Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Birthday Wish List

My birthday is tomorrow and I put together the ultimate dream list of the 27 things I've got my eye on in honor of my 27th! So, don't hesitate. Pick something out and send it my way! =) Ha, Ha! It is so fun to wish ...I hope you enjoy my list as much as I enjoy dreaming about it. Happy Birthday to Me!

I'm still young at heart and I want to see Broadway's version of one of my favorites!

Loving these Jcrew flats...I don't think this NYC girl can have enough!

This fabulous fall jacket in Roll Tide Crimson from Jcrew.

This is on my list for when I turn 30...but I'm going to start dreaming about it this year.

African Safari

Vineyard Vines Polos, any color is fine...thanks.

Vineyard Vines Flip flops...I'm loving these!

Vineyard Vines Sweaters

Tory Burch flats

A few more pairs of Hanky Panky low rise thongs. I have two pairs and I LOVE them!

Birthday Cupcakes from Crumbs.

A commissioned piece of art from her, one of my very best friends!

A piece of art from her, especially one of these Mardi Gras prints!

Tickets to see my favorite at my new hometown concert location...Madison Square Gardens!

A day here please. Really any spa will do, I'm not picky.

Burberry Trench...this is a wish list people... I know it's not in the budget right now...but I sure would smile a little more when it started raining if I got to put this beauty on every time!

My subscription lapsed and I'm dying here. I need a renewal!

Tiffany's cushion drop earrings....what I told you it was the dream list? It's my birthday and I can dream if I want to!

Crane Calling cards with our names!!

Three Designing Woman Address Stamp from The Paper Cafe with our new address (and my new name)

I've had my eye on this for awhile! I love it!

For dressing up the look (just a tad) and keeping the comfort in the city!
Havaianas Slim Flip Flops in Beige/Gold

My Costa's aren't cutting it in the city. I need (I mean want) some of these...

These are my favorite and I'm all out.


hqm said...

Happy Birthday! I hope some of your birthday wishes come true!

Preppy Napkin said...

I love you list. Happy b-d. I hope you get all of this and more.

Anonymous said...

Cute picks. I love my Tory's. Sure you will too.

Ladybug said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have a wonderful day!

Great list!!! I hope you get some of these wonderful things.

Mrs. STL Sarah said...

Happy Birthday! I have those Havaianas and I love them...

Emily said...

Happy Birthday & I love the red coat... Im a Bama fan too! ROLL TIDE!

A Southern Yankee in Manhattan said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great one.

Farrell & Lauren said...

I met one of the producers of Legally Blonde last weekend and she says it is fantastic (well, of course she would say that!). But anyway, you should definitely go see it! From your picks it sounds like you are settling into the city nicely!

Farrell & Lauren said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday of course! Love the leos.

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Happy Birthday! Great list! I hope you get as many as possible! :)

Sarah M said...

Happy birthday!! That is exactly what my list would look like. Good picks!

susan said...

Happy Birthday!

K said...

Love it! I just got the TDW stamp and the Gardenia perfume last month - excellent picks!

MBH said...

Happy Birthday! Love your blog!

sle said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day!

P in VT said...

Happy Birthday!

Maria said...

happy birthday!hope you got what you wanted, great list!

as for the tory burch flats - head up over to woodbury commons, the outlet center in upstate ny (exit 16 on the NY State Thruway) - there is a Tory Burch outlet and I just got my pair for $30 cheaper (and the tax is around 4% as opposed to 8% in NYC) - they have chocolate bown, plum, mustard yellow and lime green (and toehr types of shoes too but the reva's are the best).

i got mine in chocolate brown and it will make you swear off jcrew flats for good they are SO comfortable!

ps. they also have the only kate spade outlet in the country there too in case you're interested ;-) there are 236 stores there!

Maria said...

pps. There are Burberry trenches by the dozen at the outlets too! (I want one myself, and my mom went nuts at the price, but a girl can dream in British Khaki, no?)

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you get everythign on your list.

(Hanky Pankies are the BEST!)

rebekka said...

lovvvvvvve your little blog!

MMM said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

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