Thursday, March 8, 2007

Engagement Gifts

One of my best friends got engaged last week and I have been contemplating what I should give her as an engagement gift. I received an assortment of things from my family and bridesmaids and a few close family friends.

Here are some of the things that I received (you can click on the pictures for direct links):

Monogrammed Coasters (mine are square and just have a U on them, but this was the closest I could find) from the Green Door Mercantile.

Every Bride's Bible, Emily Post's Wedding Etiquette from Amazon. I have really used this to answer those tough questions that come up during wedding live together and she is divorced and widowed, but she goes by deceased husband's name and they have a kid who has the Dad's name and a step-son that has their mom's name from the 2nd marriage and the kid is now in the army and has some title...what the hell do I put on their invitation! (I made this case you were concerned about our family friends.)

Because I'm the Bride..That's Why Napkins
Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Pillow Case Mini Salt and Pepper Shakers (as seen in InStyle)

I think this would be a cute gift for one of your friends. Kind of more a gag gift! It is $21.95 at The Rosemary Company.

I found this cute wine coaster at Marye-Kelley for $24.00.

For fun...Happy Engagement Banner:

Diamond Ring PJ Pants from Mary Phillips Design for $20.00.
Munki Munki Brides Cream Nightgown for $66.00 from Wedding Fairy.

52 Tips for the Bride to Be for $6.95 at Wedding Fairy.

I would love to know what other past brides and future brides have received for engagement gifts that they really enjoyed. Or, share ideas of a gift you give to your friends when they get engaged. I'll let you know what I decide to give my friend!


Caroline said...

My cousin just got engaged and I gave her " The Southern Girl's Guide to Surviving the Newlywed Years" and some personalized notecards from my collection. I also love the things you picked.

MMM said...

Ohhh Caroline my roommate just gave me that book for Christmas and it is great! Love it! What kind of notecards do you make? I would love to see them

Susan D said...

I received the Darcy Miller wedding scrapbook, who is the wedding editor for Martha Stewart. I loved it & it was great to have early, so you could anticipate certain photographs, items to save, etc.

Preppy Wedding said...

My fiance set up a suprise enagagement party the night he proposed. He told all the girls to bring wedding magazines. I loved getting all those magazines at once.

I like all your choices, but I think a good ettique/wedding coffee table book is the way to go.

Kimberly said...

I got a TON of wedding magazines the night I got engaged and it was so fun to look through them knowing i could finally look at them and be for real!

Melissa said...

I have those initial coasters you pictured!

Wedding books/magazines are definitely a great idea. I think the bride themed pjs are a super fun gift idea as well. I'd love those. I also like the countdown clock - very cute. Maybe some sort of pampering/stress relief gift would be nice too like a spa gift certiciate or lotion/bubble bath/aromatherapy gift set of some kind to relax from all the wedding planning stress!

Britt said...

I loved getting & giving bridal books - I probably read a million of them! Also, I given the bride a fun bridal stack of thank you notes because lord knows, she will need them immediately!

Anonymous said...

I love to give the Waterford toasting flutes for an engagement gift - they can use them at their wedding or for special occasions and always think of their engagment, even if the pattern doesn't match their crystal. When its just an aquaintance I like to give a bouquet of wedding magazines.

STL Sarah said...

Everyone has such grat ideas- I especially like the Waterford toasting flutes. Very nice, Suz! I've also given an engraved door knocker with their last name and year of wedding. My brother got us an antique mirror which was a little odd, but we loved it!

Anonymous said...

Lilly Pulitzer Place mats & napkins?
Maybe a set of Lilly coasters and a fun bottle of wine? Can you tell I love Lilly P?
I loved (& still love) to look at my "Martha Stewart Weddings" book my mother gave me. :) Congrats to your friend. What a fun time, the PLANNING!!!

Lilly said...

My best friend just got engaged, but lives in Canada, so I couldn't take her out. I sent her a 'care package' with tons of bridal etiquette books - like Emily Post and Martha's and some irreverent ones. I also put some fun stuff in there like Philosophy's 'Here Comes the Bride' bath set.

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