Friday, February 9, 2007

Wedding Cosmetics

It is easy to understand why weddings are such a major industry. While I have always been a sucker for make up, I could not resist the Bobbi Brown Bridal Face Palette. Come on, it is in shades of my favorite color AND it is "limited edition" AND I am a bride to be. So, it is with that creative reasoning, the Bobbi Brown Bridal Face Palette was on my front porch last night when I got home from work. Us brides to be, we are vulnerable. All of our lives we have felt "guilty" buying that bridal magazine, staring at pictures of wedding cakes in our favorite know basically looking or buying anything that said bride, bridal, or wedding. We started to gain our confidence when our first friend got married. We did not feel bad about flipping through wedding planning books at Barnes and Noble without a ring. You know, we had a reason to be there. So now that I personally have the ring, my confidence level might be a little too dangerous. I don't really need all of this stuff, but I sure needed the Bobbi Brown Bridal Face Palette.

Here are other cosmetic wedding related items I think are cute (I have restrained myself thus far, thank you very much!)...

Philosophy Here Comes the Bride-

Philosophy Bridal Book Bath Gels-

Kiss the Bride Bath Set-

Vera Wang Sheer Veil-

Here Comes the Bride Breath Spray-
What are your favorites?


suburban prep said...

Oh I love anything Philosophy.
On my wedding day I had my make-up professionally done. (It was funny going around my little town first with a veil and hair done up and then make-up and in jeans --thru the drive in window00quite the look).
As for the make up I use now--Bare Escentuals all the way.

BLT said...

haha, I saw that Philosophy bridal kit last fall, I told myself that was a necessity for getting married. I'm a sucker for all that stuff - which is why I quit reading magazines b/c I convinced myself I needed it all.

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