Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Christmas In February

Paper Buzz is having a great sale on their holiday items. If you can think that far ahead it would be a great time to order your Christmas cards. I want to do a wedding pic for our 1st Christmas card next year...kind of cheesy...but here are a few of my favorite cards.


Preppy Wedding said...

I LOVE paperbuzz. I order most of my party invitations from them. The argyle is super cute!

STL Sarah said...

I don't think the wedding pic Christmas card is cheesy at all! We will probably do that too.

Mrs. P said...

We did one, this year so many of us got married that was what everyone did. I just posted your outfit ideas! Thanks for waiting! :)

Kimberly said...

That is not cheesy at all. If you're going to pay the big bucks for your day...get all your money out of it.

I love getting them in the mail around Christmas time, it reminds me of the great time we had!

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