Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Few of Your Favorites!

Bloggers, if you are interested then post these answers on your blog...
Readers, if you are interested please post your answers in the comment section.
I'll post mine too! I can't wait to hear your answers (be sure to include a link so we can get it)...

1) What kind of purse are you carrying right now?

2) What kind of wallet is in your purse?

3) What kind of sunglasses are shading your eyes these days?

4) What is your favorite lip gloss or lipstick?

5) What is your favorite fall/winter shoe?


cbooth22 said...

1) Black purse is a large classic Ferragamo with gold and bamboo detail on front pocket. Brown is a beige linen and brown croc from Yves St. Laurent that gets comments each time I carry it! 2)A vintage Gucci in black patent with bamboo toggle (and by vintage I mean it was a gift from my parents when I was in college in 1995!!) 3) What kind of sunglasses are shading your eyes these days? Ray Ban aviators and/or Coach Jackie O-style tortoise - they're huge but great! 4) Lip venom from Sephora. 5) My Michael Kors lizard in shades of brown have been on my feet more frequently these days, but there is a pair of Oscar de la Renta peep toe sling backs from in grey flannel with black patent trim that I absolutely covet. I will cave soon enough!!

EBL said...

I am currently carrying a cream Bulga bag. My wallet is Ralph by Ralph Lauren. My sunglasses are Halston. I love Estee Lauder lipstick. My favorite Fall/Winter shoes are boots. I love JCrew boots right now.

My etsy shop:

Belle said...

1. Louis Vuitton black Epi leather Speedy.
2. A really bright, funky Isabella Fiore
3. Either big pink Juicy Couture plastic frames or prescription Prada
4. I have several cheapo tubes of L'Oreal and a Sephora brand palette.
5. I live in Florida... I wear sandals and flipflops year round.

E said...

1) Coach Bleeker leather zip hobo

2) Coach Legacy leather framed french purse

3) Sunglasses are rectangle tortoise frame style from Ann Taylor loft

4) Lips: Lipstick in Tulle Brown and topped with lip gloss in Buff by Bobbi Brown

5) My favorite shoes for fall are tall black boots or jcrew suede flats. Unfortunately, it's got to cool off here before I can wear the boots- I'm still about a month out! :(

Susan D. said...

I'm carrying a Kate Spade noel pattern black purse from a few years ago.

My wallet is actually one that my husband found that has 2 black labs on it.. very cheesy, but appropriate for me!

Isaac Mizrahi shades from Target, but I'm coveting a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses.

I love Stila lip glaze in berry.

I would have to say black heeled boots for style & my dansko clogs for comfort. I'm in the south, so waiting for cooler weather.

White Lily said...

you can check out my post!

Anonymous said...

1) Ralph Lauren Blackwatch plaid speedy
2) Ralph Lauren Blackwatch plaid wallet that matches my purse
3)Ray Ban aviators
4)Loreal colour juice in butterscotch drop
5)Banana Republic drivin' mocs from last fall in brown & black

Maria said...

1) Vintage Chloe purse I bought at a flea market in Kyoto for 3 dollars. For school, I use an olive and pale pink Herve Chapelier tote bag or a chocolate Jack Spade messenger. For night, I use a gold Kate Spade clutch. 2) A cheap-o wallet I got at a store in Kyoto, though I am now waiting for my Italian leather wallet to come around Christmastime, since my sister is living in Rome at the moment and she promised to get me one from Rome for Xmas and b-day (my bday is in December). 3) Kate Spade huge wraparounds in a tortoise-print. 4) Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Ruby Glass or Clinique Lip Gloss in Sugar Plump for day and for night-time, Clinique Long Last in Rubellite. 5) J.Crew riding boots, Tory Burch Reva flats and when the going gets tough, the tough get Uggs.

Anonymous said...

1) A purse of my own design:
2) Coach wallet
3) Chanel sunglasses
4) Chanel lipstick (love chanel!)
5) tall boots (love j.crew or VS)

Anonymous said...

1. Marc Jacobs red bag
2. Louis Vuitton wallet
3. Chanels glasses
4. Laura Mercier lipstick
5. Currently, my favorites are my new Louboutin slingbacks. Otherwise, I am still wearing J.Crew flip flops.

lmadoh said...

1. LV Babylone
2. LV french purse
3. Porsche aviators
4. NARS Foul Play
5. Eliza B's until the snow flies or Flats Napa Valley

Southern Sugar said...

check out my post, this was fun

Kerry said...

1. I switch bags so often but today I carried my LV speedy 35.

2. I don't switch my wallet as often - my wallet is gucci check book wallet. I have 2 that I love the gucci and an aqua Dooney that matches my aqua DB purse.

3. I switch my sunglasses often too - today I wore my brown and pink kate spade sunglasses and yesterday I had on a pair of black coach glasses.

4. I love bobbi brown glosses.

5. I love Me Too ballet flats. I have several pairs - most of them black! It's still warm in MD so I am still wearing my J.Crew flip flops too!

Melissa said...

Loved this! I posted it on my blog.

MMM said...

From Reader Wendy:
1) What kind of purse are you carrying right now?
Longchamp "Shopping" tote in taupe

2) What kind of wallet is in your purse?
Pussers leather wallet

3) What kind of sunglasses are shading your eyes these days?
Calcutta Tortoise frames

4) What is your favorite lip gloss or lipstick?
Channel Copacabana (discontinued)

5) What is your favorite fall/winter shoe?

Target's Isaac Mizrahi driving moccasins

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