Monday, August 31, 2009

Lilly Pulitzer Fashion Night Out September 10, 2009

Would anyone like to join me at this fab event? Click the picture to make it larger and for more details!

Have You Entered Birthday Giveaway #5?

Click here to win a set of custom monogrammed burp cloths or a monogrammed tote from Emma's Closet.

Doodle Bugs Stationery Show-Waterproof Stickers

These waterproof stickers are perfect for bottles and sippy cups. Having recently gone on a weekend trip with 6 other babies, I know I need to invest in these before my next trip. If your child is going to start nursery school, daycare, or even for these are perfect. All of the stickers are microwave and dishwasher safe.

During my Doodle Bugs Stationery Show you can get 18 large square labels for $10.80 or 30 small rectangle stickers for $6.30. That's a price you can't beat! Just use code MMM at checkoutto get your 10% off! You have until September 13th to use the code.

Pick some up for your little one or add them to a baby or shower gift for a friend. Click here for large square labels and here for small rectangle stickers.

Birthday Giveaway #4 Winner-Coyne and Pinckney Stationery

Thank you Coyne and Pinckney for this wonderful stationery giveaway. Thank you readers for your great participation. Stationery is always a hit with you gals! The winner of the stationery set of their choice is.....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-31 14:02:00 UTC

Congrats AEO from Up North Preppy! Contact me at magnoliasmarriageandmanhattan@gmail dot com and I'll get you set up. Thanks again to everyone who entered.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doodle Bugs Paper Show

I'm hosting a Doodle Bugs Paper Show this week. Take advantage of this show and get 10% off of your order with code MMM. Just enter the code when you check out to get your discount. Click here to start shopping! You may remember I did it last year. Here are a few of my posts from last year.

I have long been a fan of Doodle Bugs. Baby J used these cards for some of his thank you notes.

If you are expecting I can promise you that you will need quite a collection of baby stationery to write all of your thank you notes. People are so generous and you'll want to thank each and every one of them. To see more precious baby items, click here.

I ordered these kitchen stickers last year. They are great to stick on the top of a casserole you did for a friend who had a baby or a batch of cookies for a sick neighbor. To see more kitchen items, click here.

Aren't these Halloween cards and stickers cute? For more options, click here.

Hope y'all have fun shopping! Enjoy your 10% discount with my code MMM!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Birthday Month Giveaway #5-Emma's Closet

Hello friends! I've missed you. I'm sorry I've been so MIA. Our trip to the beach with my KD pledge sisters and their babies was wonderful. I spent another week with my parents and had a great time. We just returned on Thursday evening and I'm busy catching up. Baby J came down with a little cold, so all catching up has been put on hold until I can get him well. We went to the doc yesterday and he is going to be fine. I'm a little stressed out at how far behind I am with life, but so goes life with a baby and I wouldn't change it for a thing. Did y'all know he is SEVEN months old now? Wow! I'm uploading pictures like mad to keep my in-laws happy and I'll do my best to catch up on my blog this week and perhaps even share a pic of how freaking cute he is. My bday month giveaways might just go on all year at this rate. =) Not a bad thing for my sweet readers.

So...on a catching up note...I'm also going to draw tomorrow for Birthday Month Giveaway #4, so you have less than 24 hours to enter if you haven't done so. stationery from Coyne and Pinckney! Enter here.

And here is #5....


Emma’s Closet

Emory from Emma's Closet is the next generous vendor participating in my birthday giveaway month. She is giving away either a set of three custom burp rags or an embroidered tote bag. Your choice!

I wrote about her fabulous custom burp rags here. And, just so you know they are still holding up so well and I get comments on them anytime someone seems them. They are so cute! Here are some others she has done.

Here are some of the totes she has done.


Be sure to check out her kids and baby football options here. She can do almost any team for you!

How about a monogrammed snuggie?

Oh yeah, you wanted something for free. Well here are the rules per Emory. Nice and easy! Good luck I will draw a winner on Friday.


1. Just leave a comment here!

FOR ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (each entry should be a separate comment on this post):

1) Post this contest on your blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so
2) Send a tweet out about this contest and leave a comment letting me know you did so
3) Become a Follower or let me know you are already a follower in a separate comment
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Recap

As most of you know, yesterday was my 29th birthday! My bday was perfect. A bottle of Cakebread arrived for me before A got home so that I could start the weekend off right! Right after midnight, A gave me Baby J's card and gift for me. A told me that Baby J put a saddle on Daisy and rode the subway in search of the perfect new set of pearl studs for his Mommy. Ha, ha! This was a very appropriate gift since Baby J has almost ripped out my other pearls on numerous occasions. I love them and hopefully I won't lose this pair.

I woke up and fed baby J, and then A let me go back to sleep. When I woke up the 2nd time, the baby was being fed breakfast next to a large arrangement of pink roses and hydrangeas. Oh and there was a box from Saks and it has this little Burberry beauty in it. Hello lovely! I've been lusting after your pretty little plaid lining for quite some time now.

I enjoyed my favorite iced skinny vanilla latte and a yummy lemon blueberry muffin from Two Little Hens. The muffin indicated that I had even more to be excited about since they are famous for their red velvet cakes! It was so delicious. I had a slice for breakfast this morning. Yes, I did.

A and Baby J and I went to my favorite gourmet deli and grabbed some yummy sandwiches. We went for a picnic in Central park and it was so much fun (but rather warm!) After lunch, I got some Mommy time. I had a mani/pedi, got my eyebrows waxed and even splurged on a 10 minute shoulder massage. DIVINE!

One of A's friends from high school babysat for us and we went to The House for dinner. It was divine! We really enjoyed being out without the baby and it was a delicious dinner. I highly recommend it if you are in the area.

My bday really was a great day filled with sweet tweets from y'all and phone calls and emails from my friends and family. My parents gave me a haircut and facial here for when I go home. My brother and sister got me the magic bullet. I plan do do a lot in 10 seconds or less! I've been talking about wanting one of these for awhile now so I'm so freaking excited!! It's good to be 29. I think I'll be 29 forever.

I leave on Tuesday with Baby J to go back South for 10 days. My KD pledge class from college is having our annual beach reunion. There are 8 of us going to my parent's beach house for the weekend. There will also be 6 kids...under the age of 1.5 years old. It is going to be CRAZY! I'm praying the tropical storms in the Gulf do not mess with our fun.

Stay tuned for more birthday month giveaways! Have you signed up for Coyne and Pinckney's stationery giveaway? Click here to do so, they have such cute stuff. I'll draw for this one before I leave for the beach.

Birthday Giveaway #3 Winner!

The winner of the autographed copy of Reflections of a Southern Magnolia, a book of poems goes to:

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-16 19:23:28 UTC

CONGRATS MISS MONOGRAM!! Please contact me with your information so I can send you your copy.

Thanks everyone else for entering. You can buy your copies of this great book from amazon! Thanks Patricia for introducing us to your beautiful book of poems.

Birthday Giveaway #2-$40.00 Gift Certificate to Dining Rooms Direct

Sorry, I know I said I would draw this on Friday. Blame it on the kid. =)

The $40.00 Gift Certificate to Dining Rooms Direct goes to....

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-16 19:11:21 UTC

Congrats to Cee from Curiosity and thanks to everyone who entered! Be sure to check the sidebar for the other Birthday month giveaways I'm hosting.

Thanks Dining Rooms Direct for this great giveaway. Everyone, make sure you bookmark their site for great dining room furniture options, home accessories, rugs and more.

Friday, August 14, 2009

First Birthday Giveaway Winners-More to Come Today-Hurry to Enter!

Birthday Giveaway #1-On Location Tours Gossip Girl Site Tour in NYC

A Little More About On Location Tours:

Their public tours include the NY TV & Movie Tour, The Sex & the City Hot spots Tour, The Sopranos Sites Tour, The Gossip Girl Sites Tour, and The Central Park Walking Tour of TV & Movie Sites

The Gossip Girl Tour
costs $38.00 per person and runs on Fridays and Sundays at noon. Tours depart from a convenient midtown Manhattan location. Private tours are available at any time. Advance purchase is required, as tours usually sell out. Tickets can be purchased online at or by calling Zerve at (212) 209-3370.

In addition to our giveaway, the fabulous people at On Location Tours have created a special discount code for MMM readers. Just go here and then use the code MMMBLOG and you will receive 10% off any tour.


Congrats to SUNSHINE IN THE CITY! I am so excited you won. You'll have to take puppy Blair Waldorf on the tour! I'll send your info to the wonderful people at On Location Tours so you can get all set up for your tour. Congrats again! Happy Friday!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:


Timestamp: 2009-08-14 14:29:41 UTC

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #4-Coyne and Pinckney Stationery

Have y'all been officially introduced yet to Coyne and Pinckney Stationery? Well, if not I would love to do the honors...

Beautiful custom designs

Perfect for the preppy girl

Anchors away!

I LOVE crabs so this one is so cute! It could work for male or female.

How cute are these? Perfect married stationery with your last name!

Everyone loves a lighthouse.

I love this low country variety pack of their originals!

Is this not the cutest Christmas card?

A Magnolia wreath, quite perfect for my blogger friends!

I love this classic looking thank you note

Baby J said he needs some personalized Daisy stationery

Or, he said he would be okay with some Roll Tide elephant stationery! =)

Still loving the crabs. I have a major thing for crabs. "A" pointed out the other day how many outfits I have bought for Baby J that have crabs on them. They are just so cute to me, not to mention one of my favorite foods! =)

Loving this one

And this one just looks like home.

Love at first sight? Yeah, me too. All of the above are favorites of mine, but I think this one is my absolute favorite. Does it remind you of someone? I can't wait for the day I get to bring Daisy back to the beach.

The wonderful people at Coyne and Pinckney want to share their talents with you, my readers. In honor of my Birthday month, they are offering one Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan reader with the stationery set of their choice (custom or not). Here's what you need to do to win this awesome giveaway.


1. Go to Coyne ane Pinckney and pick your favorite design. Be sure to check out their new children's line and their holiday line.

2. Come back here and post the design that you want.

FOR ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (each entry should be a separate comment on this post):

1) Post this contest on your blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so
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For more info about Coyne and Pickney Stationery, check out their blog here and their website here.

Have you entered my other Birthday Giveaways? You have until Friday to enter those. Click the links below to enter.

Stay tuned for more giveaways...the month isn't over yet!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my wonderful Mom's birthday! I look forward to celebrating with her when I go home next week. My Mom has been a wonderful friend to me and she always has great advice for me concerning Baby J. I just wish we lived closer together so I could take advantage of her babysitting! She is a wonderful Mom to my brother, sister and me. She is a fabulous cook and a master organizer. Mom requested some new stationery for her birthday so she has quite the assortment coming to her from A Touch of Whimsy. Mom, I love you and I can't wait to see you next week. I hope you have a wonderful day and Dad treats you to a nice dinner tonight!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Birthday Giveaway #3-Reflection of a Mississippi Magnolia Book

Baby J is sleeping and I spent the most wonderful evening reading Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia, A Life in Poems from cover to cover. It's a short read, 0nly 87 pages long, but it is full of life. The hum of the city was in my immediate background, but author Patricia Neely-Dorsey transported me back home to the South for just a bit. I could almost hear the crickets and feel the balmy Southern heat as I read poem after poem about my beloved South. Thanks to the internet and a shared love for Magnolias, Patricia found my blog and asked me to check out her first book, a book of poems about her life in the South (Mississippi in particular).

Her poem, "The Rules", is a poem about the rules that every Southern child is taught. I look forward to teaching Baby J his Southern manners. Yes Ma'am, no Ma'am. No thank you, Sir and always say good morning, just to name a few.

There were also a lot of Patricia's poems that shared her stories of a childhood in the country. I loved "Country Doctor," written about her experiences going on house calls with her Dad who sometimes would only be paid with a slab of bacon.

"Boston/Language Barrier," made me laugh out loud as she wrote about her experience going to college and finding that everyone used "different" words. And, "Too Cold For Comfort" spoke straight to my heart being a Southern transplant in a chilly Northern city. I loved all of her poems about the country and country living. Every mention of biscuits made my mouth water as I contemplated hopping on the 6 train to Harlem to search out the nearest soul food restaurant.

There are also more serious poems, such as "Right to Vote," which is about the stories her parents told her about obtaining their right to vote. And, if you are from Mississippi, there is a whole selection of poems just for you! As a Southern girl born and bred, this book of poems was a delightful read. It provided glimpses of the South I know and love and windows into a part of the South I've only heard about.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Patricia's book of poems and I suggest you pick it up. It's available at Amazon for $15.00.

In honor of my birthday month, Patricia so graciously offered to give one copy of her book of poems to a Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan reader. She even signed it for you!


1) All you have to do is leave a one word comment here with something that you love about the South.

FOR ADDITIONAL ENTRIES (each entry should be a separate comment on this post):

1) Post this contest on your blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so
2) Send a tweet out about this contest and leave a comment letting me know you did so
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For a teaser, here is one of my very favorite poems:


If you want a glimpse of Southern life,

Come close and walk with me;

I'll tell you all the simple things,

That you are sure to see.

You'll see mockingbirds and bumblebees,

Magnolia blossoms and dogwood trees,

Caterpillars on the step,

Wooden porches cleanly swept;

Watermelons on the vine,

Strong majestic Georgia pines;

Rocking chairs and front yard swings,

Junebugs flying on a string;

Turnip greens and hot cornbread,

Coleslaw and barbecue;

Fried okra, fried corn, fried green tomatoes,

Fried pies and pickles too.

There's ice cold tea that's syrupy sweet,

And cool, green grass beneath your feet;

Catfish nipping in the lake,

And fresh young boys on the make.

You'll see all these things

And much, much more,

In a way of life that I adore.

Copyright 2008 Patricia Neely-Dorsey
from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life In Poems

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pray, Pray, Pray

Please say a prayer tonight for Katie. She is 16 years old and goes to the high school where I graduated from. I don't know her personally, but being from a small town, I know a lot of people who do. Katie has a severe lung infection and has been on ECMO and dialysis while the doctors try to stop the infection. Please keep her in your prayers tonight.

Here is her Caring Bridge website:

Birthday Giveaway #2-Dining Rooms Direct

If you have been following my twitter updates you know that we are apartment hunting again! Our lease is up the end of this month and it is time to move on up to the big time...a two bedroom apartment. Yeah! Since my child currently lives in what is basically the kitchen, we have made it as long as we can. Our application is in and we should hear something back today. Please keep your fingers crossed. We have looked at several (read about 100) apartments and this one is actually the same price that we are paying now! Go figure. Where was it last year this time? Rent prices in the city are down about 10-30% from what we have found in our search. Since we are "saving" money, A has promised me some new furniture and new rugs. I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing the Dining Room Furniture at Dining Rooms Direct, the host of my next birthday giveaway. They have several things I have my eye on, such as:

Living Room Rug Options:

New Nursery Options:

Someday we'll be back in the South and I'll have my front porch again so I can buy a few of these. I love them.

Did you know that Dining Rooms Direct has more than just dining room furniture? They have several different furniture collections. My personal favorite is the Coastal Living Collection by Stanley:

Ok, so what can you win? The nice folks at Dining Rooms Direct are giving one lucky Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan reader a $40.00 gift certificate for anything on their site. You could reduce the cost of something you have your eye on, or you might be able to find a fun home accessory.

If I had $40.00 to spend, I would probably buy these:

By now, I think you know the drill with my giveaways. If you don't, you better learn because it's just the first week of August and I have lots more coming your way. (BTW, you still have time to sign up for the Gossip Girl Site Tour, click here for details.)


1. Go to Dining Rooms Direct and let me know what your favorite thing is or what you would spend your $40.00 on.
2. Come back here and post the link or let me know what it is.

For Additional Entries (each entry should be a separate comment on this post):

1) Post this contest on your blog and leave a comment letting me know you did so
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