Saturday, June 23, 2007

Wedding Traditions

I received my cake charms in the mail this week for my bridesmaid luncheon cake. I can't wait to use them! My cake for the luncheon is a strawberry shortcake cake. Yummy! They are frosting it with pale pink whipped cream icing and putting my monogram on it. If you aren't familiar with the charms, each bridesmaid is asked to pull a ribbon from the cake and they will have a silver charm similar to the ones above. Each charm means something different, such as a ring means you'll be the next to get engaged, a baby carriage means you'll be the next to have a baby, a plane means you'll have a lifetime of adventure, a shamrock means you'll have lots of luck in life and so on... So much fun!


Libby said...

First: Strawberry shortcake is absolutely perfect for a bridesmaid luncheon! And those charms are such a cute idea, I love it!

Second: The flowers from the post below are gorgeous.

Third: Take a deep breath and enjoy this week, it's going to be wonderful and there will never be another one like it. :)

MC said...

I love the charms, we did something similar at my aunt's bridesmaid luncheon when I was 3(I was the flowergirl) and I will always remember it. I pulled a tiny gold cross to wear in the wedding(it was put in especially for me).

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