Friday, April 25, 2008

Preppy Spring Swap Thank You from Daisy

Dear Aunt Lisagh,
When my grandma sends packages she often includes a treat for me. Therefore, when ANY package arrives I get a little excited! So Mom got a package in the mail yesterday and my ears perked up. Yep, there was something in it for me--the "I" of the SPRING Preppy Swap. Just for me. "I" LOVE IT. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! It's pink and green (my favorite colors) and it even has a daisy on it! After carrying it around for awhile I realized the best part...there is a squeaker in it! I gotta tell you, I like to rip things open to steal the squeakers out. But, this toy is so pretty and Mom says it has a lot of love in it too so maybe I'll leave the squeaker alone. Does love squeak too? Anyways, here are some pics I wanted to share of me enjoying my treat. Thank you so very much. I hear you're sending a monkey to visit us next. Does it squeak too? Don't worry, Mom says I will have supervised playtime only with Monkey. Thanks again!

I was taking a little nap (with Dad's shoe and my bunny) when all of a sudden I heard Mom start opening a package.

So tired and ready for a nap with my "I."


Kate said...

So cute! I love that last photo.

Preppy Mama said...

Daisy is the cutest pup!! Our dogs love to get the squeekies out first!!

lisagh said...

Hey Daisy! I'm so happy you like your preppy squeaker bone! I tried to get the toughest canvas out there so you'd have a hard time tearing it to shreds and I buried the squeaker in really deep. Have fun with it!
xoAuntyLisagh :)

Vivian said...

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Belle in Bloom said...

Sweet puppy! Love it!

I'm Just Beachy said...

I want a Daisy!

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