Sunday, August 26, 2007

Large Photo Albums??

I'm looking for a large photo album to put all of my non-professional wedding and wedding weekend pictures. I have about 500 pictures and I need somewhere safe to put them. If you have seen somewhere that offers great photo albums or if your store carries them, please let me know. I would like either something light pink/light green (my wedding colors,) or something ivory/white. Bonus points if I can get it monogrammed.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if you are looking for a scrapbook-type of album, but the new Martha Stewart collection at Michael's craft stores has some beautiful linen covered albums ( or some of my other favorite places are and Hope you find something!

MMM said...

Thanks anonymous. I actually just want a regular photo album, but I'll check out your links!

Elizabeth H. said...

Try T. Anthony.

Susan D. said...

I was also going to recommend Exposures to you as well. good luck! I still have some in boxes - you are wise to do it now.

Maria said...

There is a Kate's Paperie Store in SoHo on Spring Street (72 Spring between Crosby and Lafayette, N/R/W to Prince Street, or the 6 to Spring Street, which is closer).

They have a mini-Kolo store inside the store (be prepared to drool over the paper!) right on your right and you walk in; in fact, I just got my Catalina from there for about $35...expensive BUT its archival quality, and comes with the sleeves for 200 photos already.

I plan to use Kolo from now on - right now I have my Korea photos in one album and plan to get like 3 more for Japan (1000 photos and counting!) and to use for when I get married in 2009.

Catalina is also a ring binder so you can also add refills, and I love how you can mix and match. Or you could get the Husdon 2 or 3-up as well, I looked at those, but I like the Catalina because its a ring binder so its easier to move the photos around once they are in the sleeves.

AND, the Kate's Paperie Kolo section provides any other services that are on the Kolo website.

Maria said...

PS. The one that I got was in a light green called Sage, and there is a slot in the front where you can add a photo or something with your monogram on it too.

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