Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I'm about to order huggies/coozies/can coolers...or whatever you like to call them in your part of the world for our wedding. I am going to put my fabulous logo on them (created by Kristin at Idodesigns). I think I mentioned earlier that I had a quote for .89 each for 250, plus a $40.00 set up charge. My next debate is what color do I do? As my regular readers know, my colors are light pink and light green. After my last post I decided on green huggies with white writing. Know, I find out that my source only has huggies that come in forest green, kelly green, or lime green (aka neon green). My fiance already put his foot down on pink huggies (sigh). Any suggestions on which green to use or does anyone have a better online source? I found this website, Dollar Imprint, that has a Caribbean green (top right) in the foam. Has anyone ever used them? I would love some comments back on this! Thanks!


Mrs. P said...

We used and used the collapsible koozies. We used Navy with white writing, I love, love them. My friends still use them. I think the lime green they use could work for you. I am partial to the collapsible koozies. It was a hard choice since our wedding colors were pink and green as well, but no one had the exact shades that we used. We did use some navy in the wedding, so that is how I picked that one. I wouldn't worry too much about it matching, just go with what you like best!

Britt said...

We looked at kustomkoozies for ours - and I do prefer the collapsible ones (easier to keep in the purse for occasions that require it!)...Not sure about colors but I would think that the lime would work for you.
We had planned on giving koozies @ rehearsal dinner, but then we realized that we were getting kegs - is it weird to give out koozies, when we probably won't use cans?

(To anyone else in the world, that question would seem ridiculous, thank god for wedding blogs!!)

RED said...

I used to kustomkoozies for huggies I had made for my boyfriends surprise birthday party I threw for him. They turned out really great, I had the collapsible kind made and I am so so pleased (a lot of my friends re-used theirs for ST. Patty's day celebrations and parties we've been to since then, it's turned into BYO huggie for us, which pleases me to no end)
I kind of like Mrs P's idea to do the navy or some other semi-coordinating color that people might be more likely to re-use after the wedding. Good luck, I'm sure whatever you select will be fabulous!

Anonymous said...

we use for all our koozies, they are great and fast too

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