Thursday, June 7, 2007

J. Crew Mail

No vases or candlesticks this time when the UPS man rang the bell (well actually the bell kinda makes this awful high pitched thud sound since it is broken)...but besides the point. Check out my J.Crew goods! I took advantage of the last sale (if you can call it that.)

Item Number 1

Description: Polka dot bikini in navy and white.

Fit: Top fit great, the bottoms...not so great. Even with Weight Watchers I still am not a candidate for the wide band. It just doesn't work for me.

Status: Sending back

Item Number 2

Description: Seersucker bikini in blue and white
Fit: HELLO French Rivera! Here I come!

Status: Already in the bag for the honeymoon

Item Number 3

Description: Navy and white striped shirt

Fit: Ready for the boat

Status: Hanging next to my Lacoste shirts looking good!

Item Number 4

: Pale Pink Embossed Beach Dress

Fit: Should have gotten a 4 (I was wearing an 8 this time last year and I thought the 6 would be just fine.)
Status: In the box waiting for a shipping label, but I will get another one. I already have the hot pink, kelly green and white and they were my uniform last summer. I need a new, smaller collection!

Item Number 5

Description: Black and White Shirt Dress

Fit: I could keep Paris company in jail.

Status: Keeping my record clean and sending back the jail stripes.

1 comment:

Britt said...

Great stuff! That's pretty much what I've got on the list for our honeymoon!

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