Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GIVEAWAY--Why's Your Mom The Best?

Here's a fun giveaway from the folks at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts just for MMM readers! Leave a comment on this post through Friday, May 2nd about why your Mom is the best and one lucky reader will win a cute monogrammed photo album and a monogrammed bag tag to give to their Mom.

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The cute albums are on sale right now at Preppy Monogrammed Gifts for $14.99 (plus free gift wrapping). They can hold 200 pictures or recipes! Mother's Day is Sunday, May 11th so order yours now! These would also make wonderful bridesmaid or baby gifts!



Hillary and Russell Jordan said...

Top 10 Reasons Why My Mom's The Best:

10. She still think I'm pretty even though I've gained 30 pounds since my wedding day.

9. She stores all of my old junk from high school and college days.

8. She wear PayLess shoes but buys me Tory Burch.

7. She never drops by the house un-announced.

6. She thought my perm in the 2nd grad was cute.

5. She takes care of my dad as if he's her son.

4. She still hasn't kicked my brother out of the house.

3. She always has the right answer.

2. She's still unsure if my husband is good enough for me.

1. She still worries about me!

Biddy said...

sadly, i cannot say that my mom is the best. we just don't have that kind of relationship.

my grandmother, however, is the most wonderful person in the world. she's a cancer survivor, she's funny, she's my best friend, she always has a hug and a kiss for me, and lets me be me more than anyone i have ever known. she is the rock of our family. we'd be lost without her

Wila said...

Ahh...my mother has proven the definition of unconditional love. After almost 30 years of marriage to her soulmate (my dad), she was left a widow, and I was 15. She dealt with her teenage daughter all by herself, a miracle on its own. After putting me through college... I began a relationship with an awful man who would not let me talk to her. We did not talk for over a year, then I came to my senses. She put up with him for a few months, then helped me pay for my divorce and get myself on my own 2 feet. I can't begin to imagine the pain and torture I put her through...but she's still by my side today and the strongest and most amazing woman ever.

suburban prep said...

My mother has been there for me whan I was at my worst. In a year time span I was diagnosed with DVt and then my sister was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's. Both of us has since recovered but we would not have been able to get to where we are today without my mother and my father (for that matter). She will drop everything to help any of her children and her grandchildren. Even though she doesn't drive she made it to my neck of the woods recently when I was sick and helped me for the day.

Preppy Mama said...

My mom is the best because about six months after I got married I had sinus surgery (worse pain than childbirth!). I could not see because the plastic things in my nose were pushing on my tear ducts and my eyes just kept watering. I couldn't bend down or do anything. After a day home from the hospital my husband dropped me off at my Mom's house for the week. She took are of me, washed me (yes she did), did my hair (not so cute) and even cried in the surgeon's office when they removed my stitches and stuff.
She has recently taken care of my sister who is recovering from brain surgery and my dad just lost his job. Oh, did I mention that my mom's b'day is two days after mother's day? It is pretty much the shitiest b'day and mother's day for her. This might make her smile.

Midwest Prep said...

When I planned my wedding I realized why my mom was the best
10. She let me have a wedding in London
9. She thinks my husband is great and sends him steaks for his birthday
8. She loves to send me packages with a tank top or a skirt she saw that she knew I would like.
7. She knows not to push when I get crabby or in panic mode
6. She listened to me and didn't get upset when i said I hated the non-returnable dress she bought for the wedding and went out and bought an adorable formal Pink Lilly Pulitzer dress.
5.She still wears a bikini and doesn't care if people think it is inappropriate
6. She barely wears any make-up but is still one of the best looking moms I know
5. She never critcized my body or my looks growing up
4. She made my wedding easier...not harder
3. She mowed the Lawn at the house where we held my wedding-the day before the tent arrived.
2. Now that she doesn't work, she volunteers at a migrant worker school teaching kids 4 days a week.
1. Because even though she can drive me nuts and i might give her a hard time...she never stays mad.
and one more...

She has honestly given me everything I have ever needed and most of the things I have asked for.

Michelle said...

My mom is the best because even though I live only an hour away, every time I come home to visit, she gets so excited and cooks all of her extra special foods. She has always loved my Fiance and now that he's so close with my family, when we visit she makes sure to cook his favorite foods too. It's those little non-verbal signs of support that mean the most!

Anonymous said...

How could my mother not be the best?! For starters, I am sure that I am older than most of MMM's readers, but I am so thrilled that I can say that my mother is still as vibbrant as she is (as is my Daddy). She has endured raising all 4 of us as well as endured carrying all of us through each of our divorces (what a horrible record) and will celebrate a 60th wedding anniversary this year. Both my mother and father provided all of us a priviledged upbringing encouraging our own indviduality, spirit and a sense of self that cannot be dupilcated. Through each of our journeys, my siblings and I have only become more confident and successful and this has only been as a result of both my parents support, love and encouragement to do it for ourselves. Both my parents deserves all the credit, but since it is for Mother's Day, this is deserving just for my mom! P.S. She knows that my second husband is good enough for me!

Danielle said...

It hard to tell someone how my mom could not be the best person in the world much less the best MOM in the world. My mom has been maried for my father for the past 26 years and have been there through everything. I have been moved away from my mother and father for the past 3 years and yet no one would ever know. My mother truly is a remarkable woman. My mother is also the perfect example of a Christ-like woman. My mother is the Proverbs 31 woman to a T. no questions asked. She has the perfect life, she has not had to work for the past 20 years and has been able to take care of me and my 2 brothers since the day we were born. She was at every basketball, soccer, and volleyball game I ever had and she still goes to my brothers games EVERY week and day. She takes my brother to school every morning to practice 2 times a day and to everywhere he wants to go with out a complain, a remark, a question, a ask, she is a best friend to me to her friends to her sisters to her brothers to her mother and to her husband. She most assuredly is the most amazing woman in the world and I hope that one day my daughter talks about me the way I talk about my mother. She never gets the appreciation that she deserves for everything thing she does and never says a word about it. She truly is amazing. You probably should meet her!! lol

Pam said...

My mama is the best. We don't always see eye to eye but that's ok. I admire her strength through adversity. She instilled strong moral beliefs in me which I am so thankful for today. She put up with my teenage angst that I still feel guilty for. I also got her love for sewing and crafting which I am grateful, now if just had her hospitable spirit. Maybe in my heavenly home!

Shannon and Nathan said...

Why My Mom is the best:
*She took care of my sister and I while my dad traveled every week Monday thru Friday.
*She makes the best chocolate cake ever
*She still takes my sister and I shopping (we're 30 and 24)
*She always picks out the perfect fabric for my house
*She's the first person I told I was having a baby
*She's the first person I told I was having a girl
*She's the first person I called when I was in premature labor
*She saw Hayden before I did
*She always bought Hayden the cutest outfits and toys
*Even when Hayden was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition, she never gave up hope
*She held Hayden's hand as she peacefully passed away
*Her heart is more broken than mine and probably always will be
*She still sends me the sweetest cards on special occasions (mother's day, Hayden's bday)
*She had an artist create a special watercolor portrait of Hayden for me and my husband
*She helped me write thank yous after the funeral
*She still sends flowers and cute pinwheels to the church where Hayden was buried
*She always has encouraged my sister and I to go for our dreams and stand up for ourselves.


mgster said...

I can't imagine my life without my mother. She is 88 years old and still living on her own. We talk daily and although she could certainly complain about her health issues, she just never does. She calls me to tell my something funny she heard on the radio, or some funny neighborhood update. She adores my children and treasures the time she spends with them. She fought a hard fight with bladder cancer and two years ago actually had her whole bladder removed. Because of this her daily life is limited, but she accepts it and prays for other people...never for herself. She's the most giving person I have ever met and I would be happy to be half the wonderful woman she is!

Preppy Fashionista said...

I know it's natural to think my mom is the best, but my mom is so amazing to me. She has raised 4 children (I'm the oldest so I can really see everything she does for us) and she spends all of her time caring for her children. She always does stuff for us, but never spends any time on herself, nor does she treat herself to anything. All of my siblings agree that we have the best mom ever and consider ourselves very lucky :)

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