Thursday, May 20, 2010

Engagement Celebrations!

A and I are hosting TWO engagement celebrations tonight! One is in NYC and one is in Bama. We are going to the NYC one, well because it is closer! =)

The NYC party will take place at PJ Clarke's. I'm wearing either this dress or this dress (in solid blue). Thoughts?  The party is at 7pm, so I want to blend in with the "I just came from work" crowd instead of looking like an exhausted, non-showered Mama of a wild toddler. The party is for A's cousin and his sweet girlfriend that I adore. They are getting married in June at the Bronx Zoo. It will be a great wedding and I can't wait to share it with y'all.

The Bama party is for our friends R and R. They are getting married in August and so the gang is getting together tonight to throw them an engagement celebration BBQ. Since we weren't able to attend, I offered to be in charge of invites. (I always do that when I can't go b/c it is a great way to help out!)

So here is what I was working with for the invite. They requested no gifts, so it isn't a shower and her parent's friends are throwing them an engagement party so it was a little tricky on the wording, but we went with celebration! Sweet R popped the question over Easter, so if you are doing the math correctly that did not leave us much time to plan this party. I turned to my dear friend Ashley Rice Lieb to design the invitation for the party as quickly as she could. R is one of my husband's best friends and I do not know his finance, R, that well, so designing the perfect couples/BBQ/wedding party invitation was a bit hard. I was adamant that sweet R&R not have an invitation with a piggie or a red picnic tablecloth (there is a time and place for that invite). Ashley is the best of the best and she gave me two adorable (and affordable) options in under a week and they invites were printed immediately! I had these little lovelies addressed and in the mailbox before we got on the plane to Mexico. So, here is the final product! Isn't it perfect for a couples BBQ!

Be sure to check out Rice Designs for your invitations and stationery needs!

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Some Like it Southern said...

I am voting for the second dress! Thanks for sharing the info on Rice Desings. Just took a peek at her site and fell in love with her designs!

Hope you have a wonderful time at the party!

Pink Champagne said...

Loving the first dress - so classic! Have a lovely time at the party!

Anonymous said...

Love both dresses Miss MMM, but think the first one is the winner. And thank you for the Rice Designs info, we are always looking at new designers!

Smiles at you,

Milltini said...

I say the second one! More of a fun party frock I think! They are both really cute though!

Sara said...

I think they're both so cute, but I think the second says party dress a little more than the first.

linda said...

I love the first dress for NYC...anywhere else the second.

You are sure to look great which ever one you pick.

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