Saturday, September 22, 2007

Preppy Desk Supplies

Hi readers! I am on the lookout for some preppy desk supplies to brighten up my new desk. My office is nothing to write home about (but, the job is still going well) and it needs a few things in it to make it more mine. Among other things, I'm looking for a really cute pencil holder and a bright colored picture frame. Let me know if you have any ideas! I'm VERY limited on space, so space saving ideas would be especially appreciated.


Sarah Dennis said...

From one southern girl to another, here are some of the things I love and I hope you do to:

Desk supplies I think no Preppy gal should be without:

1. Personalized Houndstooth Stationery (

2. Storage bin for under your desk

3. Mousepad

4. Pencil/Pen cup holder

For more "Preppy finds", check out my post entitled, "Prepare for Preppy", you'll love it!

Good Luck!

Sarah Dennis said...

Oh, forgot 1 more thing - - - for a bright color picture frame; check out the ones by Mrs. Spade herself:

Susan D. said...

I love the website See Jane Work - they always have very cute office supplies, but are also practical & functional. Good luck!

Sarah said...

Definitely check out See Jane Work ( They have the CUTEST office supplies!!

MMM said...

Thanks guys for all of the great links!

Kristin said...

Also check our Anna Griffin, her things are so pretty, I get organized with her file folio and matching file folders in the Dorothy print

HealthTips said...

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