Monday, April 21, 2008

Come Monday It'll Be Alright

I'm feeling much better today about everything! Thank you so much as always for your sweet comments and suggestions. I'm going to try to go into this week with a better attitude and see where it takes me.

I did track down the Pope on Friday. I only got a glimpse of his limo (pictures to come), but I still saw him! I took Daisy over to where they barricaded of the streets and waited next to the most awful protesters (aka as the Phelps Family to those of you have heard of them---for those that have not--count your blessings) screaming just horrible things. I'm all about free speech, but these people took it about 25000 steps too far. The things they were saying were disgusting and offensive. But, I stood with all the others and ignored them. (Pictures to come--anyone else having trouble with blogger pictures??)

Friday evening, we went to dinner here with some new friends and had a blast! The food was wonderful (I did a great job staying gluton free) and the two bottles of wine that left me on the sofa all day on Saturday...we'll the first bottle was a good idea.

Saturday night we ate here. Not so good for the gluton-free thing. But, I felt fine afterwards and it was SO worth it! I won't cheat again, I promise. =)Last night we went with my husband's cousins to dinner here. I've been there before and I did a good job with the gluton-free (thank goodness I can have corn, rice and beans!)

Hubby worked his tush off all weekend. We were able to eat dinner together Fri night, Sat night and 1/2 dinner last night (he had to leave in the middle to get on a call). That was all I saw him. =( The deal is over in two weeks, so I'm just going to have to find something to keep myself busy with in the meantime.

Since he was busy all weekend I decided it was the perfect opportunity to catch up on sleep and clean the apartment. I changed my winter wardrobe out (minus a few sweaters---one of which I'm not happy about wearing today given the change in temp). The apartment looks much better and I'm well rested to start off a new week!

During the pain of my hangover, I also did a little online shopping (duh). I was in dire need of a new pair of jeans so I decided to try the True Jeans website. (I know, I know, I live in NYC--but the thought of walking to the subway in my state was too much to handle). I have heard a ton of good things about this site, so I got out the measuring tape (oh God) and put in all of my numbers and in few minutes all kinds of "perfect fit" jeans popped up. I ordered two pair (with the 1st timers discount) and vowed to myself to return the one that does not fit as well. Hmmm. We'll see how good they are. I should know in 2-3 days thanks to the free shipping.

I also read somewhere recently that if there is something that irritates or bothers you everyday you should do something to change it. I'm really trying to follow this rule. So, the dust that was in the dryer vent (that backs up to my shower) that you can't reach without a stepping stool--clean. My drawers are rearranged in an order that I like. And the best part...I ordered two more of these bras. Since I tend to go searching through the dirty laundry for the other ones just so I don't have to wear the back up bras in the drawer I decided it was time to increase my collection. They are not cheap, but Angelia I agree with ya--they are the best!

Hope y'all had wonderful and productive weekends too!



Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

Wow it sounds like you were busy busy this weekend. I'm glad you are feeling more optimistic and got to spend some good quality time with the hubby!

Suz said...

Glad you're feeling a bit better. A friend of mine has a wheat allergy, as soon as they diagnosed her she's been feeling so much better. Risoterria down on Bleeker is a gluten free restaurant, really good and they have gluten free dessert. Also, Baby Cakes in the Village is a gluten free bakery.

Lauren said...

I am glad you are feeling better. I want to try the True Jeans website. What a great way to buy jeans.

Enjoy your week!

Libby said...

Atta girl, I'm glad to read you're feeling better. I've found a lot of these recipes are just wonderful:

lisagh said...

It's good to read that you had such a full weekend and that you're meeting new people. That's only bound to happen more and more the longer you live there :)

Chinta Mysury said...

You have a very pretty and informative blog : )

five tomatoes said...

I swear by True Jeans - I've ordered six pairs from there and kept three, but all of them have fit great!

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