Thursday, April 12, 2007

What should I wear to my shower?

Above: BCBG black and white dress ( I like without the straps though)

The top right Lilly Sienna Dress in pink and green that Mrs. P picked out.

Ok y'all here is my first poll. Not sure if I did it right, but I tried. I have my Kitchen and Linen Shower on Saturday at 11:00am at a friend's house. I can't decide which dress to wear. My invitations were pink and green polka dots with a pink ribbon and I know the party will be fabulous. I am thinking the BCBG dress is a little too much back for 11:00am, but it definitely fits me better than the Lilly dress. I bought a pink grosgrain ribbon sash for the Lilly dress yesterday as the waist hit me kind of funny and it looks super cute now. Hmmm. Which one should I pick? I still need an outfit for a party we are having in Memphis the second weekend of June, then an outfit for my bridesmaid luncheon, an outfit for my rehearsal dinner AND one for our wedding day brunch. Mrs P and any ideas?

Which dress should I wear on Saturday to my kitchen and linen shower?
BCBG Black and White Dress
Lilly Sienna PInk and Green Dress free polls


Mrs. P said...

I vote for the Lilly, not because it is from an outfit that I did, but because I think the BCBG is a little too formal. For the other events, you already know my suggestions for those. If I see anything new I will send it your way, but the designers are driving me crazy with not updating their sites with anything new.

I would suggest hitting the Saks, Neimans, Bloomies, and Nordstrom to see what they have by Kay Unger. I think if she makes anything in pink or green that would be fabulous for you RHD, but there aren't any online! I am thinking along the lines of that super cute yellow dress that my reader Emily owns from last year, but in pink!

Melissa said...

Honestly, they are both so cute. I don't think you will go wrong.

MMM said...

Thanks for everyone's help! I'll be wearing the pink and green Lilly dress!

amanda said...

I think the white and black one would be great for the party you mentioned in Memphis.

MMM said...

That is exactly what I'm going to save it for! Thanks! =)

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