Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Wedding Sparkler Research

Thanks to the internet I was able to do some investigative price searching on wedding sparklers. Here is what I found. If you have used sparklers for your wedding, please let me know the vendor you used and the length. Thanks! Hope this helps those of you that would like sparklers for your send off. I'm very excited about my sparklers especially since my wedding is only 3 days before the 4th of July!

Moments of Elegance Sparklers
Burn time for the 8" sparklers is ~45 seconds ($.25 each)
Burn time for the 14" sparklers is ~90 seconds ($.65 each)
Burn time for the 20" sparklers is ~up to 2 minutes ($.95 each)
Burn time for the 36" sparklers is ~up to 4 minutes ($1.25 each) ***RECOMMENDED

Wedding Things
12" sparklers-burns up to 1-1.5 minute-$1.75 per pack of 5 sparklers ($.35 each)

10" sparklers-burns up to 60 seconds-$45.00 per box of 288 ($.16 each)
20" sparklers-burns up to 2 minutes-$35.00 per box of 48 ($.73 each)
36" sparklers-burns up to 4 minutes-$60.00 per box of 48 ($1.25 each)

Sparkling Ceremonies
14" sparklers-burns up to 1.3 minutes-$2.67 per box of 6 ($.45 each)
20" sparklers-burns up to 1.6 minutes-$3.00 per box of 6 ($.50 each)
36" sparklers-burns up to 4 minutes-$12.00 per box of 6 ($2.00 each)

Favors by Lisa
8" sparklers-burns up to 48 seconds-($.20 each)
10" sparklers-burns up to- 55 sec-($.27 each)
14" sparklers-burns up to 1 min & 22 sec-($.39 each)
20" sparklers-burns up to 2 min & 32 sec-($.65 each)
36" sparklers-burns up to 5 min & 20 sec-($1.36 each)

Phantom Fireworks
10" sparklers-$8.99 per box of 72 ($.13 each)
20" sparklers-$6.99 per box of 6 ($1.17 each)


Susan said...

Just a plug for sparkle -- I used them and they were great! The hardest part we had was getting guests together enough at the end of a long night of partying to actually hold the sparklers correctly and high enough for us to walk under! Makes a great picture if you can get it just right!!

Susan said...

Oh, i forgot to post about the length -- i am pretty sure we used 20in. Definitely go for at least that long though because the time goes very fast that people have to light them and you have to get out and walk through them!

Meg said...

We used sparklers and it was great - partially because I love sparklers and partially because it made for fabulous photos. We used Skylighter (www.skylighter.com) and used 20". they have them packaged in wedding-y boxes, but we just bought the ones in regular boxes because they're marginally cheaper and they were going in a basket anyhow. My one piece of advice is that you have to be on your game and ready to go when everyone's lit up. You get a couple of minutes, so you don't have to be too exact, but when we were getting ready to leave our reception, we got them passed out and lit and, in the time that took, Man became engrossed in a conversation with some old uncle or something and I had to be like, "Let's GO." Oy.

Anonymous said...

I am getting married in Sept. and have been wondering about the same thing! A girl I know also used Sparkle (36 inch)and said they were great. They didn't leave any burn marks on her dress which is VERY important!! :-)

amanda said...

A few things about sparklers:

Love the way they look in photos. I hoped to use them for my wedding and found out that our reception site does not allow any fire outside. (Apparently someone caught an awning on fire once! Be sure to check this out..it was actually our photographer who clued us in...we didn't think of asking.

My friend used sparklers for her wedding and I was so worried we'd burn her dress...make sure the space you'll run through is wide enough...you know people like to peek out for pictures, dangerous when they're approaching you with fire!

Buy the longer ones, they'll give you more time, and you're less likely that you're guests will get burned...sparklers can actually be kind of dangerous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I always thought sparklers would be the greatest send off - enjoy!

MMM said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions girls. I went with the phantom cheap ones! I can't wait!

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