Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Do You Fly Delta?

Ever since I was little (and grew up in Atlanta), my airline of choice is normally Delta. Delta has let me down many, many times and they have done some wonderful things as well. Air travel these days is tough, add a toddler who doesn't want to sit...and well it is an adventure. In order for A and I to travel to Mexico, I had to fly J home to my parents. This required that we check not 1, but 2 bags! YIKES! When we fly with A we don't have to worry about paying baggage fees because he is medallion frequent flyer, but when we are on our own we hand over the cash. That first bag is now $30.00! From here on out, I don't have to pay it! I'm also a long time American Express fan and since I fly Delta, I have the Delta Amex card. I love it and it helps me earn free flights home. They recently announced that all card holders can now check their first bag for free! This will pay the annual fee in no time at all for us! We also get a companion certificate once a year (basically a buy one get one free.)

Delta is currently offering a promotion for new card holders to by referred by current card holders. I can get 10,000 miles for referring you and you will get 20,000 miles (5,000 are medallion qualifying miles). You get an additional 5,000 miles if you add someone to your account.

Email me if you are interested: I'm always looking for a few more miles so I can head South to the family!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I usually fly Delta too. Just a warning about the companion certificate, read the fine print. I used my friend's certificate to fly to New Mexico two years ago. It was supposed to be $99 for the companion ticket. Except that to redeem companion certificates you have to book by phone and not online, so you can't get the online only fares. My $99 ticket ended up actually costing $450.

MMM said...

They actually changed that this past year that you can redeem your certificate online now! And if you have a platinum card you don't have to pay the $99.

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