Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ribbon Flip Flops

I'm not a huge fan of any of the below...but I want to make ribbon flip flops for my bridesmaids to wear during our reception (or at least for a picture or two.) Has anyone made these before or can anyone give me any tips? I already bought the light pink flip flops from Old Navy, so now I need to find some good pink and green ribbon and figure out how to do this. I'm all ears...


Melissa said...

OK, I have made these before so I can attempt some instrutions.

You can try it with hot glue - that is the easier way but it will probably not hold as well as if you use E6000 glue. But be warned it is somewhat difficult to use and it smells TERRIBLE! So if this is only a "wear a couple hours at the wedding" kind of thing then I might would stick to the hot glue.

Anyway, first you start with ribbon in 5/8 or 7/8 inch wide and glue it to the bottom of the flip flop strap at the end and just continue wrapping the ribbon all the way to the other end, gluing as necessary as you go. You can use clothes pins to hold the ribbon secure as it dries.

Then glue down your bow on the center part. Using narrow ribbon, probably 3/8 or 5/8, wrap this around the center of your bow and glue the pieces to the bottom of the flip flop strap for extra security. You can glue embellishments on to the center if you like. You can also glue ribbon or ric rac around the edge of the flip flop as pictured in your last picture if you like that.

I'm sure this was all very confusing so just let me know if you have questions!

suburban prep said...

I bought some flip flops from Michaels and Joanns. I knit a strap to go along the thong part and then sewed it own. My 3 yr old niece now has the foofiest flip flops in the area. I have given a number out as gifts and my sister claims they are the first thing she puts on when getting up in the summer.

Head Hen said...

I think Melissa's instructions are pretty comprehensive. I like the second picture the best. Good luck! Post pics when you finish them.

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