Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Out of Town Gift Bags

Ok, I've got another question for blogworld...what did you put in your out of town bags? I would love to hear all of your great ideas. My Mom and I are currently working on ours and so far we are going to do bottled water (with a monogrammed sticker and ribbon), a salty mix of sorts with nuts and goldfish (I'll explain later) and some type of sweet (probably a praline or pecan treat.) We are also putting in a coupon for an ice cream treat at my favorite spot in our little town and guides on the area. I'm thinking we are just going to get green or pink bags and some cute tissue paper. We thought about doing sand buckets but I can't find any cheap ones. I would love to get some other low cost options. Can't wait to hear your ideas!


Anonymous said...

My mom drew the line at gift bags. She thought I had done enough...I didn't want to listen to her at the time, but I'm glad I didn't do them.
I'm sure whatever you do will be perfect. Please post pics!

Farrell & Lauren said...

you may want to check out your local dollar store (dont laugh) for cute container ideas. i know friends who have gotten their sand pails there, and we are doing small canvas beach totes that we got there 2/$1. you will be surprised what you can find!

Debbie said...

Asprin or tylenol are always good to put in the bag for hangovers the morning after the big day.

Susan D said...

I went to Costco and also bought cereal bars, mints, packets of advil and other similar items to what you mentioned. I tried not to put in things that people wouldn't consume or couldn't take with them on the plane/car/etc. Sounds cute!!

K said...

Got this list from "Soon2beMrs.B" via the knot:

A list of things to do in the area

A map of the area

Weekend itinerary

Important numbers

Bottled water

Granola bars



Lint Roller

Fruit snacks

Mini assorted bags of cookies


Gold Fish


Lip sunblock


Playing cards

Instant coffee (personalized)

Hot cocoa (personalized)

Tea (personalized)


Jen said...

Snacks are always good - either eaten when you are getting ready or when you return after the wedding and have the munchies!

Anonymous said...


This website has great stuff cheap!!

Anonymous said...

For out-of-towners with children (our flower girl and ring bearer families specifically) we added coloring books and crayons. Also an itinerary and map are always appreciated.

Britt said...

I like Debbie's idea about the Tylenol - I just think of something that would be good snack when your guests arrive, which sounds like you have the covered!

Anonymous said...

We also did 375 ml bottles of wine, one red and one white, along with wineopener on which we printed our names and the date.

Preppy Wedding said...

We did toile gift bags from ebay, but if you want a basket/tin container, try the dollar bins at Target. They always have those sorts of things and for very cheap!

Anonymous said...

Here's a question - did you guys do one bag per person or did a couple staying in the same room get one bag for both of them with more stuff? i.e. 2 waters, 2 sets of snacks etc.

amanda said...

I think we're doing one bag per room. We found some really cute bags online with a line drawing of the city that said welcome to Charlotte, or whatever city you were looking for. We used their drawing and are making tags on cardstock instead of printing the bags...much cheaper.

We're putting in water
Sundrop and Cheerwine (local sodas)
Nascar pez dispensers
local maps
list of things to do in the area
weekend itinerary
snacks (not sure what yet)
local treat (maybe moravian sugar bread or cookies)

Nanders said...

Our gift bags were pretty simple, but everyone loved them. We used a plain brown, kraft bag and did a personalized sticker on the outside of the bag with our names, wedding date and "Thanks for Being Here" message.

I put together a weekend weekend booklet with the help of my wedding coordinator. It included the addresses and directions for all the events of the weekend, plus addresses and directions to local points of interest (local Target, restaurant, package store, nail salon, etc.)

As far as the bag contents, we got them all at Sam's Club (wedding in Atlanta, so tried to incorporate local flair):
- 2 bottled waters
- 2 cokes in glass bottles
- 2 moonpies
- 2 packages peanuts
- 2 packages of chex mix
- 2 ring pops
- tylenol
- mini pack of kleenex
- welcome booklet
- local maps and flyers

Our budget was about $150 for everything.

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