Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Weekend Update

The bachelorette party was fabulous! My little sister did an amazing job and we had a blast! Friday we just sat in the sun and talked and drank. We played a not so sober game of Catch Phrase (one of my favorite games.) My sister made all of the girls goodie bags complete with miniatures, Hawaiian leis with wedding bells attached to them, funny sunglasses, tropical flavored condoms (pretty funny watching my friends switch flavors), wedding bell mints, huggies with my name and my fiance's name on them, mini personal lubricants and ring pops and blow pops. The party was at my parent's beach house so my Mom brought down boiled shrimp, potato salad, mozzarella and tomatoes, fresh strawberries and silver queen corn. She cooked, then left us to the large stash of alcohol. I felt like I was on spring break 2007! My sister got me a Barbie wedding cake. It was really funny! She made me a veil for each night of the party and they were so cute!

On Saturday we went out in the boat, drank beer and listened to Jimmy Buffett. We had the lingerie shower in the afternoon and I got lots of pretty nightgowns and a few sexy numbers too!One of my friends had a tank top made for me that was monogrammed in hot pink "Bride." I was decked out and it was so much fun! Instead of renting a limo, my sister had a pontoon boat pick us up (everyone wearing their leis and funny sunglasses) and we had a booze cruise around the area. We went to a local seafood restaurant and had dinner. After dinner, Captain Harold (our pontoon driver) took us to the main local bar and we danced the night away. I had a wonderful girls weekend and it was so good to be with my friends. I miss them so much and I've only been away for about 6 weeks! Anyways, it was a wonderful and very memorable weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too!


susan said...

Sounds like a great time! Glad you had fun!

sisters with style said...

What a great party! Your sister planned it perfectly--it will be a weekend you'll never forget!

sle said...

It sounds like your sister did a fantastic job. I love hearing about people having fun and it sounds like you girls had a fabulous time together.

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