Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One of those days...

It's rainy outside today and is just gloomy. As I listen to them read the names of everyone that died on September 11th the weather seems fitting for the mood. I feel different today as I am in the city and somewhat closer to the pain. Six years later and my eyes still fill with tears just thinking about this day. I hugged my husband a few extra times this morning. I hope that you all do the same with your family and loved ones. Life can be very short and you never know...I saw and felt that first hand yesterday.

I witnessed the aftermath of a shooting yesterday. I heard the shots fired, saw the victim and actually made a 911 call. I don't want to say too many more details, but it scared me to death and it was a very, very, very bad experience for this recent city addition. I'm still very shaken up and I didn't sleep much last night. It's one of those things that you pray to God you'll never be a part of and it was a major realization to me to keep my guard up here in this large city. I know this could have happen anywhere, but it doesn't make the goose bumps on my arm get any better.

In better news, I'm heading back to work today. It has been almost 5 months since my last day of work and I'm SO READY! I think my new job is going to be a great opportunity for me and I hope it will bring me a lot of great experience. I'm not sure how much time I'll have during the day to blog, so you might have to get used to some evening posts, but I promise I will still be a regular writer.

Sorry for the gloomy post, but it made me feel better to share this with you. In closing, please hug your loved ones and say a special prayer today for the families of everyone that lost someone on September 11, 2001.


Maria said...

That was a lovely post - yet very sad concerning the shooting.

As for me, I still get teary eyed as well - and today that was me just reading the NY Times and what the events were today. The slideshow concerning the "Here is New York" exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York was really arresting. It was all the more heart wrenching for me I think this year since I am still in Japan and I still feel the effects of that day - I saw the smoke from the towers outside my high school window, since it my high school overlooked the East River on the Queens side.

Maria said...

ps. Good luck on the new job!!!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

So scary! I can't even imagine. I hope you can find some peace with it as you're right, it could have happened anywhere. Although, that doesn't really help much as it still happened.

I still get emotional too! I lived out east when it happened and knew many people who lost loved ones, so so sad.

Good luck with the new job!

Southern Sugar said...

So sorry about that happening to you. It ususally stays with you for awhile when something like that happens. I hope you don't stress about it too much. Enjoy your first day back to work! Hopefully it will help take your mind off of it. And yes, today is a day that makes you want to hang on to your loved ones a little longer and a little tighter. I have family flying today so it has been really close to my heart. Hope your day is wonderful.

Buford Betty said...

How scary!!! I'm so glad you're OK and that you were able to call the police. I'm not sure I could've made my fingers dial as my fingers can never dial numbers on my cell phone in nightmares. And that sounds like a nightmare!

Best of luck with the new job though!!

Libby said...

MMM I hope you are holding up alright, that must have been *very* scary. I hope the new job brings you a little distraction and a lot of cheer. :)

Anonymous said...

I live in Chicago now but am a native NY'er...we moved here a few years ago for my husband's business...NYC is my home town & I love it to pieces...we have a home there & in Bridgehampton. It sounds like you had a very scary experience.
As for my 9/11 experience, we were surfing that AM in Long Beach & were stuck in traffic trying to get back into Chambers St..I was very lucky I didn't make it back in time.

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