Sunday, September 23, 2007

Preppy Football Stationary from The Stationary Studio

Despite our heart breaking loss last night I still want to share a great website today with a fabulous selection of football stationary. The Stationary Studio carries tons of teams, so go check and see if they have your favorite. Here are a few examples...

Alabama Notecards

Alabama notecards
Auburn notecards

Everyone loves their stamper, now you can get it with your favorite team from The Stationary Studio! They have a lot of options!

UT monogrammed notecards

LSU notepad

Auburn monogrammed notecards

Vandy notepad

Crimson Tide notepad


suburban prep said...

Those are great but my team isn't in there. My team usually is very tight with their logo.

Melissa said...

Great find! I love the stampers!

Belle said...

Those are so cute and I see my alma mater!

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