Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Perfect Cake Quest Part 2

I'm meeting with our cake lady next week to finalize the look of our cake. Here are some pictures I've collected throughout my cake search. I blogged about it earlier here :
Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan: The Perfect Cake Quest

I love the beautiful pink color of this one, but I prefer more flowers!

Love the cute designs in pink of this one, but think my theme calls for a more elegant cake. This one would be good for my "other wedding" as my wedding coordinator calls all my fun and funky ideas that don't fit in my "Southern Elegance" theme.

Loving the ribbon on this one, but again. I think it would be better for my "other wedding."

Loving this one...but with some hints of pink maybe? The monogram makes me nervous after seeing some really messed up monograms on people's cakes.

I love the ribbon under this cake. Cute idea!

Really, really liking this cake. In pink maybe?

This is still more what I'm going for. But, I don't want mine to look so top heavy.
I'm thinking this is the right color and the right amount of hydragenas. I wish I could see the rest of the cake!!

This one is just pretty, not really any of the elements I'm going to use. But, it is very simple and elegant.

Too much space with the hydragenas.

I keep picking cakes with dots....

In pinks somehow. The hydragena looks pretty good in this one.

Looks like someone tried to do Martha's cake that I posted earlier and it didn't work.

Too simple for me.

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Melissa said...

I need to figure out if I can get a picture of my cake and email it to you. Its a lot like that 4th one down except its got a lot of pink mixed in.

I really like the one that has all the ribbons under it on the table. Very cute.

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