Friday, March 23, 2007

Make A Difference Today

Ok, I'm jumping on my soap box again today to ask y'all for support. Unfortunately, I think it is safe to say probably each of you reading this has been affected at one point by a trucking accident. With as much as I drive, I cringe every time I pass a truck on the highway. A very old friend of mine from grade school was killed at age 22 in a trucking accident on his way back from Thanksgiving Break in 2002. His parents have started an organization called Road Safe America.

They were actually on the Today Show this week. Click here to see the video:

According to the Road Safe America website,

When tractor-trailers and cars collide in fatal trucking accidents, 98 percent of the deaths occur in the cars. It's clear why: for a car to equal the force of a tractor-trailer, which weighs 80,000 pounds, traveling at 60 mph, it would have to be speeding at over 300 mph. Limiting trucks to reasonable speeds will make our highways significantly safer while preserving truckers' important jobs.

Their goal is to require electronic speed governors on commercial trucks to be set at not more than 68mph. Their website states,

Every year 5,000 people die and more than 130,000 people are injured in trucking accidents. Road Safe America is working to reduce semi truck accidents by limiting the top speed of tractor-trailer trucks. As virtually every driver has experienced, many trucks travel at dangerously high speeds.

If you have a minute today, please go to their website
and sign their federal petition to help make our roads safer. Just click on the link (it says ALERT sign our petition in red) on the website and enter the Docket ID: 26851. Only the docket number and your comments are required to complete the petition.

Make a Difference Today!


K said...

Hmm the link to the petition wasn't working. Can I access it through Road Safe America's site? Thanks

MMM said...

I'm sorry. I changed the post to just include the website now. If you go there and click on the red box to the right that says "Alert" that will take you to futher instructions. Thanks for your support!

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