the cute monogrammed mouse pad from Preppy Monogrammed Gifts...well we are giving one away...for you to give away. Valentine's Day for me is about TELLING everyone that you love how special they are. So, all you have to do it write a comment and tell me which monogrammed mouse pad you would pick (there are tons of cute fabrics here) and tell me who you would give it to and why. We will pick a winner on Saturday! Thanks Deana for letting me have so much fun with this and thanks readers for reading, commenting and being a part of my life! Happy Valentine's Day to each of you. I hope you have a wonderful day today and you give and receive lots of love.

PS. If you were wondering my Preppy Monogrammed Gifts show has been extended if you still want to order this mouse pad for yourself! Just enter MMM as your hostess. They just added these precious monogrammed Easter baskets for your little ones. Not to jump right into the next holiday or anything but Easter is only about six weeks away so get your order in soon. Your little ones will love these baskets. Am I too old to have my own pink one? Hmm..

This is what I made my sweet coworkers for their little treat today! Another coworker just made me a diploma for the best valentine's cook! It's so cute! She's from Romania and it acutally said best valetine's day cooker! =)

I'll give you an update tomorrow on my Valentine's day with my husband! He sent me flowers last week when I was having a tough time, so I told him no more today. He showed up last night with a huge bouquet. So sweet. We're going to a fabulous dinner tonight and I can't wait! More tomorrow!

Housekeeping note: If you received an invite to view my blog and you are already signed up, please let me know ( I think some invitations went into people's spam boxes and I want to try to follow up with people. There are still quite a few invitations that have not been accepted. Oh and sorry if you got an error message...good ole blogger doesn't always behave! Thanks for everyone that have emailed me other people. I promise we won't stay private forever! =)

A YEAR AGO TODAY here's what I was up to.


Seige said...

Hey MMM,
I would like to win this mouse pad to give to my good friend Caleigh. I would choose the "Taylor" fabric and have it monogrammed with her initials...CWP (P is the last name) Anyway, Caleigh is an awesome loyal friend and I would love to make her day. She recently had twin boys (which is why i picked a pretty blue fabric) and has had a hard time returning to work and leaving them so I thought this pretty mouse pad would help brighten her day at work. Please pick Caleigh!!
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Lauren said...

If I were to win this mouse pad, I would give it to my little sister Adelaide. She is a freshman in college this year and spends a lot of time on her computer. She had a hard time in high school because my mom had an ocular melanoma, she had thyroid cancer, and her boyfriend passed away in an accident. I am so proud of her because she handled herself with such grace and maturity. College has been a fresh start for her and she is finally able to enjoy being a normal teenager. It has truly been a celebration for our family to watch her move forward. I would choose the spring fling Lilly pattern to match a Lilly dress she has. She loves Lilly and this mouse pad would make her smile! I am so proud of my little sister and learned so much by watching her cope with these things. Happy Valentine's Day!

Hanna said...

I would give the mousepad with the fabric Burlington to my friend Tana. She works a million hours a week at a job she hates and does it all with a smile. I would love to give her something to look at as she's sitting at her desk that would show her that she has people who care about her and that it'll all get better. She's a one in a million friend and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

suburban prep said...

Happy Valentine's Day.
The mousepad fabric I'd pick would the Palm Green Lilly. It would go to my sister, Moira. She has been through a lot in the past 8 yrs (cancer, moving, the loss of two children, being hit by a car). She has now moved away from where our parents and some of the rest of the family lives (in the Chicago area). Her life is beginning to get back on track with her husband and her adopted 4 yr old little girl.

susan said...

I would love to win the mousepad. I would give it to my best friend, who just got engaged last week! I'm so excited for her and know she would love to start her collection of new monogrammed items with her married name on them! I would choose the warren design with a red monogram, as brown and orange/red are her wedding colors!

SnappyCasualGifts said...

I would pick the wilson green fabric with a monogram in black thread. I would give it to my mom to encourage her to use her computer more :)

Amelia said...

What adorable treats you made for your co-workers! How "sweet" of you to make them little goodies!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Duchess said...

I got the invite and thank you very much.
Oh if I won the mouse pad I would give it to my bestest friend Tina. She is going through a rough time at work and home. It would brighten her cubicle and hopefully remind her that she is loved. All of the fabric choices are beautful so you could pick and her initials are TCP:-)

magnoliabelle said...

I'm invited and logged in...Also wanted to see if you could send an invite to, please:)

Thanks for the email back...I'm going to place my order tomorrow!

Happy weekend!!

sas said...

I love this! If I win the mousepad, I will give it to my mom. I would choose the "Burlington" fabric and monogram it in red. My mom loves to surf the internet and also is on the computer constantly for work. My mom is so good to me. She brings me food when I am sick, calls daily to check up on me. I love her so much!

Leslee said...

I would choose the "joy Pink" (and if it could be reversible the other side would be be 'Flip Flops') for my daughter since this is 'her year' with her wedding set for July 12th..of course it is a pink and green theme (how original) and gifting her with her own special mouse pad would definitely be a fond reminder of all that she has done to get to this special and magical time in her life as well as her whole family's and new family-to-be! From one prepster to another!

Anonymous said...

I would choose "Jackson" for my cousin's wife. They have been married for 1 1/2 years and she has been going through alot this week bc her husband had heart failure on Monday after being hospitalized with pneumonia. It broke my heart for her to spend Valentine's Day in the ICU with him & he couldn't even talk to her. They are in their late and mid 20's.

Southern Fried Girl said...

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