Monday, April 7, 2008

Warm Weather Bags!

Since I'm such a Mexican lover, perhaps the Margarita Tote from Vineyard Vines would work. Too bad they don't make it in pink/green. Click here to buy it for me.

A fun take on the classic straw bag are from Room Service Home. Click here to buy it for me.


Liz said...

I love the bag from Room Service Home. I put it on my birthday wish we'll see if I get it.

Lauren said...

I love the straw bag, but I don't love the price!

I hope you have a nice week!

I'm Just Beachy said...

I love the tote and have seen the straw bag before and REALLY wanted it. Thanks a lot for reminding me about it. Now I will have to buy yet ANOTHER bag!!!

Impoverished Preppy said...

Love the VV totes - very cute.

When I was in the airport in Maine I saw a woman carrying a VV tote, wearing adorable driving mocs and a cute little cardigan - too bad she ruined the entire thing by pairing it all with skin tight jeans that zipped at the ankle. Ugh.

Some Like it Southern said...

I love the straw bags!
btw, has your chair come in yet?
Hope your week goes well!

Russell and Hillary Jordan said...

The straw bags are ADORABLE! Too bad they're so pricey :(

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