Thursday, August 23, 2007

Recipes Wanted

Ok ladies (and gents...not sure if there are any of you out there besides my husband and brother...but hello if you are out there) in the next week I want you to email me at with your favorite "old faithful" dinner recipe. Even if you think your recipe is so standard, please send it in. The easier the better because more of us novices will want to try it! I will compile all the recipes for a post later next week and then we will all have some new recipes to try. So...send them in. What's your twist on lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, meatloaf, etc. ? What recipe do you make when it is your turn for supper club or to host the in-laws? Can't wait to hear them all!


Britt said...

OOh great post, I can't wait to see what you get - I've been trying out some things in the kitchen lately!

MMM said...

We have about 6 recipes so far...but I'm waiting for at least 10!! Come on everyone send them in!

Happy Homemaker said...

I recently posted a recipe that readers seemed to like! The Tomato Pesto Strata. It's not really something my husband would like for dinner but you can't beat it for a brunch or luncheon!

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