Friday, February 23, 2007

Everyday Dinnerware--Vietri Incanto

Hi everyone! I just got back from the ENT doc. I have had a nasty sore throat all week and since I just got over strep throat three weeks ago, I decided it was time to put an end to this. The doc said I had a tonsil infection and might need to get my tonsils out! Oh, sure ...we can do that between dress fittings and house closings! Ahhh! She gave me a steroid shot in the bum (ouch) and another round of antibiotics. Hopefully this will clear me up once and for all. In other news, I heard from my realtor that the inspection went pretty well. I should know more on Monday. (insert sigh of relief) I'm heading to see my fiance this weekend so hopefully I'll get lots of rest and be feeling as good as new on Monday.

I wanted to leave you with pics of our Everyday Dinnerware. We chose (ok, I chose), Vietri Incanto . I know it is very popular right now and kind of trendy, but I just fell in love with it. I am doing the stripe dinner plate, the lace salad plate and the stripe footed bowl. I love the mugs and canape plates that come in every pattern. The serving pieces are also in all of the different patterns. What do you think?


Britt said...

Beautiful. I love how each has a different style, yet they all go together.

Melissa said...

Oh I absolutely LOVE it!

Susan D said...

I think this is pretty! we have a Vietri outlet near us & it is wonderful!

suburban prep said...

Hope you feel better soon.
The dinnerware is lovely.

Anonymous said...

you do no that it is recommended now to NEVER take out the tonsils?

Sarah Dennis said...

Vietri, Ohhh, My absolute favorite!!!
I'm registering for their cake plate. Have you seen it? Here it is:

My dinnerware is Match Pewter:

Did you register at Michael C. Fina?

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