Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Wedding Logo/Monogram

Ok, blogworld I need your help again. You've helped with the cake, you've dressed me for my engagement I am in the process of trying to find someone to make me a wedding logo/monogram. I do not mind paying, but every person that has offered to do it for free has not come through yet and we have less than 4 months left! OK, for those of you are new to my blog (welcome, by the way and thanks for stopping by) the wedding colors are light pink and light green. We are going with a Southern Elegance theme (think lots of pale pink roses, hydrangeas, silver vases and mint julep cups.) My creative roommate designed my Save the Date cards (I'll take a picture and share soon) and they were layered with pink and green card stock and had our names and the dates with an ivory ribbon tie at the top. I would like to use our wedding logo/monogram for huggies, possibly the napkins (if I don't do embossed), the out of town booklet cover, the program cover, maybe the matches for our sparklers and the stickers for our candy bar bags...and anywhere else we can think of. Below, are ideas I have found and now I need your help! The logo has to be done in a program that the printer can use. I'm not a graphic designer, so I do not really understand all of that, I just know I need help! I'm looking for a combo of all of these logos in the letters M*U*A. Our date is June 30, 2007 and if you want to help you can email me at for the location details. I have the logo of the old hotel where my reception will be held (I can send you that too.) I would love to do a variation of their logo which is an oak tree with spainish moss hanging down and the sun setting over the water. Know anyone that can help me?

This is the large porch off the ballroom where my reception will be held. The grounds are covered with old oak trees and spanish moss so I would love to incorporate that into my wedding logo/monogram.

Found this one on Bliss Weddings. Like the idea of the circle. I think I would like this one with a monogram and an oak tree. I would want it to look softer. Does that make since? Then with our date: June 30, 2007, then the location. Another design from Bliss Weddings. Maybe something like this with an Oak tree instead of a the palm. And script initials at the bottom with the location and the date?

I love this one from Bliss Weddings. It is so class looking to me. I think I like circles! I don't like the date out of the circle though. It looks funny to me. Also from Bliss Weddings...I love the interlocking script. But, I think I do not just want an M and an A. I think I like the MUA.

This one is kind of bold (and also from Bliss Weddings)

Ok, saw this somewhere along the line during planning and this is somewhat what I'm going for, but I want my Oak to have spanish moss and I like monograms better than names. My colors are pink and green so think I'm going to have to stick to no color on this monogram/logo.

This one is just like the one above, but with different letters. It is also from Bliss Weddings. I must like it since I picked it twice. Ok, let me know what you think! Bliss charges about $49.95 and I'm certainly willing to pay up to that to have someone figure this out for me! Email me at if you have any ideas. Thanks y'all!


Britt said...

Oh wedding decisions! I'm lucky that FI is a graphics man who can help with our monogram.
I have a website that might be helpful to you - its a friend of a friend who started designing monograms after her own wedding. She does them VERY cheap, compared to the other websites you mention. I'm not sure on specifics, but she has a lot of information and is very easy to contact. Also, it seems that she has a lot of choices, but will also do a custom design.
Check out and see if you like it.
If you look at #9 under her monogram list you could substitute the palm tree with an old oak and just use lighter versions of the pink and green.
Good Luck!

MMM said...

Thanks so much Britt! I will contact her!

Preppy Wedding said...

I would totally do it for you mmm, but I no longer have access to Illustrator. Take a look here: . Her stuff is beautiful and she charges 45 dollars for a monogram!

MBH said...

Hi! Love your blog! Check out this website as seen on the "preppy wedding" blog.

MMM said...

Thanks everyone for the great advice! I got Britt's email and alreay ordered a custom monogram from her! Yeah, I hope it turns out ok!

MMM said...

PS. Thanks for reading MBH! Welcome!

MMM said...

Reader Karen suggested trying Thanks for the suggestions ladies!

sarah said...

I too am wanting to carry out a monogram theme through my wedding/reception. I went through I Do Originals. She gave me the first one which was free, but I am going to pay her to do a few more. I think i will purchase my aisle runner from her too! Check her out!

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