Sunday, March 25, 2007

Roll With It!

I'm thankful today for learning a lesson about this whole wedding process before it was too late. Something is going to go wrong and you've just got to put your chin up and roll with it otherwise you are going to miss out on some amazing moments that will be mixed in with the mayhem. A few things went wrong this weekend and I know that many more things will go wrong in the next three months and the only way to enjoy the things that go right is to roll with it!

My Dad got a very bad stomach bug and was unable to come to my engagement party. I was pretty sad, but very thankful that my Mom, sister, and brother were still going to be able to make it. Forty-five minutes before the party was to begin, my Mom, who had driven 4 hours to be here for me, also got the stomach bug. We were supposed to go over at my future in-laws home for a drink before the party began, so I had to call them and let them know my sweet (and mortified) Mother was actually on the toilet and was going to need to skip the pre-drink invitation. At her request, we gave Mom a few pills to try to help so that she could go to the party for a little bit. I turned around only a few minutes after arriving at the party and she had disappeared. Knowing where to look, my sister and I found her in the hostess' bathroom hugging the toilet. I felt so awful for her! We discreetly tried to quickly get her out of the party and my brother offered to take her back to the hotel. As she walked down the driveway, she managed to say through tears she was so sorry to be missing this important evening and could I please tell my fiance's family and friends (they were the ones throwing this particular party) that I was not an orphan and I had parents that loved me very much. I felt awful for her and so helpless. Standing at the top of the driveway with my fiance with tears in my eyes, I knew I had to go back inside and smile. I took a few deep breaths so I wouldn't cry and went and told my fiances parents and a few of the hosts that my Mom was not going to be able to stay. I downed a margarita and began my first task of being "the bride." In the next hour, I was introduced to about 80 of my fiances parent's closet friends (yes, thank goodness for the margarita).

I managed to have a good time despite the earlier circumstances. My Plenty dress that Mrs. P picked out was a hit and I felt great. A few of my dear friends were able to make it to the party despite the calendar overload that spring wedding season brings. It felt good to look around at all of these people that took the time out of their schedules to come celebrate my fiance and I's upcoming marriage.

At the door the cute guys above welcomed guests and they were asked to sign a photo mat with our invitation in the center. We ate quesadillas, fajitas, and great cheese dip and the flowers and decor were wonderful! Sunflowers and bright colored ribbon hung from a chandelier, while buckets of coronas and pitchers of margaritas satisfied the thirst created by the almost summer like evening. I was presented with a festive bouquet with a bright pink ribbon and they also made red huggies with my fiance and I's name on them. The thought and love that went into creating this party for us is what I will remember most about last night. The night went so quickly and I'm glad I have a few pictures to remember the better moments of the party. =) As one guest told me, "at least your parent's aren't sick on your wedding night." Knock on wood.

How's my Mom, you ask? Well, I spent today feeding her crackers and trying to get some liquids to stay in her stomach. We booked her another evening at the hotel (she refused to stay at my house in fear of getting me sick.) But, against her wishes, I went over 3 times today to make sure she was okay. I went to the store and bought her a new nightgown, a few magazines, and a large supply of "stomach bug" meds. We just finished watching The Queen and she managed to eat some chicken noodle soup tonight. I'm thankful for being able to take care of my Mom today after all the times she has taken care of me. I'm going to wash my hands now and pray that I don't get this awful bug. I have a bridal luncheon on Saturday and I really would like to be there for it! But, I can't worry about I'm just going to roll with it!


Anonymous said...

My wedding was 4 years ago & my bouquet was 100% NOT what I asked for (and showed specific magazine pictures of to prevent this sort of mistake). It was horrible & in every picture. I can allllmost laugh about it now (not really), but you are more prepared to "roll with it" than I was. I have a feeling your day will go off without a hitch! Your party looks like it was beautiful!

hqm said...

I also had a flower "issue" at my wedding 9 years ago...basically, the flowers didn't even resemble what I order...but, I didn't let it ruin my day! Before my wedding, my Granny said there are only 2 things that could ruin a wedding day...1. The bride or groom doesn't show and 2. the band doesn't show!
You will have a blast!

Hannah Lane said...

You will have fun no matter what. And the little things that go wrong (I had a few w/ the cake and the flowers) really are little things and most times the only one that notices is you! The day goes by so fast that stop and look around a few times during the day b/c it really is a flash!

Sarah said...

Were you nervous before the party? We had our engagment party a couple weeks ago and as we were driving up I got the worst case of butterflies. Too funny and I was fine once I had a glass of wine.

So glad to hear you had a good time.

Libby said...

"Roll with it" is the perfect motto, and you'll be happier for adopting it, I promise! We had a napkin issue that I won't get into but my Mum gave me one of those looks and I knew right away to let it go! (I love the polka dot journal, by the way!)

Britt said...

Sounds like you handled yourself - believe you me, FI has told me several times to just "roll with it"...I talked about that in my post today - just a realization of what its all about!

sarah said...

You poor thing! I hope your family gets to feeling better soon and that you don't get sick! I had a few irritating things happen yesterday concerning the wedding. Nothing I didn't expect. I just came home, took some tylenol, and went to bed. I woke up today feeling much better!

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