Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Wedding Presents!!!

Thought y'all would enjoy a peak at the presents that have been rolling in daily. I just opened another 4 crystal glasses, a stone basket from Williams Sonoma and a picnic basket! We are still waiting on hear back on the apartment. They are processing background, credit and following up on every person listed on our application! We should know something by tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Armetale Egg Tray from Macy's Waterford Silver Pitcher from Macy's

Monogrammed Hemstitched Placemats from Pottery Barn

Mother of Pearl Wine Cooler from Pottery Barn

Pyrex Set from Macy's
Ridel Bordeaux Glasses from William's Sonoma Waterford Silver Candlesticks from Macy's

Water Goblets from Pottery Barn

Coffee on Demand from Macy's

Waterford Crosshaven Wine Glasses and Goblets

Waterford Lismore Water Pitcher from Macy's

Engraved Miles Tray from Pottery Barn

Arthur Court Chip and Dip Tray from Macy's

Barona Condiment Caddy from Pottery Barn

Barona Condiment Tray from Pottery Barn

Beaded Clock from Pottery Barn

Tray from Pottery Barn


amanda said...

fun stuff. Macy's has a lot of good, nice entertaining stuff. We weren't impressed with the selection at Belk, which surprised me because that's where you register around here and we went to the largest one around. I've had a hard time finding good serving dishes and such.

I like the aretalle (I know that's spelled wrong, but can't go back and check) egg dish. Maybe I can find that at Belk and exchange my "Bless This Home" and "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread" platters for it!

Melissa said...

Wonderful gifts! You and your gift givers have great taste!

sle said...

I can give my blessing to your pending marriage now! You have a deviled egg tray! Check out www.fabulouspewterware.com. They have some nice serving pieces too.

STARFISH001 said...

MAN OHHHH MAN.....I wanna get married TOOOOOO! Such nice things.....what fun! :)

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Lucky, lucky girl! My fingers are crossed!

sisters with style said...

Wow, you are cashing in huh? Love all the stuff!

Sarah M said...

Beautiful things! I love Waterford candlesticks - actually I love it all. Good luck - it is coming up right?

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