Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Out of Town Bags

For our out of town bags, I ordered light pink and light green bags from Papers Mart. I used our monogram from I DO Originals to create stickers at a local print shop. In the bags, I put lots of local favorites including homemade pralines from a local candy kitchen, pecans from a local pecan farm, mini moonpies and beads (we have Mardi Gras in our area), a shopping brochure on the area, matches with our modified monogram (from For Your Party), and a bottle of water with our monogrammed sticker. I also put our sticker on the outside and filled each green bag with pink tissue and each pink bag with green tissue. For our immediate family, we also included a loaf of homemade peach nut bread.

My major project was the brochure that I put together for our guests. The front cover had our logo on it and the inside had a list of our favorite local restaurants and a list of things to do. We also included directions to the church and reception. I made two different brochures, one for guests and one for the wedding party. In the wedding party version, I included the entire schedule of events and specific details about everything. I had Kinko's print the color on pink cardstock and the inside on a heaveir grade regular white paper. I also had them put two holes on the spine and we tied pink ribbon to hold the brochures together. Yes, it took FOREVER! If you are thinking of doing something like this...start now. I'm a pretty organized person and from everything I heard the brochures really helped people! If you are interested in my template, just email me and I'll send it to you.

Notice our brochure in the far right corner and the matcches on the left.


sisters with style said...

Everything probably did take a long time, but it looks like it was worth it! I'm really loving everything you did! Wow, what a great wedding you had.

Kimba Rimba said...

Great tips, that is the preppiest hotel room i've ever seen! :)

Susan said...

I love your bags! I'm currently brainstorming on what to put into my bags for guests arriving into Savannah, GA! Your inspiration helps!

Laurie said...

Too cute! I love getting inspiration from your blog and all your wonderful ideas! Could you email me the template? lucyschulte@hotmail.com

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