Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Product Review: Monogrammed Sippy Cup Slippie from Sew Girlie

I recently had the chance to try out the monogrammed sippy cup slippies from Sew Girlie. First of all, they are ADORABLE! What a cute idea! Don't you think J looks styling with his monogrammed slippie?

The pros of this product are that you can use it again and again on all your sippy cups and bottles. You can also use it on water bottles, which is great because it will last well after your toddler is done with sippy cups. (Or, if you don't have a toddler yet, you can get your own monogrammed sippy for your water bottle.) It is a great product so you don't get your bottles and sippy cups mixed up at nursery school, church nursery, playgroup, etc.  It is made of adorable grosgrain ribbon and there are a million choices. Doesn't your preppy toddler need a little monogrammed accent on their sippy cup?

The cons are that it is a little hard to get on because it needs to be tight on the bottle and on some of the stranger shaped sippys it doesn't work as well. I found it worked much better on the traditional sippy cups.

At Sew Girlie, you can design your own sippy cup slippie. Look at all the cute ribbon choices!

Buy your set of 3 sippy cup slippies for just $12.00 at Sew Girlie. 
This would make a great baby shower gift or stocking stuffer! It is also an easy and cheap gift to mail!


Dollface said...

super cute!! i have tons of baby friends to get this for, thanks! xxxoo

Pink Champagne said...

How adorable! And your little Jack is even more adorable!

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