Thursday, May 13, 2010

Newport, Rhode Island Anniversary Trip

A and I are planning a short 2 night trip to Newport, Rhode Island for our anniversary next month.

The following hotels have been recommended:

Any thoughts?
Restaurant Recs so far include:
Things to do recs include:
Tour the mansions

We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations!


Trish said...

Oh how fun! That is so exciting for you two! I haven't been to Newport in YEARS but will be excited to see what you end up choosing!! :) xox

Belle on Heels said...

food network did an episode of giada's weekend getaways about newport. she got some amazing looking lobster meal delivered so she could eat while doing the sunset cruise. it would be worth looking into!

AMStarkey said...

How fun! I actually got married in Newport. Def head to Castle Hill to watch the sunset. Dinner there is also a must. Black Pearl is delish too!
The Chanler is a stunning hotel- right on the water.
Enjoy your trip!

SB said...

I live around the corner from the Chanler- it's amazing. And i got engaged at Castle Hill- great for dinner, (actually Sunday brunch, on the lawn with live music is the best!) but you can't go wrong staying at the Chanler! Love your blog, BTW.

Preppy Mama said...

I went to school at Salve Regina my freshman year. Definitely do the cliff walk, not sure if all the shops are open, but you can walk down Thames street its so quaint. The Red Parrot is a yummy place to eat. There are also B&Bs that might be fun. If you are Tennis players the Hall of Fame is there, not very exciting. Have fun. If you have questions you can e-mail me any time!

alanaransley said...

One of my good friends was married in Newport a few years ago, and we hosted her bridal brunch at the Clark Cooke House. I do recommend lunch there. We loved it so much that we went back to Newport for a few days a year later.

There's a great restaurant on Thames Street that we went to on both our visits; can't remember the name, but it has a fire truck on the roof. The cliff walk is a lot of fun to do, as well as walking along Thames Street, looking at all of the shops. There are also several tours that you can take to go and visit the mansions. One was enough for us in one day. Have fun!

sarah cantrell said...

hey there I am BRAND new to the blog world, but your blog was one of the very first I ever found that got me interested in starting on!! But, I wanted to tell you that I have been the Chanler inn twice in newport, its amazing.....I def rec it!!

Ali + Barks said...

Definitely do the cliff walk. It's free(!) and will also give you a ocean-front view of the mansions. Assuming the weather is good, it takes about 90 minutes round trip.

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