Monday, April 7, 2008

Ideas Needed

I just found out I have to help lead an art project for my JL group tomorrow. We have about 20-30 kids ages 7-11 and I need an easy art project that doesn't use a ton of materials. Maybe something springy? Any ideas? Come on teachers---I need your help.


Beth said...

Paper fortune tellers -- do you remember folding a sheet of paper into fortune tellers? We did this project with my JL group a few weeks ago and the kids loved it! Best of all - not messy! I'm sure you could google the folding instructions but you may also remember how to do it from elementary school!

Beth said...

Oh, and last thing, last week we did Cherry Blossom collages with the kids. Each kid needs a sheet of thick white paper, a brown marker to draw the stems, pink and/or red tissue paper, scissors & glue sticks. Here's how to make the flowers:

Have the kids cut them out and then paste them onto their branches. I bought some cherry blossoms from a NYC florist before we started so the kids could learn about what cherry blossom stems look like.

HUGE hit with the kids to see their tree branches take shape!! They mean friendship and the kids loved that too.

lisagh said...

Here's one that's kinda fun... Stained Glass Window Flowers. You put colored wax crayon shavings (bright fun colors) in between 2 pieces of waxed paper and then iron it flat. Once you have that you put it between 2 "frames" made of construction paper. When you hang it in the window it's really pretty.

Does that make sense? Email me if you want me to clarify further.

Good luck!

Wendy Michele said...

This is cool.

Have students draw designs with markers on coffee filters. Then they spray with water to make the colors bleed, then you dry with a hair dryer. You can take 2 or 3 coffee filters and make flowers. (Think of those paper carnations we get at Mardi Gras from those guys who kiss the ladies.)

MMM said...

Thanks for all of your help! We found a great project that is kinda like Lisagh's idea, but without the iron. Instead of crayons you use tissue paper and black construction paper. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the suggestions.

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