Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where To Put All Those Wedding Pictures...

I've been doing my research on photo albums to put all of my wedding pictures and I thought I would share my findings with all of you brides to be and recent brides. There are a few of these that would make great baby books as this post is for everyone! What do you think? Is there one that I missed? Help me decide!!

This classic monogrammed photo album from Neiman Marcus runs $98.00 and holds 146 photos.
Look at all the great options at Jenni Bick. I LOVE the sage and blush combo!
Here is the small and large photo albums from Jenni Bick. The small runs $138.00 and holds...200 pictures (I think, the description is confusing to me.) The large album holds 400 pictures (I think) and runs $173.00. I love this website and Jenni even has a blog.

  • These bright colored and fun albums from Neiman Marcus are $38.00 and hold 120 photos.

    This pretty green and white plaid from Liz & Daisy is $70.00 for the large album and it holds 200 photos.
    This pretty pink silk album from Liz and Daisy can hold 200 photos and can be monogrammed for $70.00.

    Monogrammed 8 1/2 by 11 photo album comes with 50 two sided adhesive pages for $35.00 from The Pink Giraffe.

    Assorted Photo Albums from Dunham Road

    I could do a monogrammed one in this green with pink monogram and pink and green polka dot ribbon for $70.00 (holds 200 pictures, plus for $5.00 you can get extra pages for another 200)

    Or a plain one is this pretty pink and green fabric from Dunham Road for $60.00 and holds 200 photos.

    Monogrammed Silk Scrapbook from The Pink Giraffe for $55.00


    Britt said...

    I love alll of those, especially from Durham Road. And of course, where better to put the new monogram! I have a feeling we are going to need about 4 new albums because I want every single shot to look at for the rest of our lives - this might get expensive! Let us know what you choose.

    suburban prep said...

    Love them all. How to pick one?

    susan said...

    MMM - Wow! Thanks so much for this post. I'm embarrassed to say that we have yet to get our formal pictures (our wedding was over 14 months ago) and I absolutely love the ones from Jenni Bick. You've solved my searching for pretty albums problem and I'll be ordering the sage one very soon!


    Anonymous said...

    I can't believe my 5th year anniversary is in Sept and I STILL need to get one of these albums for all of the extra wedding/honeymoon photos....good Lord. Thanks for this GREAT post! It'll be my gift to myself.

    Happy Homemaker said...

    How pretty! Some I've seen and others I have not! Love them all!

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