Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Unique Gift Idea

How cute are these little boys? The first is a picture and the 2nd (in case you can't tell) is an afghan (throw). Besides blankets, you can turn your pictures into totes, wall hangings, pillows and purses. You could use a wedding picture and give it to your parents or in-laws. A pic of the grandkids for the grandparents. Click here for examples. The owners at Picture Weave at Concept Seven want to offer y'all a discount on a wall hanging. Click here for more information--they even made us a webpage of our very own with all of the information!


The Mrs. said...

That is the cutest gift idea!!!

AfghanMan said...

Thanks you, "The Mrs." When I first discovered this blog I was impressed by the unique gift ideas. So I wanted to make sure that you have access to another cute gift idea. Also, I want to thank the host of Magnolias, Marriage, and Manhattan to post this on her blog.

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