Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 Random Things I'm Loving

1) Plum Tots Organic Mish Mash
Plum Organics Mish Mash, Strawberry, 3.17 Ounce Boxes (Pack of 16)
This healthy treat is one of our new favorites. It is mashed fruit puree and your child just sips it out. You can buy them at (be sure to use my code, MMMBLOG if this is your first order and get $10.00 off) or at the above link on amazon or at target. Baby J LOVES these and while they are a little costly for daily use, they SAVED me on our last plane ride. They are great to have in the diaper bag too!

2) The Central Park Zoo
We just joined the zoo and have enjoyed going to the petting zoo and to visit Bruiser, the baby sea lion.  It's a great family activity and I look forward to visiting the other zoos this summer!

3) Ebates
I'm still one of ebates number one fans! If you aren't using it, you are CRAZY! I've been a member since 2008 and have made $685! Here's the link to join and get started. They are having a great referral bonus right now, where if you refer 50 friends, you can get an ipad! How cool is that?  Don't forget to use it for all of your online purchases and tell all your friends! I use it a lot for Baby J's clothes that I buy from ebay. Most stores are on there. It's easy to do, just go to ebates and then search for your store and then you will receive cash back for your purchase straight into your paypal account 4 times a year! It is AWESOME!

4) Dr. Praegers
Thank you Dr. Praegers for being in my freezer when I need a quick and healthy dinner option for my favorite toddler. He loves your sweet potato pancakes, spinach pancakes and veggie burgers. It is one of the easiest ways for me to get some veggies in him!

5) Glee
Are you on the bandwagon? I can't miss it! So fun!

6) Moo, Baa, La, La La! by Sandra Boynton
I've read this book to my little guy about 10 times today. We have special hand motions and sounds. It's so cute and he just LOVES it! Sandra Boynton is one of our favorite authors and her books are in our daily rotation. Other favorites include Pajama Time, The Going-To-Bed Book, Barnyard Dance, and Birthday Monsters!

7) Energy Kitchen
A great restaurant chain that helps me stay on my diet (we have a little work to do after going off it in Mexico!)

8) Indaba Chardonnay
I found this great chardonnay through Fresh Direct. It is a BARGAIN at only $5.99 and a regular in my fridge these days. It is a GOOD cheap oaky chard, just the way I like them. =) I can't drink Cakebread every night after all.

9) The Help
Maybe I'm the last person on earth to read this book, but I devoured it during our recent vacation. It is SO good! Have you read it? If you haven't, buy it now and read it this weekend.  It is amazing! I can't wait to read more by Mrs. Stockett and I'm sure they'll make a movie out of it too. 

10) Thomas' Light Multi-grain English Muffins
With only 100 calories and NINE grams of fiber, these yummy little english muffins have been one of my keys to losing weight on Weight Watchers. I have one daily with a tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter for 3 points. They keep me full and hit the spot! What's your diet friendly favorite breakfast?


Heather said...

Oh my gosh, I love those english muffins too! I top them w apple butter & it equals heaven in your mouth! I also love to eat low fat pb & bananas for bfast. :)
Heather @

thepreppyprincess said...

I think we both devoured (what a great word) The Help at the same time! And it was an amazing read, I loved it.

Hope you have a fab Friday!

SAS said...

We love Moo Baa La La La! We read it everynight! I need to get some of those fruit puree's. I've seen them but never bought them. I have got to start using Ebates. I always forget!

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