Sunday, June 24, 2007

Manhattan Essentials

Reader poll...ok, ladies one thing you can do while I'm on my honeymoon is to email me a few things that you would consider Manhattan Essentials. If you are from NYC, then I know this will be easy for you. But, even if you have just visited the city or have a good friend that lives there, I know you have at least a few items that you always pack for your trip. Let me know that one thing that you could not live without during your trips there. It could be a certain kind of shoe, bag, umbrella, jacket, purse, rain jacket, map, sunglasses, sweater, boots, a book, something for my apartment etc. I'll compile a list when I get back from the honeymoon for everyone to see!

I also would LOVE some advice on furniture for an apartment as well. I sold most of my furniture to the girl who bought my house and my fiance's furniture is from his college days so I would prefer it not make the trip. Since we are just in a one bedroom apartment we really want our things to be nice and new. Any tips on where to get a fabulous couch? Should we get it in NYC or order it and have it delivered? I am so not the decorator and I've been told I need to make some decisions now about all this. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Coutdown....6 more days!


White Lily said...

Its a life savior....

Libby said...

Groceries from Zabar's!

Liz said...

Oh, Manhattan essentials...

*For summer, a tiny Totes umbrella to always have in your purse.
*Comfortable walking shoes. My own personal hell is finding some that are both cute and comfortable and affordable.
*A canvas grocery bag. Unless you live above Whole Foods, Zabars, Eli's or Citarella, good groceries are generally a bit of a hike. And being able to sling most of them over your shoulder makes the walk home a bit more comfortable.
*A map - mine is in the back of my planner (available at Barnes & Noble) which makes pulling it out look more "Now, what time was that appointment again" and less "I'm a lost tourist."

Good luck in the city!

Jen said...

My biggest piece of advice for apt furniture in NYC is measure everything. Measure the space and measure the door widths. I know a number of people who bought furniture only to have it not fit through the door.

Anonymous said...

My NYC advice is make sure furniture can do double antique trunk for a coffee table to store sweaters or sheets or whatever. I found some fun pieces at the Chelsea Flea Market. Go early on Saturdays & have breakfast & walk around the HUGE indoor/outdoor market with a coffee! Lot's of vendors have delivery service too.
Be sure to check out ABC Carpet & home.
Also take the LIRR to Long Beach one day. It's only an hour & is a lot of fun (great beach, old fashioned boardwalk, lot's of bars & places to eat)

Have fun!
I miss NYC !!

MC said...

I don't live in New York, but I have noticed a few companies have scaled down furniture for apartments. Check Crate & Barrel, I know they have "apartment" sofas.

Farrell & Lauren said...

My boyfriend and I are kind of weird about the subways, so we like to keep purell or something on hand for when we reach our destination. Make sure you always have cash (very different from the south, where I use my debit card for everything.) Knee high boots for the winter.

Future Mrs. S said...

For a great retreat, try the Exhale Spa. You can take Yoga classes, get a facial or massage. There is a location in Midtown as well on the Upper East Side. It's a fantastic place.
Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

Ellen said...

ditto everyting liz said -- when I lived in Manhattan, these items were always with me. Comfortable shoes are a must. I was forever buying shoes - constantly in search of something cute, durable and blister-free. Add cash, an iPod and a MetroCard ... you're set!

Belle-ah said...

IKEA is great for small space furnishings but if you want a high quality sofa Taylor King does some great smaller scale sofas with all the feel and lux of a big one!

Maria said...


been a silent reader for a while - congrats on your marriage! I grew up in Astoria, Queens and went to college in Manhattan so here are some of my essentials:

1) Whole Foods at Columbus Circle. It's right by my college (I went to Fordham-Lincoln Center) and it is great for groceries AND for lunch.

2) The Container Store down on 18th Street and 5th - great for organizing and if the boxes and stuff are expensive good for ideas, so that you can hop on the bus to IKEA-Elizabeth, free bus from the bus station in Times Sqaure (I forgot the name drat! I have been away from NYC for too long - I live in Japan now).

3) Rain boots. It gets mega rainy and for the cold I actually recommend Uggs - but with the lug sole. All my classmates had the short with the flat sole but I had the tall with a lug sole and about 3 years later, they are still in pretty decent condition. The lug sole keeps you above the slush, if only a bit.

4) Quarters. You never know when your cell phone is going to die.

That's all I can think of for now - I really miss NYC!

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